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  1. This is why you don't see her everywhere. In a vacuum a fully loaded Guri, SR Kylo or SR Anakin are the best ships you can put on the table. But whats the rest of your list then? For me personally Fenn Rau is the first ship that can do so much work that a 2 ship list with a fully loaded Guri functions. If Guri would have been so problematic you would see her everywhere. But she gives you a certain feeling flying her you really have to like. Whats more important: Flying her for the first time is really depressing because you have no idea what the right moves are and what you should do and what you shouldn't do. I did so many wrong moves in my first two games and got annihilated so I put her back into the shelf. If you want to fly her decent, you really have to keep practicing. I disagree with that. I played a lot of games were my opponent had only one chance to put lots of damage into Guri. The crucial turn for Guri is always the first engagement where you eventually don't end up in range 1 of something. If you put her in a bad position she will take damage what you don't want because you want her at full health while she's dancing around in the knife fight. So I'm totally fine if she can't shoot anything when I'm able to do meaningful damage the upcoming rounds. And this is why I think it can create a NPE against certain list archetypes because they only get one chance to do meaningful damage. Like I mentioned above playing against 3 Silencers; once Guri is in the middle of the Silencers there is nearly nothing my opponent could have done to do 7 damage (!!!) to her. If you want you can watch this game I played recently. I really struggled with my opening engagement and Guri took some unnecessary damage early on. But once she was in the knife fight, my opponent couldn't do much, even with 5 ships:
  2. I'm playing Guri together with Fenn Rau atm. It's one of the strongest (and most fun) lists I've ever played. This discussion here is necessary I think and I would not have a problem if Guri loses her system slot. X-Wing is about positioning. The coolest part is setting dials and thinking about your maneuvering options. Playing against an Adv. Sensors Guri can give you the feeling that your decisions doesn't matter at all. This creates a massive NPE which is problematic. I played over 50 games with Guri/Fenn. 10% of these games were auto-wins because my opponents can't do anything against her. In the last two tournaments I faced triple Silencers twice - the same guy. I won both games 200-0 with only losing one or two shields. He was so frustrated because he knew the game is already lost before it even started. Even if you play against I6 pilots, Guri can get into positions where the I6 can't. For me personally playing against aces is a decent matchup as well. Imo cards like Adv. Sensors, Supernatural Reflexes and Precog. Reflexes, Passive Sensors Vader shouldn't exist because it speaks against the fundamentals of the game. On the other hand 90% of my games weren't auto-wins. Even if Guri has so much options you have to think really hard where you want to put her because one single mistake can result in a loss. Right now I'm playing against lots of 5-6 ship lists which is really tough for Guri because you can't dodge all the arcs. Mobile firing arcs, bombs and all kinds of control lists are tough to play against, as well. I would definitely say that most of my matchups weren't easy. A guy in our local community started playing Guri/Fenn, too. He went 0-3 in our last tournament and 3-6 in our online league. I talked to him a lot and watched some of his games. One mistake with Guri (even if she has 7hp) and you're probably lose the game because green dice will betray you, Guri can only calculate and if she's not end up in range 1 she hasn't any mods. You're also paying a premium price for these Upgrades which leads to the question how the rest of your list should look like. Supernatural Kylo costs 100 points. A fully loaded Guri 108. One ship alone without good wingmans can't win you games. To sum this up: I don't think Adv. Sensors Guri is too strong BUT it can create NPE's which could lead to the problem that some people might even walk away from the game. It's also against the fundamentals of the game so I think it needs to be changed. Maybe use Supernatural, Adv. Sensors in the System Phase. Phantoms are decloaking in the System Phase, too and are still very strong and competitive. So yes, even if it would break my heart, it should be adressed. 😪 Some of our locals don't want to play against me anymore if I bring Guri....
