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  1. For important NPC's and player characters I look up a name (usually on "behind the name") or translate a word that I find fitting for the character backstory. For NPC's important enough to warrant a name but not important enough to have too much story relevance I pick a random name from "behind the name". On the question of ethnicity; For Unicorn-related characters I mostly pick Mongolian with their Ujik-ness, though more Rokugani characters tend to get other names. For Lion, Crane and Imperial I go with Japanese words/names as these I see as the most traditional. For Phoenix I actually like using Korean names, particularly for the Isawa, as I see them doing their own thing so I want that to show in their names as well. Mantis I usually go with the previously mentioned, but I also look outside to Thailand, Philippines and that region. Maybe look at more traditionella Okinawan names if that is a thing? Finally, for everyone else I use a mix of Japan, Korea and China. Also: I am NOT above giving a few characters a name that is some sort of pun.
  2. I completely agree on the point of non-Bushido Honor-codes being a point of conflict with the rest of Rokugan, and a very interesting one at that. The scorpion being underhanded is distasteful, but them doing what they do out of duty to the Empire is reasonable considering of Bushido. Some gaijin picking a fight to "defend the honor" of some heimin is utterly alien. And being that gaijin who has to suppress acting upon their own code of honor to not get stabbed by these warrior-nobles, and trying to find a way to deal with it before you lose your own sense of honor, is pretty appealing! Both of these scenarios makes for great hooks for a story and I really do hope we get to see it! As I said, my worry is that people will find an excuse to use whatever honor-system fits whatever they wanted to do anyway, but that is just my worries after playing too much vampire with people who just wanted to do stupid **** and use their path as an excuse to get out of trouble.
  3. Makes sense. Part of me is hoping they do that as it would make the Gaijin stand out as even more "alien" as they can consider actions proper Samurai wouldn't even consider (like the imperial heir killing his father in a fit of rage) while also having some kind of code of conduct that they wouldn't break. However, another part of me is worried that it would divert attention from Bushido and its demands on samurai if everyone starts going on "The path of I-was-going-do-that-anyway", but that might just be my bad experiences with Vampire the Masquerade talking.
  4. I am very curious about the "Sage" role. Is it some kind of combination of Monk and Shugenja, perhaps? Also; how will Honor come into play for Gaijin characters? Will they be bound to it the same way or will they handle it differently from others?
  5. Har du kontaktat lokala spelföreningar eller kollat med LCG-spelarna på Dragon's Lair? L5R Swedens Facebook är rätt aktiv och de flesta där är i Stockholm så du kanske har tur där.
  6. If I remember correctly, the old lore didn't mention anything about homosexuality except one instance of a certain Scorpion NPC being gay in a adventure module. The new lore has several openly gay characters, at least one who is genderfluid and maybe one who is non-binary (I can't remember if the Bayushi starter character was genderfluid or non-binary).
  7. Önskar jag kunde hjälpa dig, men Nyköping är lagom långt ifrån huvudstaden för att det inte är hållbart.
  8. Hey. I'm a player from Sweden that lives in a small town with no other players and I have a few friends who are scattered around the country who are in the same position; wanting to play but having nobody to play with. I recently got the idea of starting a small league on Jigoku/Discord for people with nobody to play with on a local level and I'm writing here for two reasons. 1. Checking if there are any Swedish players here who are interested. 2. I am looking for some help from others who have started online leagues. What are some of the things you will have face and such? Thanks in advance!! TL;DR Swedish player wants to start online league for other Swedes with nobody to play against locally. Looking for people who are interested and for help setting it up!
  9. Not go be that guy, but you could help as well by contributing, editing and adding pages. Now that I finally have a copy of Emerald Empire I should do so myself.
  10. Not to be rude, while I don't think you are not insulting, I do think it is a matter of bias. While most of the Unicorn can be seen aa uncouth and uncivilized by the rest of the Empire, the criticism of being "wild and undisciplined" is really just applicable against the Moto. One would be hard-pressed to call the Utaku Battle-Maidens such. Same goes for the Iuchi. While they can party like the rest of the unicorn they are, after all, a shugenja family and understand and respect the importance of that role. Also, the idea that Meishodo is behind the elemental imbalance has no other proof than the word of the Phoenix. As far as I can tell, there has been nothing to actually prove a connection. The only time we see something that would be some sort of connection, it is also revealed that the Iuchi character is the one fixing it. Lastly, meditative states does not just require calm bodily relaxation. People can experience meditative states through many ways, including dancing or simply spinning. These ways would be seen at best as strange or controversial to the rest of Rokugan, but are non-the-less equally effective. Once again, I am very sorry if I come of as rude or patronizing. If you want more wild and undisciplined Unicorn and want to change it up, then go right ahead. Perhaps some Artisan skill to reflect their tradition of making Talismans. TL;DR the Unicorn are not undisciplined, Meishodo might not be the cause of the elemental imbalance and meditative states can be achieved in many ways that would be strange to the rest of Rokugan.
