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  1. This card is driving me nuts... I have one question. If Vader gets coordinated and performs a focus action, can he use his ability to trigger passive sensors? I think he cant because it’s not his perform action step....right?
  2. Game 2 I had the opportunity to play a game at our local store. I had a bad feeling when my opponent (awesome guy btw) showed me his list. Supernatural Vader with FCS and Afterburners; Soontir with Crackshot and Stealth Device and an Academy Tie. Two I6 Pilots can cause major problems to my list (especially to Kylo). Luckily he didn't outbid me so Quickdraw moved last. He placed the Academy in the middle. I put Kylo on the left side of the table so he can engage/disengage using Supernatural in the first round as he likes. Soontir and Vader were placed togehter. Quickdraw went next to Kylo ready to face the imperial aces. Gameplan: Trade Quickdraw for Vader (or Soontir)... After the first 2-3 rounds: Soontir and Vader stayed together. Quickdraw turned in and I sent Kylo through the rocks. I was in a pretty good spot here because he had to make a decision: Either go after Kylo to let QD flank or fight QD to let Kylo flank. Another good thing was that Vader needed to bank to face QD. I thought he would turn towards Kylo in the next round... ...what he didn't. Both Soontir and Vader faced Quickdraw to kill her early on. I sent QD 5 forward to be in a position where I had to make a difficult decision. Either Boost 1 straight (to possible avoid Soontirs shot) or 1 bank & barrel roll (to possible arcdogde both arcs). It took me some time to figuring out what QD's best move might be. I decided to boost 1 straight (see image above) because if QD dodges Soontirs arc she could lock Vader to maybe double tap into him. Because QD is a lucky devil she arcdoged Soonir by a millimeter and stripped the first shields from Vader. Without a lock Vader refused shooting back. QD was now in a good position to block turn maneuvers towards Kylo... All enemy ships did K-turns which surprised me. QD did a segnor's loop and used her last Afterburners charge to get a shot into Vader. Pattern Analyzer helped her to get another action. Kylo Supernatural barrel rolled to the left and 2 banked in. I was still playing Kylo pretty cagy because I don't want him to take any damage at this stage. So I held him back and focused instead of taking a lock. Shots were fired and QD was able to double tap with Vader taking 2 more damage. QD only lost one shield. Nice! Now Kylo had some really good options because both Aces were stressed. I dialed in a 4k to get him behind the squad using Supernatural to boost. Pattern Analyzer gave him a lock. Soontir wanted to block Quickdraw but failed again by a millimeter. Both of my ships had a range 1 shot into Soontir. My opponents dice failed twice... Vader hadn't much options so I let Kylo bump into Quickdraw to fire a Proton Torpedo. With 4 hits on my dice and only one eye on my opponents, Vader died and he called the game. I never thought I will win this game. The key to victory was to gave him the initiative so QD was able to move after both imperial aces. After the game my opponent said that the only thing the Academy Tie did was to give him the initiative. Conclusion: I won because of two things - Initiative and bad dice variants on my opponents side. See you soon!
  3. I played him a couple of times together with SR Kylo. I gave him Lone Wolf, Pattern and Afterburners. Afterburners were awesome because they give Vonreg the ability to first boost and then barrel roll. Lone Wolf is always solid in a 2 ship list. Nevertheless do I prefer Soontir with a shield and predator especially because of Autothrusters. As always it comes down to the point costs.
  4. This morning Kylo woke up and found something very special in the mailbox. He's still very happy and excited. Now we are complete!
  5. Two panicked pilots can be pretty painful. 😅 Quickdraw is flying Phasmas Tie because she is already ☠️
  6. The intention of this thread is to post Battlereports of my favourite X-Wing list of all time: Kylo Ren + Quickdraw. Thanks to PhilGC who showed me the beauty of flying 2 ship lists. Lets start with the list: Kylo Ren (76) Supernatural Reflexes (24) Pattern Analyzer (5) Proton Torpedoes (13) “Quickdraw” (45) Crack Shot (1) Pattern Analyzer (5) Special Forces Gunner (10) Fire-Control System (2) Afterburners (6) Total: 187 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 This Kylo is an absolute monster and a pain to track down for most opponents. The key to success is Quickdraw: Her job is to kill enough so Kylo can cleanup the rest of the board. Flying her is way more difficult than flying Kylo. Winning or losing depends on what you're doing with Quickdraw. Flying these 2 Aces is an absolute blast: Every decision counts, make a mistake and you'll get punished for it, enjoy winning like never before. Game 1 My opponent played a pretty tanky list fielding 2 Kimogilas and Sol Sixxa with lots of Bombs and Torpedos. This list is also able to ionize ships in range 1 with a nice combo between 4-LOM and Static Discharge Vanes. You really don't want to be at range 1 of Sol Sixxa. I put Kylo on the opposite site of the enemy ships. With Supernatural he can adapt to the maneuvers pretty good to either stay on target or to disengage. After disengaging I turned Kylo in again with lots of options for the upcoming round. My opponent took the bait and turned in towards Kylo. With the two rocks blocking most of the maneuvers towards Quickdraw, she was able to turn in. Kylo supernatural boosted to the right followed by a talon roll. Thanks to Pattern Analyzer he locked one of the Kimos and fired his first Torpedo salvo into the ship. The seismic bomb destroyed the rock dealing 1 point of damage to both Kimos. Quickdraw disengaged and used Afterburners to dodge Sol Sixxas arc. Both Kylo and Quickdraw dealt some damage to Sol Sixxa this turn. Here I did a huge mistake which will result in the death of Quickdraw later on. I was too greedy killing the Kimogila on the right so I turned her in with a 2 turn getting shot from both the Kimogila and Sol Sixxa. Quickdraw lost all of her shields without triggering her ability at all. Dialing in a 3 bank would have been much better to avoide every single shot and still getting rid of the Kimogila. Because of my mistake Quickdraw couldn't disengage so I turned her in again to do as much damage to Sol Sixxa as possible. She boosted in range 1 to him, dodged the Kimos arc but suffered 2 damage and became ionized. With only 1 hull remaining Quickdraws days were numbered. Meanwhile Kylo did more damage This shows exactly how one mistake with this list can possible change the outcome of the game. Nevertheless Quickdraw did her job: Both enemy ships had only 3 hull left. Kylo did what he can do best. The Kimo k-turned again using Contraband. With Supernatural Reflexes Kylo was able to get a range 1 shot finishing off the Cartel Executioner. With this ship gone, my opponent conceded. This game showed the potential as well as the weakness of the list. Quickdraw is the most important piece to provide a good endgame situation for Kylo. With only 2 green dice she can die so fast if you put her in the wrong spot. Having those tough decisions every turn is a thrill I don't want to miss in X-Wing.
