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    Can we just get Universal Half Points Already??

    I agree, and disagree... Maybe for all ships over a certain HP or cost threshold?
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    That's the same weekend as Odyssey of the Mind World Finals so we couldn't commit after the first week of April.
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    Just got the OK to travel to Adepticon. Went to sign my son and I up for the Chicago System Open and now I see it's sold out. I guess we won't be going to Adepticon. Bummer part too is that between my son and I, we came up with a scheme that the event could be combined birthday presents for us both to convince my wife to let us go.
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    High PS First Order

    I'm trying to build a PS 11 competitive First Order list to enjoy the Kylo and the Silencer with. I'm bringing along my buddy Quickdraw, but in a different style build than I normally fly with my FO PS 8/9 aces. I'm interested if the community has any feedback regarding this build: Kylo's Conflict (99) Kylo Ren/Silencer @ PS 11 (43) Veteran Instincts FCS Threat Tracker Autothrusters Quickdraw/TIE SF @ PS 11 (39) Veteran Instincts Accuracy Corrector Harpoon Missiles Advanced Optics Spec Ops Training Guidance Chips Epsilon Ace/TIE FO @ PS 12/4 (17) I do feel the fear of not having Lightweight Frame on QD, but I'm opting out for Advanced Optics & Guidance Chips so I can bank that focus for the round I (hopefully Alpha) strike hard with my Target Locked Harpoon Missiles. I also miss having Expertise on QD for those combined front/back shots. Thoughts?