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  1. Will Plo Koon receive the Power Action of the Younglings? If so, would he: 1) Receive a single PA that reduces an upgrade played by X (where X = number of Younglings), or 2) Receive multiple PAs that can each be used individually to reduce an upgrade by 1 And if option #2, could he only use one PA, as PA can only be used once per round, per card that has said PA.
  2. Card says: "If you have a die showing (do all that apply): • Ranged - Deal 1 damage to a character. • Focus - Turn one of your dice to any side. • Discard - Discard a random card from a player's hand." Can these be done in any order? Or is the effect simultaneous? Or is the effect resolved in the order shown (top to bottom)? E.g. If I play this card and only have a Focus showing, can I use 'Strike Back' to turn a die to a side showing ranged, then do 1 damage (or turn a die to a discard and resolve the Discard effect of 'Strike Back')
  3. This question came up in our local group... When drafting a character with an ability that requires another die (e.g. Seventh Sister needs an ID9, Krennic needs a Deathtrooper), do we need to also draft that additional die? Or can we bring the die from our collection?
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