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  1. Given that FFG are introducing new keywords or mechanics with almost every new unit, I doubt that the core rules will ever 'stabilize'. I think Legion suffers from being the only game that has an 'all-in-one' rulebook (i.e., where practically all of the rules for the game and most unit abilities are described in the rule book, unlike e.g. X-Wing where pilot abilities are described on cards), and which is continuously updated (and so if you want a paper version you have to print it out constantly). X-Wing is a huge game that has years of supported content, yet the rule book is around 1/3 the size of Legion's. Legion is less than a year old and the rule book has already grown by 13 pages - around 25%. If you want a paper version with the updates then you do have to print out the whole thing every time. The updated parts take up extra space which pushes everything else around.
  2. Hi all, Is there any chance we'll ever get a more plainly formatted rules document? The current rules reference PDF is difficult to view on mobile devices and difficult to print because of the use of background images. Since the document is a PDF, it's also hard to convert to other forms since decent PDF editors are somewhat rare and usually expensive. A decently searchable and indexed rules web site would also be good: there are fan efforts like the wikia, but they're filled with ads, not well formatted for mobile, and frequently out of date. We already have plain format tournament regulations, why not also rules?
  3. Hi all, I'm wondering about the timing of using Improvised Orders. Do you declare that you're using Improvised Orders, then draw two tokens, etc. etc., or do you draw one token, declare improvised orders, and then draw another? Thanks!
  4. Hi all, I've noticed a venue in my area running organised play events at 1000 points. I thought that the maximum army size for OP was supposed to be 800 points? Has anyone got any experience with games larger than 800 points?
  5. Running the app on a Macbook Air with El Capitan, the app just launches to a pink screen. Also, running the app in Wine on Fedora 28 is just giving me a black screen after the Star Wars and FFG logos, but I guess this is unsupported anyway. A Linux version would be nice!
  6. I was thinking more like a decent speeder pilot or a good sniper deployment. Even Luke and Vader are not too difficult to take down if you charge them in without thinking.
  7. Sure, but if he's your only commander then he's also going to be a pretty big target, since he's pretty squishy. If he goes down it's going to be super easy to start panicking your trooper spam, especially if you're playing against someone who can hand out extra suppression. Also, even a pretty maxed out group of 6 corps units is only around 600 points at the moment. There's still interesting decisions to be made on the rest of your force, and maybe you'd rather spend those 40 points on a commander that has some staying power and some extra abilities.
  8. We're already limited to taking two commanders anyway. As I see it, taking cheap commanders just frees you up to spend more points on more interesting units elsewhere, or to get a bit more flexibility in terms of giving orders and viable deployments.
  9. I'd be surprised if they do separate army boxes since the core set is pretty good value and I imagine they'd rather give you two armies to potentially build rather than just one. If you look at x-wing, it's also possible that they don't do any kind of starter for the new factions and they just expect you to buy units piecemeal.
  10. I really like the Scum units in imperial assault so I hope we at least see them make their way into Legion, even if they end up as Imperial operatives or whatever. I'd be up for a Scum faction too though.
  11. It might end up as a new Clones vs CIS starter box.
  12. I think something to remember about the game is that it's always been marketed as a game of infantry combat. I'd be surprised if we ever see competitive lists that don't include a decent number of trooper activations.
  13. So in what contexts should it be treated as a move action? And in what contexts is it a card action? [EDIT] OK, I've checked the official rulings and they state that card actions which are 'treated as' other types of action should be treated as both card actions and the other type of action (since this lets jump proc charge or other move-action abilities).
  14. I think even this is a bit contentious since the Jump text says to treat it as a move action.
  15. Does he really need env gear? He has jump which allows him to zoom around pretty effectively. [edit] Wait nevermind, I just read the actual RRG entry for jump and wow that is some misleading card text.
  16. 2 AT-RT worked pretty well for me, I know that there was at least one 3 AT-RT list at the tournament that did well. I actually miscounted my points but I probably would have spent the extras on more grenades. I find that you don't get to use them often but they're super handy when you do. I lost my first game partly due to poor deployment but also because of a pretty strong flanking action from the other player - Luke + Airspeeder seem pretty strong. The MPLs were pretty useful in this game (managed to last-first the airspeeder and basically remove its entire activation) but Luke swept in and sliced my infantry up. Had a bye in the second round which was annoying because we were playing fixed setups. The setup for this round was disarray, rapid reinforcements, key positions, which I think would have suited my list pretty well. Won the third round - the other player charged in pretty early which gave me a good opportunity to sit back and pick off units as they approached.