  3. Vs Maul + 4 Drones with Energy Shells and Landing Struts I think it's a good matchup. Especially because Jul is an ace against the Drones. I wanted to kill the Drones fast and leave Maul for the endgame. Maul got Palpatine crew onboard so I had to be extra careful when shooting him. Setup: I prefer this setup with either Blackout or Jul in the middle. The strong Silencer dial allows me to adapt to my opponents move. Starting with a 2 straight and then barrel roll/boost. I put Jul across from the Droids so Kylo has the opportunity to flank while Jul is baiting. Blackout turns in and can decide to follow Kylo or to stay in the middle. Round 3: After the Drones & Maul turned in, Kylo was able to arcdodge. No he's in a bad spot for the upcoming round. Therefore I always put Gas Clouds in my opponents corners. Blackout and Jul turned in and destroyed the first Drone. Options: Kylo has to bank and get shot quite a bit. But he's probably save against Maul's shot behind the Gas Cloud. Maul has lots of options. Segnors loop to the left or right or even turn to the left to get a range 1 shot. I really thought he will 5k because then he'll end up in a decent position for the upcoming round. The Drones will turn towards Kylo most likely. Because I didn't want to risk any blocks I dialed in a 2 forward for Jul and Blackout. Maul turned which was suboptimal because now he's stressed and in a bad position for the next two rounds. The red Drone turns towards Jul and Blackout trying to block at least one of them. A good round for the Silencers; two more dead Drones. Two rounds later. Maul lost his shields. Jul will turn to the right an lock Maul who can't to much because he's still stressed. Now the big Infiltrator is on fire... ...and goes BOOOM! 200-0 Conclusion: - I played decent while my opponent admitted that he did some mistakes - this match isn't representative by all means
  4. Besides four Fangs, a triple Silencer list is my favorite archetype to play. The look of the ship is amazing, the dial is outstanding and I can fly my beloved Kylo Ren. In addition I really like lists where I have to practice a lot to be really successful. The first list I played had Blackout + 2 FO Test Pilots (all with Fanatical+Optics) in it. I loved that one. Unfortunately it's not as good in Extended as it is in Hyperspace. As the Hotshot & Aces Reinforcement Pack arrived I tried "Rush" a couple of times (together with Blackout & Kylo). In an Extended meta you have to run Kylo and Blackout because they're I5. "Rush" on the other hand never felt worth the 57 points compared to an I1 or I4 generic. Putting him on the table means no upgrades for my list because I want at least a 4-5 point bid. After playing around with different pilots and upgrades I finally looked at the I1 Sienar-Jaemus Engineer. She only costs 51 points, is an excellent blocker and a perfect candidate for Advanced Optics because this card is way better on low initiative ships than it is on high initiative ships. The cheap pricepoint means Blackout can equip Fanatical which is one of the best upgrades you can put on a Silencer. So we have a list: Kylo Ren (76) “Blackout” (63) Fanatical (2) Jul (Sienar-Jaemus Engineer) (51) Advanced Optics (4) Total: 196 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 No ship is overloaded. It has an awesome blocker and two strong aces. I will call the Sienar-Jaemus Engineer "Jul" from now on. She is amazing! Played 3 games with this list so far and took pictures of the match I had yesterday. Will report back after I finished editing the pictures.
  5. Played against FO Aces yesterday (Quickdraw, Blackout, Vonreg) Setup as usual. Greer und Zizi will turn away while the BSR and Ronith start flanking. I turned the A-Wings in with a 3 turn followed by a boost. Blackouts 5 forward was to fast and Vonreg had to barrel roll+boost to avoid getting shot by 3 ships. Zari's now in a perfect postion to block. Options: Ronith and the BSR will turn in. Greer can 2 straight and rotate her arc. There's also a small chance that she will block QD. Zizi 3 straights so she gets a shot into QD if the FO pilot gets blocked. Vonreg will most likely 1 turn. Because of that Zari will 3 bank towards Blackout to block Vonregs turn. I really thought the BSR can boost forward but it failed so Ronith bumped into his back Fortunately Zari blocked Vonreg and QD's positions isn't good, either. I split fire a bit. Probably the wrong idea... Vonreg lost both shields and QD had only 1hp left after all A-Wings fired. Options: The BSR is in a good spot to block something so 5 forward it is. Ronith follows with a bank maneuver. Zizi should turn because she won't get off another rear arc shot. Greer can turn or 2 forwards. There's a chance Vonreg will 1 turn so I dialed in a 2 forward for Greer and Zari. Lots of bumping. Vonreg drops down to 1hp and QD explodes. Ronith and the BSR can bank and rotate their arc. Greer has to turn. Blackout might bank so I dialed in a 3 bank+boost for Zizi trying to block him. I forgot taking pictures of the next 2 rounds...sorry! Two rounds later. Vonreg finally dies and the Blackout lost his last shield. Options: Blackout can turn in both directions so the BSR will 2 turn to the left. It's ok if Blackout turns left because then he won't get a shot off. His other option is a straight maneuver. I wasn't sure if a 3 or 4 straight maneuver for Zari is better. Blackout bumped, blanked and explodes. Win, only lost half of Zizi. Conclusion: - Zari blocked twice this game which was huge. But I'm still not sure if Zari is the best option - the A-Wings are excellent blockers - my opponent started way to aggressive - it was the first game I played decent
  6. You’re right. My opponent did two huge mistakes. Bump with Whisper into Zari and put RAC on a debris field. I played against this list recently flying 5 Interceptors and got wrecked.
