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  1. Still my all time favourite FO list: Kylo Ren (76) Supernatural Reflexes (24) Pattern Analyzer (5) Proton Torpedoes (13) “Quickdraw” (45) Fanatical (2) Pattern Analyzer (5) Special Forces Gunner (10) Fire-Control System (2) Afterburners (6) Total: 188 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0
  2. What about the following: “Blackout” (63) Kylo Ren (76) “Quickdraw” (45) Special Forces Gunner (10) Total: 194 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 No Test Pilots with Fanatical and Optics but now with Kylo and Blackout. Increasing the Initiative to 5 and 6 points to play with.
  3. Any news regarding this archetype? I’m looking forward playing it anytime soon.
  4. Primed is awesome but super expensive. I’d rather have pattern analyser. A shield upgrade is nice on Quickdraw. Afterburners is also a super strong upgrade for her.
  5. Of course you already did the math
  6. Of course you already did the math
  7. Of course you already did the math
  8. I've flown a ton of SR Kylo / Quickdraw / Null since First Order dropped. I think it's time to bring that archetype back. With the end of Ace Wing, I think SR Kylo has more potential and Null might not be necessary anymore. So I'll take Scorch. He is strong nowadays because I4 isn't bad anymore. This is the list without any upgrades: Kylo Ren (76) Supernatural Reflexes (24) “Quickdraw” (45) Special Forces Gunner (10) “Scorch” (34) Total: 189 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 Now what to do with the remaining points? - Pattern Analyser is strong on both QD and Kylo - Fanatical is good on both QD and Scorch - . . . A 5 point bid would be enough against most of the lists out there atm.
  9. @theBitterFig thanks you’ve done all that. Now I know that I will test it. That’s better than not knowing anything.
  10. I love this list: Anakin Skywalker (62) R2 Astromech (6) Delta-7B (20) Obi-Wan Kenobi (47) Calibrated Laser Targeting (4) Plo Koon (44) Calibrated Laser Targeting (4) Total: 187 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 Pretty straightforward. Large bid so you will move last. But you can of course throw some upgrades on them.
  11. Is this combination worth its 3 points? It sounds really cool at first glance: If Poe has the defender in his bullseye, he rolls one extra dice when using autoblaster (so 4 at r1 or 3 at r2). With Marksmanship he turns one hit turns into a crit. If Poe is not in the defenders forward firing arc, crits cant be canceled. Sounds nice. Nevertheless I have two concers: 1) Poe likes to have a bid. Depending on your list this combination can hurt your bid. Question: Is it better than having a bid? 2) Crits get negated after normal hits. When you are rolling lots of dice and Poe's has a focus/lock you can expect more hits which means that the crit can't be canceled anyway. So its basically useless against ships with low agility, isn't it?
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