  11. So! Story wrapped up right before Christmas so I tought I might share it with y'all. As most of us were new to the system, and one of us was new to RPG in general, I went with a simple story where we could try different parts of the system. The group had been sent to the household of a former governor within the Daidoji lands to give the regards of the Magistrate they work under and oversee a smooth transition to his heir. When arriving they see that the governors children have very different opinions on how the lands should be governed, the younger son, Takehito, calling for war and "Making the tiny river village Great Again" while his older sister, Jun, wanted to consolidate their position after a "border dispute" had taken its toll on the lands. After a very awkward dinner where their "philosophical disagreement" is shown, Utaku Emi and Kiba take some time to talk with Jun about the situation and offer their help (Kiba also took her time to flirt with Jun). They spend a few days talking to the different advisors at court. They started with an intense game of shogi with the local Magistrate to see if he would support Jun if Takehito would dispute her claim, which he would of course. Soshi Shiho worked the Diplomat from the Scorpion clan, trying to see what the scorpion had planned and to convince him that having Jun would be a much more predictable option. She also takes some time to sneak around a bit and broke into Takehitos quarters. Turns out he has been sending letters to court, imploring them to support him when pushing his sister to "listen to his advise". She also finds a bunch of writing on the rituals and invocations of Shugenja from different parts of Rokugan, strange writing the Shiho finds she does not have the competense to understand properly. The first day ended with some theatre (a show about a general being sent by his Daimyo to find and destroy a bunch of rebels who stole the plans of the Daimyos otherwise impenetrable fortress). The next day Utaku Emi gets a letter from her sickly sister, where she mentions that the herbal garden has been ruined by a fire and supplies are low. Asahi, who really wants to bang the Captain of the local troops, gets the groups fighters (everyone except Shiho) to go with the Captain to drive of some bandits. Seeing as a few bandits are no match for 3 trained bushi and a warhound, the bandit camp is quickly dispatched of. While searching for any bandits that might have hidden away, Kiba finds a few letters at the camp. The letters show that there is a connection between these bandits and some crime-lord called Kuma within Scorpion lands. After all is done, Asahi talks with the Captain about the growing tension between Takehito and Jun. The Captain is unsure, saying that her men have not been given the proper resources and Takehito does promise that should he be allowed to "properly advise" his older sister. Asahi works hard trying to convince her, using all his smooth-talking, all the good-will he had won by helping fight the bandits and stakes his honor on that Jun would make sure the troops are properly supplied. Night gathers and Jun calls the court to discuss how to handle a growing problem with opium smugglers. While asking the group for their advise Takehito cuts her off. He claims their father would have already dealt with this problem, that he would not need to take advise from Ronin or Minor-clans, let alone Mantis, and that he, Takehito, would have acted like their father and with a display of force made an example of anyone who would stand in the way of his ambition. Jun tries to interject but Takehito pulls out a letter with their fathers seal that says that their father wished that his advisors (The Captain, Magistrate and Diplomat) would determine who would be his heir. The strangeness of a letter suddenly making Takehito a viable contender for the title was not lost on the group, but signatures, handwriting and seal were correct so their was nothing they really could question. With the letter shown Takehito demanded that they would gather tomorrow evening to proclaim the proper heir. The group scramble the next day, trying to ensure that Jun would have the advisors full support, even getting cought by Takehito while trying to ensure the Magistrate that Jun does take the smuggling problem seriously. When evening comes, Takehito is sitting on the seat of the Governor, holding a strange stone mask in his hand, when everyone enters the court-hall. Takehito begins a big speech where he planned to point out the flaws of Juns way of governing, but with the advisors at her side she, and the group on her behalf, instead turns each of his arguments against him, making him more and more furious. Finally he challanges her to a duel to the death at midnight for the title of governor, which Jun accepts. The gathering ends and Jun goes away with most of the group to practice her technique and ready herself. Most of the group because Shiho, like the sneaky Scorpion she is, scouts out good vantage points in case you need a good line of sight of the dueling ring. While practicing something happens. Jun suddenly falls ill, throwing up and being barely able to walk. The group gets a doctor but they can't find anything to explain her sickness, had they had a shugenja in their group they might have been able to figure out that it was Maho. Jun asks Emi could take her place as her champion, the duel being to important to postpone, which she accepts. Midnight comes, everyone (except Shiho and her bow) gather at the top of the castle for the duel. Takehito is there wearing his mask. Jun explain the Emi will take her place and Takehito proclaims that they might just give up because all their resistance is "useless, useless useless". Emi soundly defeats Takehito who gets his face cut open and falls of the building into the river. Jun gets quickly recovers after he brothers defeat, thanks the group before they leave for the Scorpion provices to find out more about this "Kuma". Que "Roundabout" by Yes. And for those of you who got the reference, Yes, Takehito is basically a young Dio.
  12. Posted some on the story thread to introduce the characters but I agree that it would be nice with a dedicated place for it
  13. Commissioned my friend to draw the characters for our current L5R group. Thought I might share the drawing and their story here........... They're all yoriki to an Emerald Magistrate and travel the Empire while uncovering a mysteries under the orders of their Magistrate. As of now, they're visiting a village to give the condolences of their Magistrate, and oversee the transition of power to the heir. When they arrive, they see that the younger of the former governor's children is very ambitious and is barely containing that ambition while former advisors (a Magistrate, the Captain of the Guard and a ambassador from the Scorpion) are not sure who they will support. The story is still unfolding so I will post the full thing once we're done with this part Anyway, lets meet the cast! From left-to-right: Soshi Shiho: A Scorpion infiltrator with a love for gossip and secret of her own (don't they all?). Kiba: The heir to a Matsu governor made Ronin, who travels with her loyal dog, Teshin, searching for vengence. Utaku Emi: A Battle Maiden trying to find a way to secure a good future for her sickly sister and her husband, while trying to keep her love of her brother-in-law a secret. Watatsumi Asahi: A Mantis with a love of sake, who managed to buy a large shipment of rice from the Crane, right before a certain tsunami.
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