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  1. I think it's either 3 boosts or 3 setbacks in relation to not being seen. Odd considering it has no stealth skill and only 3 agility so it would be not too hard to spot either way. I don't think it needs that much perception skill, some sure but 4 is overkill. It's vigilance makes enough sense since it's quick in terms of its initial attack. Brawl is high enough maybe a little more damage on the claws and a bite attack since its a vampire. Oh and I'm not sure which one can do this but some lesser vampires can mimic human voices to lure prey so if you go with that give it deception. Lastly as a bit of advice vampires can be picky on what type of blood they feed on so it might feed only on dwarves, elves, redheads etc. Hope this helps make it a bit more threatening.
  2. This is good but as mentioned previously you might want to add a monster trait the increases soak against weapons not made of silver. Also increase its willpower this thing would probably jump at it's own shadow and that's not a good look for a nasty blood sucking monster.
  3. Oh yeah of course I'm just pointing out why most mages tried a third option rather than death by radania or effective slavery by the Nilfgaards. Kovir seemed to be fairly progressive compared to those two. Skellige was okay with mages it seemed but Ermion was clearly not a fan of at least sorceresses I do love his reaction to later plot events in that regard.
  4. The Nilfgaards allow mages to go about their trade but in many ways they keep a very tight leash on them and a lot of mages resent and fear that.
  5. Fun fact the idea that inspired me start this was actually a mages and alchemists fleeing from kedwen to kovir or you know nilfguard if you hate freedom as a mage and enjoy the nazi parallels. Witchers are a species no doubt I don't think they need to be that powerful though I mean outside of a couple nice quirks most of a witchers bite is that his body can accept dangerous levels of toxic super power potions. Think of a Witcher not as Captain America but Captain America if most of his powers required he keep taking the super soldier serum. I mean as an example most of a witchers regen comes from the swallow potion, his speed from blizzard etc. This isn't to say witchers can't be badass without just that it is in part due to the potions.
  6. Yeah even geralt got mortally wounded by a kid with a pitchfork taking him by surprise in a crowd. Witchers are more resilient than a human but not by a wide margin my species setup for witchers is actually pretty similar to Skywalken except I pegged them as 3 brawn rather than 3 agility due to them needing to be resilient to even survive the trial of the grasses. I like a lot of skywalkens ideas but I'm kind of using them in different places for example witchers don't have darkvision since the cat potion would cover that weakness. I also made the negative of fearsome a side effect of increasing toxicity and while I know witchers are generally quicker healers it's typically because their potions that that make up the gap. I'm in two minds about signs on one hand making them quick and easy and less effective than the regular magic rules makes sense, on the other is the fact that the rules work fine for them. I'm probably gonna make the signs in the magic rules anyway because I want to but what are people's preferences I mean I'm gonna need to make axii anyway for more social encounters.
  7. I'm aware that what I'm creating follows the games a lot more than the books and yeah their valid concerns (I'm just making sure that I'm not coming off as passive aggressive it's nice to see people take interest) but I think the games are a good template of design plus they separate the witchers a bit from a guy playing a mage with a sword since the way witchers use simple magic helps from both in terms of uniqueness and balance. I like the Witcher senses thing btw that's a great idea I'll have to keep that in mind when designing a few witchers abilities. As for the nutraility of witchers it's not as a big thing i think as a lot of the stuff geralt supposed says is Witcher code and such is often just a cover to have him avoid consequences. Plus witchers whether they like it or not get dragged into politics since they often work with nobles who often have their own agendas (see geralt unintentially becoming ciri's guardian) and being a superhuman badass in need of coin with very effective combat skills often leads to them doing work outside monster slaying (see the school of cat). That and being purged for being seen as monsterous themselves. I'm planning on posting the first draft of my ideas when I have the time (just started a new job) so I'm hoping to see feedback on what I've come up with. I'm not saying your wrong on how to deal witchers in the system (it's probably more accurate than me) I'm just bias to the games methods over the books.
  8. Sounds good I think then looking into potions and their effects is the next step and how they translate over.
  9. I've played the games mainly haven't read many of the short stories or the later Novels. This is all really useful and yeah I thought about dealing with Signs as different from magic but the way I do it is probably too much an exp sink better to let the Witcher determine how the spell is altered or cast. I didn't consider the separate schools being different careers that's definitely something to consider. Might be useful for some talents/references as well if it could extend that far. Your suggestion for silver weapons is probably the best way to deal with the settings go to monster hunting gear. While the idea of preparing Witcher potions at the start of each day or after an extended mediation period makes sense I think a hard limit still needs to be enforced or else someones gonna take chances downing every potion or applying every effect they can.
  10. This gives us something to build for talents but we need the core Witcher before things can be bolted onto him. Thinking about it the Witcher is probably sort of like playing a Jedi or force user in SWFD which is to say the witcher starts out just with far more options open to him than others. Essentially the Witcher is an archetype, a career and some talents. For the archetype Witchers are probably 2 in everything with maybe a 1 in Presence and a 3 in Brawn due to their less human nature and rather than free skill ranks gaining boosts to resiliance checks to disease and poisons, remove setbacks on perception checks and access to Witcher potions and Signs. Speaking of Signs any thoughts? theres a magic system sure but Signs are meant to be simple gestures that require less prep so I was thinking of them being sort of like weapons only the witcher has access to that talents can then alter.
  11. I've been wanting to do a campaign in the Witcher setting for a while and Genesys seems like a great choice. For the most part Genesys covers most of the settings typical fantasy tropes and mechanics like magic (with maybe a little expansion but still) and the typical races but the monsters and the Witchers themselves puzzle me a little in how I should set them up in terms of mechanics themselves. So here's where I need advice. Constructing the Witcher: Should they be an archetype? A series of Talents? A career? what skills will they need? How should sign magic be managed being that it is clearly more limiting than regular magic casting? and how should Witcher mutagens, potions and resistances be handled?. Breeding the monsters: What monsters are minions, rivals and Nemeses? How should the effectiveness of silver on monsters compared to steel be handled? What kind of abilities and talents should various monsters have? Is there anything the players will absolutely not be able to fight like say Gaunter O Dimm and how should such entities be handled? Lost lore: Anything unique to the setting I might have missed that might help make it feel more like the Witcher and less like other fantasy worlds. I have some ideas on how to handle these issues but I wanted a second, third and as many other opinions as possible to help this live up to the source material. Any advice and ideas is greatly appreciated and I'll see if I have the time to collect everything together for others to use. Thanks.
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