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  1. Oh I hadn't seen that card, that does change things! I kinda thought camping was a bit easy too. Thanks!
  2. The Caps are part of the cost of completing the quest. Your not shopping. You take the quest action (not an encounter action, which is how you would shop) and pay an unnamed 3rd party (i.e. the cap pile, lol) for information on the doctor. That is why it cost 3 Caps.
  3. I have a question about addiction. So far, I've only been able to play solo. I am hoping to figure out the best way to handle this before I play with others. Does addiction go away? I can't find any reference to losing addiction, but if you can't then you can never get well rested once you've become addicted. Here is how I see it. If you are addicted, when you pay the Caps to unexhaust the drug(s) you are addicted to, the addiction status goes away and you have to test again next time you use it. If you used a camp action to do this, you still do not gain week rested, but the next time you do, you could gain it (as long as you don't become addicted again before then). However, another interpretation could be that you never lose addiction and playing the cost simply makes the item usable again (the cost of your next hit, as it were). This means over you've become addicted you cannot gain well rested the rest of the game. In addition, using the first method, one would be able to sell/discard the drug after paying the cost to unexhaust it, as you lose the addicted trait. With the second method you would never be able to remove the item from your inventory. Any thoughts or how you guys play with your group would be great. Also, if I missed in the rules where it explains this let me know (though I've been through them a few times). Thanks!
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