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  1. I don't see my character going these routes, he is a an edgy mix of brute strength and raw power, I think these are either too refined (ascetic, steel hand) or too focused on the Force (sage). If the story pushes me toward connecting more with the Force, sage would indeed be a great. I have searched around and didn't find anything about this career, was it leaked or something? It sounds great if it is like Niman (Parry/Reflect + Force die), definetly could see myself getting this! I liked Warden because it gives me some sweet things like Baleful Gaze, Precision Strike, a bunch of crowd control and Confidance (Vader already showed up once, it wasn't pretty), besides it also get Dedication and Force Rating, which are the only things I think I care about Padawan Survival. The extra damage talent is sweet, but I have no points in lore and 3 already in coercion if I end up with Baleful Gaze. Am I missing something about Padawan? I didn't understand how these work. If you get a scar due to a critical, the DM can give you one of these talents for free?
  2. Oh don't worry, I've already acquired a nice Barab Ingot. What would you recommend as my third carreer? I'm thinking about Warden as it gets me the 4th Force die and has many synergies with the Aggressor. It will take quite a while, but it should be fun.
  3. So using Draw Closer as a generator of successes works, I just can't use its pull + change targets to call others to the middle of the rampage. That seems super badass and, while it is a tad bit strong, fits my character nicely. Agressor to Niman, from blind rage swinging two vibro swords to a darkish balance of blade and the force. Thank you so much!
  4. Wait, so it can be used for every UF attack? Can you give me a bit of the rulling behind this so I can understand this talent better? Your question + answer might make it click for me, the raw text isn't cutting it. This seems insaaaane! Haha
  5. Oooh, of course! I went full "video game rules" with Melee. So you would allow the "special" attacks to be followed by UF, but the extra attacks should be as "vanilla" as possible, right? Are you basing this decision on any particular wording? I think the beginning of Draw Closer's description supports your interpretation, you have to take a special action that results in a Lightsaber(Willpower) check, it isn't something you can freely exchange whenever you're allowed a Lightsaber strike. Therefore talents like Sarlacc Sweep also seems to be excluded from an UF chain. It's a shame, but it did appear too good to be true! Haha
  6. Hello fellow players and GMs, Today's question is: What constitutes a "Melee combat check" and "Melee attack" in the Warrior signature ability? Let's say my Aggressor/Niman character peforms the Draw Closer action. Could I follow an eventual successful strike with Unmatched Ferosity (UF)? And regarding the additional attacks provided by UF, can I use Niman Technique to attack with Willpower? Or even use my additional attacks as additional Draw Closer activations? And if I miss, could I still use Force Assault (assuming I can use Niman Technique)? Thank you for your insight.
  7. Hello there! I've just acquired a Barab crystal in my last session and was a bit confused on one aspect of the item's Burn quality. What exactly is the "base damage" of the weapon? A) 8 damage, no other way to interact with it. B) The crystal's base damage, giving it synergy with the Great Lightsaber hilt. C) It's total raw damage, before dice comes in, making the Extended Hilt mod another way of increasing its burn damage. Or the usual D) Something that I didn't notice. Thanks for your help!
  8. The errata specifically said that atributes that say "increase defense" do stack. And from the book, Defensive reads as: "A character wielding a weapon with the Defensive quality increases his melee defense by the weapon’s Defensive rating."
  9. Thank you for the errata guys, my group completely missed it. Watch out, by the new rules my example is 3/3, not 2/2. The shield DOES stack with the Armor.
  10. Could you provide me a link for the correction? This is a game changer!
  11. "Answered by Sam Stewart: We are currently re-evaluating how personal scale defense works in the game, and may have a more comprehensive answer in the future. So at this point, we cannot answer your question." Has this been settled? Hypothetical case: Armored Robes (Defense 1) Cortosis Shield (Defensive 2, Deflection 2) Currently RAW the character would end with 2 Ranged and 2 Melee Defense, right? In the same FAQ they were not stacking Defensive properties with the Armored Robe's base Defense. Link to the FAQ (Under "General Combat Questions"): https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/108101-ffg-developer-answered-questions/ Thanks for your time.
  12. Even if it was purely metagame, am I wrong to feel that this "character progression" doesn't feel like true progress? I red somewhere that the saber would get stronger as my character grows stronger, that would be amazing and a fair way to handle such a legendary weapon in the early levels, but I am definitely not sold on rolling dice to decide that. It feels bad in a gaming way and it doesn't feel like I'm truly customizing my saber (the difference between sabers is which tests each person has failed?). But I also don't think it is that much metagame to feel frustrated by a failure. Yes, that's the max of my crystal, but my character knows what he attempted to do and knows that he has failed. Besides the great opportunity to show his arrogance and blame the crystal itself on that failure, how would he not be pissed? But that's that, I will give the system a fair shot. I just have this feeling that the mod system wasn't the best choice to scale the saber's power, and that more parts could have been used to increase its customizability and lateralise its "raw" power.
  13. Using it as regular autofire would definitely be bad design, it would mostly be used as a single target damage multiplier. I was thinking something like 1 advantage to hit additoional targets or not increasing the attack difficulty. As it is, it is a worse and limited version of a game mechanic, not that exciting if you have seen Autofire in action.
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