  7. Can't get 5A out of my head. The list is thematic, has neither bad nor good matchups and is difficult to fly. But most importantly it's a ton of fun So I brought them back to the table playing against Chiraneau and Whisper. Don't know about this matchup. Vader Crew is really strong against A-Wings. Combine this with Whispers double modded Juke attack and you'll probably see A-Wings exploding left and right. On the other hand RAC isn't as maneuverable as he used to be back in 1.0 and he can't reinforce both sides. Setup: See Bartosz playing this list My opponent didn't expect that the Blue Squadron Recruit and and Ronith turned back facing him so I was able to strip some shields. Zari blocked Whisper so Intimidation triggered and Whisper blanked twice and remained stressed. (I took this picture a bit to early, RAC bumped into the blue A-Wing). Now all of my ships can attack RAC next round. RAC landed on the debris so no reinforce. He took 11 damage and suffered a panicked pilot. With 4 remaining hp this game is nearly over. So of course I started playing bad. I tried blocking Whisper with Zizi but failed. She lost both shields. Failed getting enough arcs pointing on RAC, too. Greer dealt 3 more damage into the Deci and Zari had to do only 1 point of damage but blanked. I knew Whisper will decloak to the left and 3/4k and wasn't sure if Zizis 2 turn to the left will fit. So dialed in a 2 turn to the right to get a shot. RAC explodes. Unfortunately Zizi didn't get a shot at Whisper and suffered 1 damage. I should have boosted.... Now Whisper will decloak again. Two rounds later after I f*** up again with Zizi, Whisper destroyed Zari. Ronith and Zizi were both at half points. I parked Greer on a debris and no other A-Wing had a shot. I was suprised seeing Whisper decloaking to the right. She landed on the debris and the A-Wings brought her down to 1hp remaining. I also forgot rotating Roniths arc...Omg what am I doing? The last round. Again I did a mistake with Zizi because I should have boosted to get rock coverage. Luckily, Zizi survived. Ronith and the Blue killed Whisper. Conlusion: - I started really well but failed horribly after RAC was nearly dead. I don't know what to do about this issue. - A-Wings are fragile. I should have disengaged with Zizi and not sent her against Whisper all by herself... - Besides Guri/Fenn this is my favourite list atm
  8. I switched to Fearles a while ago. The reason for that is that most of my opponents went after Fenn first so he's on the run and can't use Outmaneuver. Most of the time Fenn then turns in facing the opponent ships where Fearless really helps. It also grants me a 21 pt. bid and Fenn gets cheaper. This can win you games as well. I know I won lots of games with it (41 played so far with 5 loses) but I'm still making mistakes, especially with Fenn like in the second game yesterday. Improving my opening engagement is something I have to achieve. And btw. the more matches I win the more uncertain I become playing it because I set myself under pressure. It's so hard for me to even make the decision playing this list...
