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  1. I see what you mean about 'needing' the eyes. I think the mini is excellent as is, but the eyes would add something to the face as it stands. Perhaps a reasonable substitute would be shading the top of the face, to create the impression of the hood shadowing him? Either way, I think you could leave this as is, and have a Palpatine better than 90% of the ones that will hit the table.
  2. I have read every issue of every Star Wars comic since the buyout and I stand by most of the things Archlyte says. Ultimately Aphra's arc always consists of her building up to a colossal disaster, and then narrowly averting that disaster. My issue is that watching her avert those disasters is not compelling, because she is not a likable or sympathetic character.
  3. I suspect that the Clone Wars starter pack will be Anakin 2 Units of Clone Troopers 1 vehicle Ahsoka (Operative) Vs Dooku 2 Units of Battle Droids 1 vehicle Ventress (Operative) I also suspect we will see an Obi-Wan and Grevious commander pack fairly soon after. Along with maybe an Arc Trooper and Super Battle Droid specialist pack.
  4. Gosh spooky! Have you never heard of death of the author? Just kidding, loved the story!
  5. Actually, you compared them directly, implying that if they were good at one, they should be better at the other. Nobody put words in your mouth but you. To further complain that people calling you out are 'better than this' is just poor behavior.
  6. durable katana and wakazashi that require an extra op to use the snaring condition I guess
  7. I think that it is mentioned somewhere that when exchanging gifts, the two refusals do not have to be done. The refusals are a tradition for when one party offers a gift to another. Of course, like many many things in Rokugan, this is muddy over different editions and fictions. EDIT: Of course other sources show that in addition to the refusals, the recipient of a gift is supposed to offer something in return for the gift they have been given, so perhaps one does not refuse this 'gift-gift'. Generally though, I trust that there is a reason for the author's choice!
  8. I think I am going to house rule that any attack action can crit. It buffs the Kakita's ability to win at low levels a little. Earth stance is still a bit good though
  9. In a standard Iaijutsu duel, no way is the horse getting involved. If he does, the Shinjo is disqualified for interference
  10. That's fine, but what you quoted was nothing to do with the Kakita and everything to do with the Utaku.
  11. If the Shinjo Outrider gets to be higher than Kakita because of their horse, I think that the Utaku should be too. Whilst the Shinjo does not need to be mounted to use their ability, 99.9% of the time they will be mounted if their horse is a factor in a duel. Whilst mounted, the Utaku gets bonus success equal to her school rank, and her warhorse grants skilled assistance on martial rolls.
  12. Void Kakita is dueling king rank 2 on. You can't crit at all if you can't attack I think that balanced stats are the duelists best friend. It is all about game theory, and unless you are using it as bait, one stat that stands out above the others is going to be a target
  13. If he is going second though, he is in water, and you water stance swing at him next turn, with the possibility of critting Edit: Or another cool thing could be battle in the mind at rank 3. I honestly like dueling in this edition. It is a game of predicting what your opponent is going to do, not any one solid tactic. If you can out think you opponent you can win, regardless of stats
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