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  1. for the power sword case, how does star wars handle those ?
  2. hmm ... since this is anti-vehicle weaponry, it is simple not accurate enough for infantry scale ... hence apply full wounds on critical/trimph results. expressed as a quality: Anti-Vehicular (Passive) - When a weapon with the Anti-Vehicular quality successfully deals damage to a Infantry-scale target, the target only suffers massive damage (ie. 10 wounds per hull trauma) on a triumph result. On a non-triumph result the Infantry-scale target only suffers 1/5 (?) damage.
  3. Terefang

    Pierce Tweek

    i have seen other rpgs handling this in a similar way...
  4. i dont know the actual source but i found an additional effect for Augment: Flight[+2]: Targets affected by the spell gain the ability to fly and hover.
  5. i need to add that i also like the "Adversary Talent" route
  6. from the top of my head i would rather add X setback for the rest of the encounter/scene. with the X tied to some characteristic or skill, if its a skill it would make it more valuable. OR key it to a ranked talent with the talents rank giving X
  7. -- from the EPG (Loremaster Archetype).
  8. you might take a look at the corruption rules of the dark heresy port for genesys https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/266319-second-edition-release-dark-heresy-warhammer-40000-in-genesys/
  9. by "porting" the tree i dont ment porting the talents (at least not on first sight), but rather find fitting existing ones
  10. PS: take a look at: "Player's Guide - Primeval Thule - A GENESYS Setting" https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/269741-primeval-thule-fantasy-setting-for-genesys/
  11. hmm ... halve character creation costs or double overall xp for character creation allow skill specializations like in "open d6" (ie. subskills that add to dicepool) halve talent tree xp cost (see EPG) on character creation since you already seam to have the 2d20 edition of conan, porting its skill/talent trees over to genesys ? my 2c
  12. new release: fixed broken layer function made distribution zip for easier downloading
  13. hello i am looking for feedback for beta-testing https://dnl.reibenschuh.info/pmltopdf/ this command line utility is aimed at those who find Indesign/Scribus too arkward and would rather write markdown with some xml boilerplate for better layout control. readme and some basic samples are provided. a genesys themed example is currently missing but in the works. --- T
  14. hello what is the hexagon for ? or did you mean a d12, which is a pentagon ? T
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