  9. I met a couple of friends yesterday. We decided to play our league games. 9th League game against 4-Lom, Asajj, Lando, Autopilot Drone I played against this list before. It's one of the hardest matchups I can get because 4-Lom and Asajj are dealing stress. Moreover 4-Lom denies range one which both of my aces want. Strategy: Create a dense obstacle field and play super cagy. Force your opponent ships to split up and wait for the perfect engagement to kill 4-Lom in one round. After a couple of rounds. Still not the right time to engage. 3 rounds later 4-Lom wasn't able to get rid of his stress and parked in front of the rock on the top left. Fenn stripped his shields the round before. So Guri and Fenn approached and annihilated 4-Lom in one round. Fenn suffered 2 damage. Now the sad thing begun: Fenn was on the run. Asajj right behind him. We only had a couple of rounds left. Guri attacked Lando. So we calculated points and both of us came to the result that I am winning even if Fenn dies. Guri stripped 3 shields off of Lando and the last round started. Because I was sure I am going to win I disenaged with Guri and parked Fenn at range 3 to Asajj with an obstacle between them. Asajj rolled 3 hits, Fenn did Fenn things and died (25% chance btw). Doesn't matter right? Still ahead on points! NO, of course not! We calculated again and I lost by 5 points. What did both of us do wrong? We had no idea. If I would have known that I am behind I would have attacked Lando with a torpedo. He only needed 3 more damage for half points. I am still really mad at myself. Loss 66-71 For real guys, use a calculator or yasb or the Highground App. The worst thing is that I played really good. So losing because of such a mistake felt even worse. 10th league game against 3 T-65 Wings, 1 Y-Wing (Ion), 1 U-Wing I didn't felt good going into this game after the first one so I started playing really bad, making mistakes I know I shouldn't do. I played to aggressive with Guri and brought her into bad positions. Fenn lost 1 hp early because I didn't disengage. My opponent played this really well creating lots of firing solutions. What made the game even worse was that my red dice were horrible. I really like Guri/Fenn as a two ship list because you usually don't have the problem of a low damage output. Guri has Outmaneuver and Fenn rolls 5 dice. This time I wasn't able to kill a frickin X-Wing. Fenn had 3 range 1 engagements and produced 4 hits. Guris Torpedo showed 1 hit after rerolling dice. I traded Fenn for one and a half X-Wing. Guri was already damaged (no shields). So she started dancing like she never did before. Dodging arcs and killing another X-Wing. A blank out with a direct hit following brought her down to 1hp. My opponent was going to win. I had to get half points on a X-Wing and kill the U-Wing. So Guri halfed the X-Wing and the last round started with 10 seconds on the clock. Guri approached the U-Wing like a fury. The rebel ship had 4 hp left and Guris shot was double modded. Guri rolled 4 hits. The U-Wing had only one die and blanked. Win 143-125 I never thought I am going to win this one. Conclusion: - I don't know how to shake off bad results. I played so bad at the start of the second game because I can't get the first one out of my head... - This game showed again what Guri can do and how awesome she is - Play cagy against these kind of Rebel list and drag your opponent ships through the rocks. I played way to aggressive this time. - USE A CALCULATOR!!
  10. Vs double Firespray (Emon, Boba) This matchup is difficult. There are several problems facing this list: 1) the 3 dice back arc gives Guri & especially Fenn a hard time. 2) the Firespray is really fast because it has the boost option; combine this with 1) and you have a deadly ship. 3) bombs, bombs, bombs. Because of that I had to change my strategy: - Create a dense obstacle field, close as many lanes as possible to take away as many maneuvering options as possible. Unfortunately this comes at a cost. Guri doesn't like a tight obstacle field, either - Fly super cagy and wait for the perfect moment to engage. Being to aggressive will result in a block, followed by a bomb and a dead Fenn I setup Fenn and Guri close to each other to have the obstacle field between us. Round 1: Fenn gets the flank. Guri will dance around in the corner. You can see that my opponent has to pass 3-4 rocks if he wants to attack Guri. Options: Fenn 5 forwards because I want to split up. Guri will turn in having lots of options the upcoming round. Round 3: After Emon dropped a bomb on the rock in the middle and both Firesprays turned towards Guri, she decided to disengage. Fenn turned in. Options: Fenn can 5 forward again but I wasn't sure about that so