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  1. Ryuneke

    Plo Bro’s (Plo + 2 Arcs)

    Thank you all for your ideas. I renamed the topic to Plo Bros! I totally agree because I want to give my opponent a tough choice on how to focus first. I also don’t see the benefit of him for the list. Maybe you can trigger his stress ability 2-3 of times or coordinate someone but I rather have a 3rd ship that can deal damage. Totally forgot about this upgrade. Awesome. I updated the list.
  2. "Jag" (49) Seventh Fleet Gunner (9) Hull Upgrade (3) "Wolffe" (51) Seventh Fleet Gunner (9) Hull Upgrade (3) Plo Koon (51) R2 Astromech (4) Delta-7B (17) Spare Parts Canisters (4) Total: 200 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 Of course I couldn’t put it on the table but it looks solid on paper. The trick in that list is a follows.... With two 7th fleet gunners, 2 ships in that list can attack with 4 attack dice, which are decently modded. Wollfe gets a reroll, Jag can get a lock if your opponent shoots at a friend and Plo has the force. The gunner needs to recharge by taking a disarm token in the system phase. Plo can take that token at the beginning of the engagement phase, so the arc can attack again, if necessary. This gives this list lots of flexibility. Plo also got the R4 to recharge a shield when he’s disarmed and spare parts for more charges or to break some locks. I gave them shield hull upgrade and a crack shot because I had the points. But there might be other things to consider instead. I also think that this list gives your opponent a tough choice, who to kill first because Jag can get free locks. If you kill him first, fine, he’s the weakest ship. Looks solid on paper. What are your thoughts?
  3. Ryuneke

    Happy Friday

    Kylo is not a Faction. It’s Kylo.
  4. Ryuneke

    Palp Aces

    Can you explain how you would fly this? Personally I would use Mace instead of Obi. He also has the force charges and with him you got a couple more points to spend for other stuff.
  5. Ryuneke

    Yasb has the points!

    Title says it all! Enjoy list building!
  6. Ryuneke

    A Powerful Ally article

    I think Anakin will be really expensive, because 1) the option to equip SR at I6. 2) 3 force charges combined with a purple evade... So he’s nearly unblockable and if he’s in trouble he can turtle ... wow so he might be priced like SR Kylo... I guess
  7. Ryuneke

    Kylo Ren ~ who are his best FO wing mates

    Congrats for making top 32! If you want the bid, you’re right, I think dropping pattern analyser from Kylo is legit. For me personally, I don’t need a bit because 1) the ace wing meta is gone. I encountered way more I1-4 pilots than ever before. 2) I6 Aces flying after Kylo no matter how deep your bid is. 3) I’m learning a lot about flying and planning maneuvers. 4) I love pattern analyser. And you're right, Han, Wedge, Fenn, etc. can be a problem. So I try to get Kylo in a position where only 1 ship is able to shoot at him. SR are going a long way here. You can do crazy things with SR into a k-turn or talon roll. I also try not to use SR every turn just because I could. Good force management is important. Where 1.0 Kylo lacked firepower, 2.0 Kylo can now deal serious damage with a lock + 2 force charges. What I mean is, that you can play really offensive with Kylo. This will surprise some of your opponents because they’re used to see Kylo running.
  8. Ryuneke

    Kylo Ren ~ who are his best FO wing mates

    Imo flying QD properly is way harder in this list than flying Kylo because she can die so quick. Being able to double tap two times can really make the difference between winning or losing. In every game I played (before and after the point adjustments), my opponents focused on QD first. So the opening engagement is key here. Most games I payed recently, I faced rebels. Yesterday I played against Han/Wedge. Both flying after Kylo/QD. This game showed me, how impressive Null can be: In the second round of engagement he initiative killed Wedge. I also played against imperial/rebel mini swarms including all kinds of ships with a lower/same initiative as Kylo. When I was able to kill the I5/6 pilot or 2 ships before QD/Null died, then Kylo has the potential to solo the rest of the list or just run to win on points.
  9. Ryuneke

    Kylo Ren ~ who are his best FO wing mates

    After Phil Hornys amazing victory, I brought SR Kylo back on the table for a few games. QD and Null were his wingmans. And oh man, flying him felt amazing. The burden of execution is pretty brutal and little mistakes can cost you a game. Especially QD is a ship, that needs to stay alive for a couple of rounds. Null on the other hand is awesome. He got ignored most of the time, was able to flank and dealt serious damage to my opponents. I love that list. Won't fly anything else for the next weeks/months/years. I think SR Kylo is still a strong force to be reckoned with (in Hyperspace).
  10. Ryuneke

    If you were a pilot, Happy Friday?

    Tie Sf - I2 "After you performed a missile attack against an enemy ship that hits, if Leia Organa (Crew) is on that ship, she looses all charges and does not recover charges during the end phase."
  11. Ryuneke

    Galactic Empire Ship Rankings

    Rexler Brath-6 - I played him quite a bit and he did ok. I think Defenders are still too expensive. Also without adv. sensors they're predictable, which hurts them. Countess Ryad- 3 Colonel Vessery- 2 - too pricey, only I4, lack of good wingmans Onyx Squadron Pilot- 2 Delta Squadron Pilot- 6 I played Palp Defenders a bit. It's a fun list to fly but not super competitive Duchess- 6 She won me my first 1.0 tournament. Nevertheless Strikers have a big problem in 2.0 - 4 Hull behind 2 Agility. With all the badass I5 and I6 pilots out there, it's hard to keep her alive to do some work. Pure Sabaac- 6 Same as Duchess. But he's Biggs somehow. If you can bring other wingmans your opponent wants to see dead asap, he can perform well. Countdown-8 Awesome for his price point. Run him naked and he will do some work Black Squadron Scout- 1 Planetary Sentinel- 3 They just die so fast
  12. Ryuneke

    Double Silencer builds

    I never had it on the table but it looks fun on paper. Kylo Ren (76) Hate (3) Advanced Optics (4) “Blackout” (64) Fanatical (2) “Midnight” (44) Fanatical (2) Total: 195 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0
  13. Ryuneke


    Robert Gogacz played this list and won a hyperspace tournament: Han Solo + Trick Shot + Hotshot Gunner Fenn Rau + Fearless Old Teroch + Fearless He had a 7pt. bid and didn't brought the title. Whats your opinion about the title? Is it worth its 6 points when you don’t bring an escape craft? I was able to trigger it here and there. The difference between my list is, that I’m using Crack Shot instead of Fearless combined with the title for a 5 pt. bid. And I love Crack Shot.
  14. Ryuneke

    Bullseye Talents

    I like Crackshot on Fangs. They want to be at range 1, where you have the bullseye most of the time.
  15. Ryuneke

    Kylo Ren ~ who are his best FO wing mates

    Phil Horny played SR Kylo recently. Here’s the link to his match. Its a 200 point list. No bid. Wow.