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  1. It looks pretty cool. That Star Destroyer in the clouds/nebula/Maw, the train thing, that guy with Sauron's crown on top of the train, clean Millennium Falcon, young Lando. Edit: Okay that guy I thought looked like Sauron looks less like that after seeing the full trailer. Still pretty cool though
  2. I'm having a problem with the GM Tools. From the Web Install Launcher, it looks like it loads, then an unhandled exception occurs, and the problem is apparently "Provided cell does not belong to this DataGridView control." Also, if I continue, when I select certain adversaries, an identical problem will occur, and the option to select that adversary will disappear, though when reopening the program, they reappear. Has anyone had a similar problem or know a way that I might be able to fix this? Edit: I left it alone overnight, and now the error is gone, as well as another minor problem I was having with the categories. The adversaries that were triggering the bug are also gone, but I have physical notes for most of them. I do not know what actually fixed the problem.
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