I dialed in a 1 turn to the left. Guri can disengage again but I dialed in a 1 turn to the right. This allows Guri to get into the fight or stay outside of range 3 depending on what my opponent will do. Round 4: Boba went 2 straight so Guri barrel rolled back/right and had an Outmaneuver shot into Boba. Guri rolled 2 hits and Boba lost his first shield. Round 5: With both Firespray's engaging, Guri decided to disengage and acquiring a lock on Boba Options: I wasn't sure what to do with Guri. The Firesprays can turn towards Guri, approach Fenn or split up. I dialed in the segnors loop to the right even if this was a risky move because Guri gets a stress token. Fenn can turn in which isn't a good idea. The 3 bank to the right is a save option. If Boba turns towards Guri, Fenn can put 5 dice into his flank. If Boba moves forward, Fenn can barrel roll to avoid shots. Round 6: Guri used Afterburners and stripped 2 more shields off of Boba. Fenn barrel rolled. Options: Here you can see why it's often not the best idea to stress Guri. She really hasn't many options. Non of them are good... Boba/Emon can turn in or away. Fenn can 1 turn facing Boba but this maneuver can get blocked if Boba turns in and boosts. So I dialed in a 3 bank to the right. This will give me rock protection and if Emon turns in, Fenn gets a range 1 shot. Round 7: Both Firesprays turned in, Emon landed on the rock... Fenn rolled only 3 hits but Emon blanked. Guri lost her first shield. Options: The next round will decide the game. Now you can see why Firesprays are so tough to deal with. Fenn can't bank/turn to the right because of bombs and his options to the left can get blocked by Emon. I decided to dial in a 1 turn to the left. If Fenn gets blocked he might stay at range 1 of Boba if the bounty hunter turns in. Because my opponent has so many good options it's basically a 50/50 chance what will happen. I don't want to disengage with Guri. She has to stay in the fight and deal some damage. I dialed in the 2 turn to the left and really wasn't sure about that, either. Round 8: It worked. Emon boosted and Fenn landed right behind him. Guri barrel rolled but wasn't able to arcdodge Boba. Fenn rolled 1 hit and 4 eyes. I spent the focus because I want to kill Emon with Guris help. Outmaneuver is amazing and Emon goes BOOOM. Boba rolled 3 hits against Guri. The android then decided to roll natties Options: Fenn turns away. Guri can 1 turn towards Boba with a ton of options to avoid getting shot. Round 9: Boba tallon rolled. Guris move fit dealing the first damage card to Boba. Options: Fenn will 2 turn and Guri 1 turn again. Even if Boba gets a shot on Guri she can take some damage. Round 10: Boba 1 banks, no boost. Guri's torpedo decided his fate. Win 200-0 Conclusion: - This game could have gone the other way. Round 8 was a 50/50. In a different universe, Fenn gets blocked and dies to bombs. - The dense obstacle field was the right decision - Being super cagy is the right strategy against this list. My opponent attacked 3 times in this match
  11. Vs Jarek Yaeger + 3 A-Wings Playing against Resistance A-Wings is tough because both Fenn and Guri don't like back-arcs much. Therefore I was really happy playing a game against them. My strategy was to stay on the board edges with Fenn to avoid the overshoot while waiting for the right time to engage. In the meantime I used Guri as bait because she's able to arcdodge better. After a couple of turns. You can see Guris position at the start of the round on the yellow square facing towards the middle of the board. What I learned when it comes to flying Guri is to dial in a maneuver Guri can execute without using her barrel roll before executing the maneuver. This gives you way more options. Of course there are certain rounds where you have to plan a maneuver using the barrel roll first. Because the A-Wings turned towards the middle (what I didn't expect them to do) Guri barrel rolled to the right and 3 banked towards Jarek (my buddy doesn't have a Fireball) who was cloaked. Fenn dropped down to half and Guri lost two shields while all the A-Wings took same damage as well. Jarek died. This round decided the game. Guri wasn't in the best spot so I dialed in a 3 straight to have the Afterburners option. Fortunately Guri ended up at range 1 of a damaged A-Wing. A-Wings hate Outmaneuver btw. Two rounds later. Guris 1 turn to the right ended up right behind the A-Wing. Guri already had the lock so I tried the barrel roll the right knowing I can fail it and still get the focus. As you can see it's pretty close. Again: A-Wings don't like Outmaneuver. Especially against a fully modded 5 dice attack. Win 200-31 Conclusion: - A-Wings are tough but they have the problem of "only" rolling two dice so Guri won't get killed instantly - Keeping Fenn out of the fight and avoid getting him in the middle of the board was the right decision - If possible dial in a maneuver Guri can execute without using her barrel roll first
