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  1. Data errors I found. The Stun Club is listed as a 2 damage weapon rather than a +2 damage weapon. It's box not checked on the item. The custom grip can't be added to a light repeater blaster. It should be able to. Good stuff OggDude
  2. Anyone know if there's a way to add options to crafting items like armor and weapons? Or do I just have to live with making 0 HP mods and attaching them?
  3. It looks like his site went over it's data limit, not DDOSed. FYI, for the workaroung Kiranar posted to work, you want to make sure you use the version of the file in the apps directory under your user profile's app data. If you have an old install you may find that again, and while it may run, it will likely be missing all your data.
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