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    OhLookABug reacted to Donovan Morningfire in New Force Powers in Episode 7&8 (spoilers)   
    Kylo's stopping a blaster bolt can be covered as a narrative result of him using the Bind power on Poe, or the GM using a Despair result on Poe's failed combat check to enforce how out of his league Poe was, with the mechanical effect being that Kylo got an upgrade on his Discipline check to use Bind on Poe.
    The mind reading is covered largely under Sense's Control upgrade to detect thoughts; it's not 100% perfect, but a PC could potentially glean more details by spending Advantage from an opposed Discipline check against the target.
    The Force bond as shown between Rey and Kylo is really more of a plot thing, and probably doesn't need a specific Force power.
    Luke's Force projection could be construed as very advanced usage of the Misdirect power, but again the exact usage in the film is ultimately a plot effect that shouldn't be something that PCs can do on a whim; he was sitting on what was very likely a powerful Force vergeance, was a powerful Jedi Master, and the effort of what he did wound up killing him.
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