  12. Just want to report back after playing 3 small tournaments with 8,10 and 12 players attending. I didn't take any pictures so I will just write a short roundup. 1st Tournament 1st match against Wedge, Braylen, Ten Numb, Jake Wedge is the problem here so I traded Fenn for him and Jake. Guri against two B-Wings was easy. 200-71 2nd match against a Sear Swarm Brutal matchup. I played super aggressive just throwing in Fenn and Guri from two different sides of the board. My opponent decided to go after Fenn who got evaporated but I killed two Drones. So Guri fought against the remaining list all by herself. It was one of my best Guri performances and she survived with 1hp remaining. Win 129-125 3rd match against 3 Silencers I love 3 Silencers! Unfortunately it's a 3 ship list with no I6. Win 200-0 2nd Tournament 1st match against Obi, Plo, Ric See game 3 of Tournament 1. Win 200-31 2nd match against Poe+3A A hard matchup because Poe's an I6 and the A-Wings have an insane timo on target. I played super cagy and traded Fenn for Poe but lost some shields on Guri. I really struggled against the A-Wings but Guri refused to die because my green dice were hot. Win 141-125 3rd match against Rexler + 2 Phantoms (Juke party!!) Fenn destroyed the Phantoms all by himself. I suprised my opponent playing really aggressive with him. Even if Defenders have 3 green dice + Focus/Evade, they don't like Outmaneuver. Win 200-31 I was shocked, winning 3 tournaments in a row but I have to admit that most of my matchups were very good and my dice were hot most of the time 3rd tournament Played against the same two guys again...3 Silencers and Poe+3A. I felt really bad especially against the 3 Silencers because there's nearly nothing he can do...200-0 The Poe+3A matchup went better this time but Fenn died again and Guri dropped down to half points. A-Wings don't like Outmaneuver as well. I dialed in fast maneuvers for Guri most of the time to either disengage or stay close to the A-Wings which was the right decision. Played the last game against 4 M3a's and 2 Fangs. My opponent played this list for the first time. The good thing in this matchup is the fact that these ships don't have any turrets so it's easier for Guri to stay out of arc. I played really cagy, disenaging again and again. As the opponent ships had to split up, Fenn went in and set things on fire. After he died, Guri cleaned up. Win 144-71 Conclusion: - I played 4 tournaments with this list and won them all. Thats insane and amazing - I want to play something else for some time and give Guri and Fenn a break - After a lot of games I think it's one of the strongest lists out there - What I really like about it: You can play it super aggressive and be successful and you can play it super cagy and win games! "Thanks for reading!"
  13. Got 4 more games in. I setup like this: ^ ^ ^ X X X B X B All Strikers facing forward. The B Strikers are carrying the Ion Bombs. I tried different setup options (mentioned here in this thread) but wasn't happy with it. I really want to fly them in a tight formation at the start of the game to produce as much threat as possible. The mobility of the Striker allows me to split up early without problems. Putting the bombs on the Strikers at the back gives them more protection. Every game I learn something new about this list and I am slowly starting to get the hang of it. But still...these ships are so dice dependent. I think it's a list that needs a ton of practice to really shine.
  14. I gave Guri/Fenn a couple of days off and played two games with 6 Strikers (2 with Ion Bombs and Delayed Fuses). It's been a while since I played 6 of these guys and I forgot how hard it is to fly them and how much fun it is at the same time. Had the first match against my Guri/Fenn list and played really bad. Dialed in the wrong moves, bumped into my own ships. 3 Strikers got oneshotted but the remaining 3 killed Guri and halfed Fenn. Still lost the game in the end. Second game against Han+stuff. Setup in a simple 3 x 3 Formation and approached more careful. The Strikers cornered Wedge and the X-Wing exploded. The firepower of this list ins insane but it could be very depressing if you're rolling blank, blank, focus again and again. Han got hit by two Ion Bombs, landed on a rock and died. I'm not sure if it's better keeping them together or split them up (a bit) creating multiple fire solutions. The Ion Bombs are really powerful and threatening. I think I am keeping the list as it is for extended.