  7. I recommend Afterburners on QD because of 1) the SF has an amazing dial to make the best out of it. 2) it combos well with pattern analyzer and most important 3) been able to boost out of arc to not get shot at all is better than a shield upgrade. I would also consider a bid. Maybe strip Optics from Scorch. I mean he’s at 40 points which is pretty expensive for an I4 Tie.
  8. Still my all time favourite FO list: Kylo Ren (76) Supernatural Reflexes (24) Pattern Analyzer (5) Proton Torpedoes (13) “Quickdraw” (45) Crackshot (1) Pattern Analyzer (5) Special Forces Gunner (10) Fire-Control System (2) Afterburners (6) Total: 187 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0
  9. What about the following: “Blackout” (63) Kylo Ren (76) “Quickdraw” (45) Special Forces Gunner (10) Total: 194 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 No Test Pilots with Fanatical and Optics but now with Kylo and Blackout. Increasing the Initiative to 5 and 6 points to play with.
  10. Any news regarding this archetype? I’m looking forward playing it anytime soon.
  11. Primed is awesome but super expensive. I’d rather have pattern analyser. A shield upgrade is nice on Quickdraw. Afterburners is also a super strong upgrade for her.
  12. Of course you already did the math
  13. Of course you already did the math
  14. Of course you already did the math
  15. I've flown a ton of SR Kylo / Quickdraw / Null since First Order dropped. I think it's time to bring that archetype back. With the end of Ace Wing, I think SR Kylo has more potential and Null might not be necessary anymore. So I'll take Scorch. He is strong nowadays because I4 isn't bad anymore. This is the list without any upgrades: Kylo Ren (76) Supernatural Reflexes (24) “Quickdraw” (45) Special Forces Gunner (10) “Scorch” (34) Total: 189 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 Now what to do with the remaining points? - Pattern Analyser is strong on both QD and Kylo - Fanatical is good on both QD and Scorch - . . . A 5 point bid would be enough against most of the lists out there atm.
  16. @theBitterFig thanks you’ve done all that. Now I know that I will test it. That’s better than not knowing anything.
  17. I love this list: Anakin Skywalker (62) R2 Astromech (6) Delta-7B (20) Obi-Wan Kenobi (47) Calibrated Laser Targeting (4) Plo Koon (44) Calibrated Laser Targeting (4) Total: 187 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 Pretty straightforward. Large bid so you will move last. But you can of course throw some upgrades on them.
  18. Is this combination worth its 3 points? It sounds really cool at first glance: If Poe has the defender in his bullseye, he rolls one extra dice when using autoblaster (so 4 at r1 or 3 at r2). With Marksmanship he turns one hit turns into a crit. If Poe is not in the defenders forward firing arc, crits cant be canceled. Sounds nice. Nevertheless I have two concers: 1) Poe likes to have a bid. Depending on your list this combination can hurt your bid. Question: Is it better than having a bid? 2) Crits get negated after normal hits. When you are rolling lots of dice and Poe's has a focus/lock you can expect more hits which means that the crit can't be canceled anyway. So its basically useless against ships with low agility, isn't it?
  19. So I took this list to a local tournament with 26 players yesterday: Ric Olié (42) R2 Astromech (4) Daredevil (3) Obi-Wan Kenobi (47) Sense (5) R2 Astromech (6) Delta-7B (19) Plo Koon (44) R2 Astromech (6) Delta-7B (19) Total: 195 I finished with 3 wins and 2 loses. I had a bad day, wasn't really concentrated at all. I could have made it into top 3 if I had won the last game. Unfortunately I played the worst X Wing since a couple of months. The list is strong, if you fly it well. Regen on all ships is the right tournament choice imo. Having all ships at I5 helps as well. Pilots: Plo: The weakest part in the list because he's lacking one force charge. Nethertheless his I5 is strong as well as his ability. I was able to make good use of it. Obi: Strong because of 3 force. Ric: The star of the list. Each one of my opponents hated him. Daredevil is an awesome upgrade for him because it increases his time on target massively. He's hard to catch, hard to kill and can deal a decent amount of damage (for under 50 points!) Why I'm not flying this list anymore: The german meta: Nearly everyone was preparing for the upcoming championship. In 4 of my 5 games I faced 4+ ships with a lot of hitpoints. Playing against such lists is really difficult because Jedi only have 2 green dice which is unfortunate against lots of arcs. It's also really hard to keep guns on one target without getting blocked or shot down. 2 green dice: I lost 2 Jedi in two attacks. Blanked out twice - dead Jedi. It's really hard flying against so much ships and keeping this guys alive long enough. That was so depressing!! Despite that I enjoyed flying these three ships together. It's a good squad that can win tournaments.
  20. That’s my concern as well. Maybe put something Ric like Daredevil...
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