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  1. Hello, Little update with a few pictures of our latest battle on the Tatooine table. We played the Moisture vaporator sabotage mission. The rebels commanded by my friend David won the mission thanks to an heroic charge by his Wookies unit. Since I had just finished painting my AT-ST, it was my first time commanding it and, unsurprisingly, I did a few tactical error. Still, I'm really happy because these errors where due to the rock formations in the middle of the board and the rebels being very well hidden behind them 😂. I had a hard time finding line of sight and finished to close to an angry wookie unit. It was a great example of how terrain can impact a game. Hope you like the pics 😊 Have a nice day, Matt
  2. Great idea and I'll be happy to participate ^^ If we join our forces, I'm sure we could build a thriving community of Star Wars Terrain Makers. I really think that terrain is the third army on the table and it's so sad to see games where people didn't put any effort in their terrain set up (like warmachine or ASOIF tables😥) Star Wars Legion is a great opportunity to recreate awesome battles in one of the most epic universe with far more potential reach than any other univers in the game industry. In addition, displaying beautiful tables in tournaments and conventions is a are great way to attract people to the game and thus grow the community. There is also a lot of great companies out there faciltating the making of awesome table with 3d printing scenery files, resin scenery and so on. Making beautiful table has never been so easy. Anyway, I would love to help people discover the joys of terrain making 😄
  3. The wrecked AT-AT are awesome, very clever use of the bases!
  4. Love your project and how you use 3d modeling to preview your board. I'll be following this closely 😁. Great work!
  5. Thanks ^^ These considerations were the key points I wanted to address: how to have a good looking table but still modular. As you mention, the only drawback is the storage... but I'm lucky to have a large house and garage (and a very understanding wife). I'm really hesitating between several thematics for my next table: Naboo or Jeddha. Naboo would be great with the upcoming Clone Wars but it's a lot of rounded buildings... For Jeddha I would love to make the ATAT Rey's House but it's a desertic board like Tatooine. Matt
  6. There are many companies out there selling wargaming scenery compatible with Legion. For example, you can check these resin kits: https://shop.microartstudio.com/fr/decors/1016-swl-desert-scenery-set-1.html https://combatzone-scenery.co.uk/epages/e25b18fb-c32b-422a-8493-a8baeb0f1a17.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/e25b18fb-c32b-422a-8493-a8baeb0f1a17/Categories/"Ground games"/"Imperial Legions" https://www.flamesofwar.com/gf9online_store.aspx?CategoryID=13170 If you have a 3d printer, you can also check these websites: https://corvusgamesterrain.com/collections/galactic-battles https://imperialterrain.com/ https://www.legionterrain.com/ Hope this help 😊 Matt
  7. Thanks 😊 @CaptainRocket and @ZealuxMyr Thanks for your feedback on the height issue. Conversions have always been problematic rulewise with miniatures wargaming. To my mind, this is symptomatic of the difference between 2D cardboard wargaming and 3D miniatures wargaming. It’s not surprising that most highly competitive minis wargaming end up as quasi-2D games (e.g. warmachine, 9th age). On the other hand, minis wargaming are more immersive and creative thanks to the third dimension and that’s why I love them.😊 All the friends I play with know that I’m into narrative-play so line of sight is not an issue. We have an informal gentleman agreement that we call "Medal of Colors" spirit (MoC for short). By playing together we agree that the number one objective is to play “fun and friendly battles on nice battleboards with fully painted armies” (we even organize events based on this spirit). I know this can be difficult to understand for highly competitive players but, for us, this spirit always superseeds any ruleset we may have to use depending the era or universe we play. If the ruleset was the law, Medal of Colors spirit would be the constitution.😉 Most FFG games are highly biaised toward competitive play, yet I think there is room for other styles of play and I think that Star Wars Legion is exceptionally well suited for narrative play (let’s be honest who doesn’t make laser sounds when shooting with stoormtroopers?😅) We are even considering to organize a Star Wars Legion - Medal of Colors event in the upcoming months. Matt
  8. Great table, very imaginative. The green gives a nice contrasting touch to the otherwise grey sceneries. Well done.
  9. Yes they are mounted on metal rods, it enables more dynamic poses. Some people told me that doing so was forbidden by the rules but I didn’t know, I did it only for aesthetic purpose. 😊 Matt
  10. As promised, here are a few close-up shots of the Tatooine table. I really enjoyed painting these minis. As many people pointed out, it's true that the mini quality is not on a par with GW one. But I hope that FFG is aware of this and is actively working to improve the quality. Star Wars Legion has a terrific potential to catch people less interested in the rules and more about painting and collecting minis in Star Wars universe at a uniform scale. I can only hope that the rumor is true that FFG is moving to injection molding polystyrene for the Clone Wars minis. This could really unleash all the hobby side potential of this game! Matt
  11. Awesome! Thanks, this makes me want an ATAT now 😄 Matt
  12. Thanks a lot for all the compliments , I’m really happy that you like it. There are definitely better boards out there, I’ve still a lot to learn from Rob Hawkins, Scenery Planet and Battleboards. They are the masters. If you don’t know them, I could only recommend you to check their gorgeous works, they are eye candies😄. I’m doing this for fun, to relax from work but if it could contribute a little to motivate new players to join this awesome game and community, I would be more than happy 😊. In the past, I have done a demo board for the rule book of the Fallout miniature wargame (see these articles on my blog). I will try to post a few pictures with minis on the Tatooine board tomorrow. Have a great week-end, Matt
  13. Nice! I’m curious, what custom rules are you using? Matt
  14. Yes you are 100% right. I forgot to mention that each module is a 3x3 ft square. So when combined this makes a 6x3 ft table. We tried to play on one module only and it works well for small army list (500ish points) but for bigger games, the two boards are required. Matt.
  15. Yeah those 3 ATAT look epic! I saw that you included a notch in their bases, do you plan to play with them? 😉 Also do you have pictures of the full table or is it WIP? Matt
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