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  1. For the card I bought a 360 mini cards folio from ultra-pro. (Marketed for X_Wings). Displays character skills, role skills, items and trinkets for easy search. I bagged Damage, Fear Terrain/Boons, Basic skills and Weaknesses because I guess there's no need to search through those. I'm still considering sleeving the card. I'm not a sleever, but I guess at least the skills cards will get shuffled a lot.
  2. Having developped apps on every-damned-platform (tm) this is fascinating to me that any reviewing process can take longer than the iOS one... I guess they stretched the deadline for the PC version a bit too thin...
  3. My issue with that is that it mostly eliminates negociation from the game. Why would I help anybody unless there is a leader to fight? There is nothing to deal.
  4. Save table space is a good argument I think. I like larger cards, event more as I grow older (that's sad to say...) but I understand. I prefer to have a large map on the board, even at the price of player specific space. Also I play on a regular IA campaign table, and replacing small cards by poker size would completely clutter the table, more so for the imperial player that already find that table end is not large enough as this campaign draws to a close.
  5. Still hoping for some update. I guess either the idea is dead, or the official thing is near completion (as per standard FFG procedure (tm)). I hope the final version will solve the "farming on the weak" issue... hopefully with roles à la GoT...
  6. I got the question so I'll answer it for everybody: I did not provide any game data with the application because I don't want to distribute FFG property without their consent. You have to enter new data as you go (It's faster than I thought, really). OggDude seemed to not have problems with his app that shared mostly powers by name without the actual effect text (so it could not be used to play without access to the actual source books), so I may go this way and provide files without gameplay information that can be imported in your tool (If anybody want to share their database information that don't contain anything that could lead FFG to hate me, I'll gladly add it to the download folder.
  7. I haven't seen popping anywhere a tool for Five Rings like OggDude's GM Tools and character generator for the Star Wars RPGs. So because I needed a way to give me a few more weeks to thing about my campaign and excuse that time before the campaigned start, I made one. It's not as in-depth as OggDude's tools, but it can make NPCs relatively fast and apply templates on existing character without effort. Link to the github: https://github.com/polepage/L5R_NPCTool the readme hold information both for people that only want to use it (including a link to download the application) and for people that may wish to contribute and enhance the application. It currently only runs on Windows.
  8. I hope deluxe (if there is any) will be more a "small core box" than clan things. Some box that give to every clan, making the story advance a lot, or creating a new storyline to follow, with the cards to back this new story.
  9. I understand that playing the Interrupt on Yogo Kiyuko is free as it has been said in this topic and in the news post. However, I don't understand why. Can anybody point me to the rule/explain to my why? I guess it is because by rule only events have a cost when played from out of hand? On release schedule: This may be only in my head, but from the news post I guess the feeling clan pack is what replaces deluxe expansion. The "other LCG" part lead me to believe that deluxe expansions won't be a thing, or will be a lot more different than other LCG. That said, I think that means clan packs will be release close to one another like the imperial cycle.
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