  15. Game 28 against Hatchetman (again) My opponent wanted a rematch. Round 1: I had this feeling that he will go after Guri this time so I dialed in a 1 straight. Better keeping it slow. Fenn can 2 forwards and see whats going on. Round 2: I was right. Both locks on Guri. Vynder slammed so the 1 forward from Guri brought him into range 3 of her. With the lock she stripped the first shield off of him. Options: Vader will most likely 2 or 3 turn to the right. But he has more options. he can disengage with a 5 forward or even turn towards Fenn. So I dialed in a 2 forward with Fenn which can't be blocked by Vader and it gives Fenn some options for next round. Vynder might turn or bank towards Guri. I dialed in the 3 bank to the right to get close to the rock while locking Vader. After lots of games with this list it's often the right decision dialing in a maneuver for Guri where she doesn't has to use Adv. Sensors first. Round 3: Vader clipped the rock and I forgot locking him 😞. Fenn barrel rolled and missed Vader. Guri dealt the first damage to him. Options: I don't know if the 2 turn to the left for Fenn fits...So I dialed in a 2 straight to deal some damage to the shuttle. Vader will probably 4k. Vynder doesn't matter 😉. Guri has a ton of options and I am still not sure whats the best one. She can barrel roll and sloop or turn towards Vynder...I dialed in a 2 straight to help Fenn against the Shuttle. The barrel roll afterwards gets her away from Vader and grants her a focus from the shuttle. Round 4: ****! Jendon coordinated a focus to Vader who performed a tallon roll to the right. Then he used Afterburners and ended up right behind Guri. He rolled 4 hits of course because he's Vader and Guri lost 2 shields. I was able to deal 5 damage to the shuttle. Ah, and Vader lost his last shield flying over the asteroid. Options: Vader is stressed and can't do much. The shuttle will stop and Vynder will turn in to get her torp off. So Fenn can 2 forward to deal more damage to the shuttle or even to Vader. Guris options are limited. I dialed in a 1 turn to the right to bump into Vynder after barrel rolling. Round 5: It worked. Guri bumped and dodged the incoming shot. Fenn missed Vader. Don't know if it would have been better to unload into the Lambda here but Vader was at range 2... Options: My opponent will switch targets most likely. Fenn doesn't want to get shot so 5 forward it is. All of his other options are to risky imo. Guri has only one valid options, I think: Barrel roll forward to the right and 1 turn to the left. I was sure the barrel roll fits. Guri will end up behind Vader and Vynder. Round 6: Guri fits. Her shot brought Vader down to half. (Sorry, wrong animation. Vader lost his first hullpoint here). Vader and Vynder locked Fenn btw. Options: Vader and Vynder will probably follow Fenn so the Mandalorian can 3 turn away. Guri can go straight to stay behind the enemy ships. I thought about 1 banking to the right if Vader tallon rolls to the right but because he has a lock on Fenn I kept the 2 straight... Round 7: No photo, sorry. Vader tallon rolled to the right into range 1 of Guri. A really nice move by my opponent. With Vader force he was able to get 3 hits and Guri lost her last shield. Unfortunately for my opponent Vader and Vynder were in bad positions. Round 8: Both of my ships ended up at range 1 of Vader. The dark lord rolled 4 hits against Fenn who blanked completely suffering a panicked pilot. Being super mad about that Fenn annihilated Vader. Options: Vynder is predictable again. Guri can barrel roll to the right and bank to the left. Fenn is triple stressed and will die. Round 9: Vynders first attack in the game. Guris attack brought him down to 2 remaining HP. Options: Close your eyes and dial in something for Guri. Vynder can't do anything against her. 🙂 Round 11: BOOOOM. Win 200-71 Conclusion: - My opponent did a good job preventing damage from Vader and did two really good moves I didn't expect - Even if Vynder didn't do anything in this game she is a huge threat you have to consider - The obstacle field was to dense for Guri. That was my fault. - I played well with Fenn. Blanking out against Vader is something that won't happen often (it's a 1,5% chance while having a 60% chance of taking no damage at all)
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