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  1. Brack Daddy

    Bring back Challenge Coins and Plaques

    Feel free to stop producing metal tokens forever.
  2. Brack Daddy

    First Order/Resistance Conversion Info Or Speculations?

    Wave 2 should time out with the new animated series - and new Resistance and First Order ships to go along with it.
  3. Brack Daddy

    Worlds day swapping confirmations.

    Has anyone that had submitted a request to swap days with another player received the promised approval email from Showclix or even a "not approved" email? Another played and myself swapped days on 3/7/18 and all I've received was confirmation that the form had been submitted.
  4. Brack Daddy

    Just noticed Reaper and Saw are "At the printer"

    It would be a very fast "boat" for them to arrive next week if completed in time.
  5. Brack Daddy

    Spectators allowed?

    Are your sons minor children? If they are, you should be allowed to accompany them at The Game Center.
  6. Brack Daddy

    Actual Question About X-Wing

    It's a game. Play something fun.
  7. Brack Daddy

    More System Open Locations Announced

    So what you are saying is that The Pacific Northwest region has an X-Wing population that is about 1/3 the size of Birmingham, UK?
  8. Brack Daddy

    More System Open Locations Announced

    So Portland... and then just up the road in Seattle? Fair.
  9. Brack Daddy

    Denver CAC double Silencers

    Hi Kyle.
  10. Brack Daddy

    X-Wing a Dead Game?

    Internet trolling certainly isn't a dead game.
  11. Brack Daddy

    Just going to leave this here. . .

    Rigged Cargo
  12. Brack Daddy

    Got it. Thanks!

    PM sent
  13. Brack Daddy

    Wave 14 and Scum

    I may be a minority in my opinion, but I would love a game model of the Solo movie Falcon - as well as a unique set of options to fly it. (Not simply old Falcon features plus more for scum...)
  14. Brack Daddy

    What X-Wing pilot do you want to fly again?

    Luke Skywalker needs to be a relevant pilot in a game called X-Wing.
  15. Brack Daddy

    Anyone think the top three pilots are going change pre Worlds?

    Bodhi Rook - he's the pilot.
  16. Brack Daddy

    Tournament Life Hack

    And during lunch break.
  17. Brack Daddy

    Birmingham Barons X-Wing Podcast Episode 41

    My favorite weekly podcast. You guys did lose my interest a bit when you did the goofy tower defense analogy for tournaments. That's OK though, I needed a nap at work anyhow. lol
  18. For real. That's one of my local stores. The owner of the restaurant next door heard the guy yelling about coming back with a gun from outside in the parking lot. The TO is one of the nicest guys I know and does a lot to help build the community.
  19. Didn't they add an additional day based on the demand from previous years?
  20. Brack Daddy

    Worlds accommodations

    After reading the Trip Advisor ratings of the affordable places nearby, I ended up getting a Radisson room. I figured I would save money in the long run without having the additional costs of antibiotics necessary to shake off the after effects of Motel 6.
  21. Brack Daddy

    Have: Day 1B - Want: Day 1C

    I may be able to help, although I can't make the purchase of my ticket until payday on Wednesday.
  22. Brack Daddy

    Threat Tracker any good?

    I absolutely love it on PS 11 Kylo with FCS, Vanguard and Autothrusters. Fly it right and it can be amazing. Just don't be totally predictable with it.