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  1. Hey everyone. I am a recent convert to FFG's narrative dice system, and have been really impressed with it. I apologize if this topic has already been discussed, but I haven't had luck finding answers. I currently own three sets of Genesys dice. Two was enough, but with three it is easy for everyone to have every die they could need, and I can keep a couple as well on the GM side of the table. Keeping this in mind with L5R dice, is one set enough to smoothly play? Or is a second needed? The overall impression I have gotten is that it is a bit more streamlined and simpler then Genesys (big plus for me), so I am hoping that one, maybe two sets will suffice for a table of up to four players and a GM. As a side question, I am mostly confident the setting can do this, but I wanted to confirm: how crazy anime is this setting and current iteration of the game system? I ask, because I prefer things a bit more grounded, with some mysticism (Like Moribito). Instead of pure high octane energy blast insanity (Like Naruto). Thank you guys for the help! It saves me and my wallet, haha. P.S. I have not purchased the beginner set, as I am waiting for a few more reviews, analysis and general feedback on the system before I buy in.
  2. Version 1.2 is up! In the main post you can find a link to the project and the change logs.
  3. Version 1.1 of the PDF is up! In the main post you will see the link to the project, and the overall changes that were made.
  4. Hello everyone. This is a WIP of my Numenera conversion. Currently, it just wrapped up its first major revision, and I am posting it here mainly for critiques of the balance, overall formatting, etc. Keep in mind, I do not come to Genesys from Starwars. I really like what the dice system can do, and would like to use this in my games, but wanted to make sure things weren't too out of wack. Change Log from 1.0 to 1.1: Lots of formatting changes. Reduced the font size, changed the background image, clarified some of the wording, etc. Added a true Foci system to bring Foci from Numenera into Genesys. Added a guide for how to convert existing cyphers from the Numenera books into Genesys mechanics. Change Log from 1.1 to 1.2: Added a true career system w/ unique abilities for each Added more talents Added some mutations Added an example of character creation Changed the skill list (and how some characteristics paired with skills) What is to come: A GMing section, once I have more time and a bit more thoughts on what all I want in it. Oddities, and incorporating them into the character creation process. More mutations for the PCs to choose, and for the GM to throw at the players if they play around with the iron wind. These are proving to be surprisingly tricky. More formatting as I find typos and awkwardly done sections. Link for the current version of the project (it is 26 pages, mostly mechanic stuff): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fTHj4qvrH4eLM2OIcQ7uYEM25FLonL4G/view?usp=sharing Thank you guys for taking the time to read and review my work. I love the Numenera setting, and have been trying to find a system to run it in for some time (I had some major problems with Cypher, enough to push me on the weird quest I am now pursuing). Things to know/Edit: I made some pretty big tweaks to a couple skills. This is some of the rational behind the biggest one, condensing a few of the social skills into one. Empathy was then condensed because I looked at the social section, and given how it is like its own combat system, I compared the different social skills to the combat skills, and while it is true, Coercion, Leadership, etc are very different. But in all of my years of gaming (as a GM and player in various systems, your experiences may be different), those would only be used once or twice in a scene, while charm/deception would be used multiple times. So that mindset, a social character goes into a social conflict, and has (by default) Negotiation, Leadership, Charm, Deception and Coercion to use, while in a combat scenario often times someone will use their main combat skill and call it good. So to be effective in their chosen conflicts, a warrior, generally, only needs to invest in one skill, while a socialite needs to invest in at least three of the social skills. This is why I chose to condense the social skills, as it wasn't that I felt they were too similar, but instead that the amount of investment a person needed to do to be effective seemed unfair. Edits: Formatting, clarifying word choice, updating the project as a whole...
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