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  1. you may try this one Genesys.ttf
  2. you may try "Insert" -> "Special Characters" under linux/libreoffice it shows only the result symbols mapped to lowercase chars, anything is mapped into private use supplement-1 (very bad idea) whatever generated that file did a pretty bad job. if you have fontforge (installed via homebrew) you can correct the font to your liking.
  3. i dont understand this discussion. if you want correct maps, you should sponsor a satellite mission into the orbit of Terrinoth. that satellite will take radar and laser measurements and relay back the data to be imported into a geographic information system .... LOL
  4. not knowing what that "notion of high magic" is, it is a bit hard to coin down some suggestions. if its harder to perform, than the difficulty should be higher, but that minimizes away the Threat-Advantage axis -- so no stronger results. * one way to implement it having a "high magic" skill that is more costly to buy, but uses the +2p effects for +1p difficulty system. * another way to implement "high magic" with existing skills, would be +2p effects for an upgrade to the difficulty pool. that does not necessarily rise the dice pool but makes fails more spectacular. * or have a +2p effect cost two strain or wounds. * or require "high magic" to flip a story point. T
  5. note from an outsider: are all the armor, guns and special equipment not actually owned by the imperium or the relevant organization rather than by the individual ? it would be rather ridiculous if the average soldat would have to pay for guns and ammo to keep fighting (doing his job) from his own purse. being a hired mercenary is a different story indead.
  6. hmm ... the Magic Scholar Talent does not feel right IMHO to compare with "Touch of Fate", "Uncanny Senses", "Forager" and "Knack for it" -- there should always be 2 setback ignored, since the "pick a school of magic" limitation is a little less severe than the "no combat or magic skill" my reinterpretation: Magic ScholarTier: 2Activation: PassiveRanked: NoWhen you choose this talent pick a school of magic. You may ignore two [Setback Die] when casting a spell of that type. Magic Scholar (Improved)Tier: 3Activation: PassiveRanked: NoYou need to have the "Magic Scholar" Talent to benefit from this Talent. With your chosen school of magic you may add two [Boost Die] when casting instead of removing two [Setback Die] Magic Scholar (Greater)Tier: 4Activation: PassiveRanked: NoYou need to have the "Magic Scholar (Improved)" Talent to benefit from this Talent. With your chosen school of magic you may downgrade the Difficulty once when casting instead. Magic Scholar (Supreme)Tier: 5Activation: PassiveRanked: NoYou need to have the "Magic Scholar (Greater)" Talent to benefit from this Talent. With your chosen school of magic you may upgrade your dice pool once when casting instead.
  7. cant seam to find this in in my copy of RoT ... but GNS01/p143 says Runebound Money is 10$ = 1 Gold, 1$ = 1 Silver i did a comparative price estimation (Food/Lodging/Goods/Services/...) for Genesys Prices ($=Genesys Monetary Unit) vs PF/3/4/5E coins (and some other systems) https://dnl.reibenschuh.info/coinage-xref.pdf what i have found is that 2$ are 1gp in PF/5E vs 3gp in d20/3/4E your milage may vary
  8. Sil2 conjuration effects are +2, so it should have been PPPP instead. even using the fan-made "Manipulation / Telekinesis" would result in: Easy(1) + Silhouette[+1] + Silhouette[+1] + Speed[+1] = PPPP difficult terrain? (unsteady raft) either + 2 setback or (possible to ruin the spell) upgrade once so spellcasting would have been either PPPPSS or PPPC
  9. the theoretical math is ok, but it does not include orbital mechanics (eg. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orbital_speed). so if you starting to leave from the jovian system, you already have (the jovian system) speed vector of 13.07 km/s (47052 km/h) which you need to cope with. on the other hand, earth has an orbital speed (but different vector) of 29.78 km/s (107208 km/h). basically it boils down to the issue of playability vs realism, but what you need is simple consistency. PS: in an other rpg universe where nobody wanted to do the math, it was decided by handwavium that travel times were simple R1+R2 in AU in weeks (Earth->Mars = 1+1.5 = 2.5 weeks, Mars->Jupiter = 1.5+4.2 = 5.7 weeks) PPS: and in that rpg universe every ships engine had a drive multiplier you would multiply this time with (ie. greater multipliers = longer travel times) PPPS: that reminds me, we later added "realism" by changing the travel times from X.Y (weeks) to X d10 + Y (days), (ie. Mars->Jupiter = 5d10+7 days times drive multiplier)
  10. I have tried toning down magic action for a low-mana setting by substituting the penalty dice(s) with hard success(es) required, your mileage may vary.
  11. i didnt think about attachements. thank you for pointing this one out. i think this IS the way to go forward.
  12. What is a Genesys Talent anyhow ? An Exploit to allow something to happen not allowed by simple rules as written ! I am doing a similar thingy with DnD4E "Channel Divine Power". T
  13. new start: Savage (Active, Attack Quality) If triggered by a [T], the target is suffering from Bleeding causing one wound per rating per round until the wound is being healed. Healing/Resilience checks are made with a difficulty equal to the rating. A successful check reduces bleeding by 1 wound per round. You may spend [AA] to reduce bleeding by 1 wound per round. You may spend [AA] more than once. You may spend [T] to stop bleeding completely. You may spend [D] to accelerate bleeding by 2 wound per round. me thinks that covers Wolverines Claws or Vorpal Swords better than the Vicious Quality.
  14. good idea but burn stops after rating number of rounds where bleeding does not hmm ... should have created a slashing/bleeding quality instead ?
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