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  1. Anyone evey find any decent artwork of the luxurious class yacht?
  2. Can anyone post the stats on the ear comlink and escape kit, won't have the book for a bit in the UK and would love to get them in my regular game
  3. Agitator can be fun with that, lots of help for your deception checks
  4. ahh theres the issue, i dont see that in options
  5. im not seeing it on any armours as an attachment, anyone else or is it me?
  6. Has the Repulsor Pack, armour attachment been added? cant see it anywhere?
  7. Honestly you do such good work there is no need to apologise, real life happens. But looking forward to the update!
  8. Verpine is top end so not really suitable as a secondary in case of emergency weapon, The flechette is a bit better
  9. can i just say i absolutely love your take on the HWK series. Those deck plans are awesome
  10. I mean there really cant be an argument here. I love pistols and most of my characters bar one mad wookie are pistol fighters. A pistol in no setting other than when it comes to concealment or weight will never outmatch a rifle, it is simply a smaller and less powerful version of the same. If you want to be a combat focused character with pistols you need to use two to make up for their inherent weaknesses compared to rifles. Now if you want to be combat focused and not two weapon fight do something else fun with your second hand like sue a grapple gun to zip around the battle or maybe use a shield. To try an house rule it so that a dude with a single pistol can be comparable to a dude with a rifle is just silly. Now while i love the idea of your Deadeye talent it is broken AF. My guns currently have accurate 2 and im looking at my third rank of quick strike, take into account aiming and im throwing about 5/6 blue dice on my opening salvo. add in your class and you have that each shot and a stupidly high amount on first salvos. You would need to write in something at the very least that states you cant take this and Gunslinger but then again you will be dissappointed because those extra two blue dice will never out damage the second pistol.
  11. I have no beef with slug throwers being inferior to blasters in terms of dmg, sure why not. That dosnt mean they cant serve a purpose or be customised. I have a stealth assassin,gunslinger who usually uses two crafted blasters but in those instances where your sneaking around and want to take out a guard or sentry a blaster simply wont do. A suppressed and concealed slug thrower with idk 5/6 dmg (you cant upgrade the damage with mods as far as i know) would be fun in this case and even if the crit stays high at like 4 that just shows that they are harder to use effectively. right now there is no 2 hp slug thrower pistol so you could never combine a suppressor and shadowsheath for example. also you can make crafted blaster pistols that are super strong compared to what you can buy but the same isnt true of slug throwers.
  12. Nightstinger coming in the Spy source book i just want there to be a slug thrower pistol that isnt **** and has 2 HP, i want to be able to make a stealthy suppressed weapon for those occasional silent take down,. i know you can suppress blasters but you cant still see em pretty easily.
  13. Why not use something like an H wing (1 pilot, 2 weapons systems operators) or a gunship like the Skipray Blastboat
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