  17. Hi all, I've got my first tournament this weekend and I'm thinking about bringing the following list. I have a few points left over for grenades but I haven't managed to successfully use them yet. I'm thinking about taking impact grenades but not really sure where to put them or whether to have anti armour kind of spread out like that (MPLs, impact grenades, and LC AT-RTs). Another copy of env gear would be great I guess but I don't really want to buy a unit I won't use just for that. 794/800 Leia Organa 90 Commanding Presence, Esteemed Leader, Rebel Troopers 40 MPL-57 Ion Trooper, Rebel Trooper, Targeting Scopes, Rebel Troopers 40 MPL-57 Ion Trooper, Rebel Trooper, Targeting Scopes, Rebel Troopers 40 Z-6 Trooper, Rebel Trooper, Rebel Troopers 40 Z-6 Trooper, Rebel Trooper, Fleet Troopers 44 Scatter Gun Trooper, Fleet Trooper, Environmental Gear, Concussion Grenades, Fleet Troopers 44 Scatter Gun Trooper, Fleet Trooper, Concussion Grenades, AT-RT 55 Long-Range Comlink, AT-RT Laser Cannon, AT-RT 55 Long-Range Comlink, AT-RT Laser Cannon,
  18. Sufficient dice might not be a great one, since a squad of fleet troopers could roll 12 white attack dice (core set plus 3 dice expansions). Incidentally, since we're talking about the rules document, I've had multiple situations where I've gone to look up something in the rules and had to chase through multiple parts of it to get the information I'm looking for. A good example is that the vehicle damage tokens are not shown next to the description of what they do, which means that if you haven't got them memorized, you have to look through multiple parts of the document to figure out what to do (not great when you have to scroll through it on a phone).
  19. Hi all, I recently got a rebel trooper upgrade pack and the sergeant's head is completely malformed. I tried to use the parts replacement page (parts.asmodeena.com) but it seems to be down. Has anyone had any luck getting through to the page? Thanks!
  20. I have Cracken but I'm a bit wary of using him because I found I was getting hit pretty often by quad battery turrets. In terms of the TRCs and Jan, would you say it was a better idea to pick up a MC30 (which would let me play around with the MC30 itself plus all of the cards) or the Rogues and Villains pack?
  21. Hi all, I've just started playing (only played 3 games so far) and I'm looking for a bit of feedback/suggestions on what to do with my list. This is what I have right now: 397/400 Most Wanted Fighter Ambush Intel Sweep CR90A - Jaina's Light CR90A - Electronic Countermeasures - Toryn Farr GR-75 Medium Transports - Bright Hope - Leia Organa (Officer) - Repair Crews MC75 Armored Cruiser - Mon Mothma - Electronic Countermeasures - Enhanced Armament - Gunnery Team - Ordnance Pods - Ramus Antilles Squads: - Tycho Celchu - 1x A Wing Squadron - Wedge Antilles - 4x X-Wing Squadron Since I've just started playing I'm pretty limited in terms of models/upgrades (although I'm not against picking up a couple of things if necessary). I'm definitely dropping the Repair Crews and replacing it with Comms Net, and I was also considering swapping the CR90As for CR90Bs and putting some weapon upgrades on them. I like having Mon Mothma since it means my CR90s can get in a bit closer but obviously it doesn't really help the MC75.
  22. I'm a relatively casual player and I definitely recommend 2 core sets if you're playing with 4 players. I recently finished playing through a 4 player base campaign, and even with the Dunwich box and practically all of the Dunwich mythos packs (just waiting for Lost in Time and Space to become available) I found it very difficult to build decent decks. I'm planning to play through the Dunwich campaign once I finally get my hands on the last mythos pack, and definitely picking up another core to go along with it.
  23. I'm also trying to source one of these. I've tried all of the larger online stockists as well as local game shops and they're all out of stock :-( Quite disappointed as I've managed to get all of the other packs and I don't really want to start the campaign until I know I'll be able to finish it.
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