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  1. This is an excellent idea. I'll probably expand into this as it's similar to my go-to solution which has been use a Challenge and two Difficulty for mostly all NPC-acting checks. (My idea being that an NPC skilled in a thing typically has 3 in that Characteristic, and at least 1 Rank in the skill.)
  2. Updated the Genesys Symbols for Google Docs page to include dark background friendly and colorblind supported symbols and dice.
  3. Made a set of Genesys dice for discord server emoji. These have symbols inside of them to assist with any potential colorblindness: https://imgur.com/a/k5fF4SJ
  4. Will the few Android talents shown from the character sheets be patched in? Or are we waiting for the whole book to be released? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nFzFV8vInwX2ew5L5mDHYEhoJmb_if03/view
  5. Alright cool, thanks. I'm a big fan of this resource. It's my go-to for all my sessions. Love how the official and community talents are separated, and how the Star Wars ones are re-flavored. Looking forward to Terrinoth!
  6. This is still being updated, or at least planned to be updated right? Such as the new talents when the book drops, for example.
  7. In addition to the face symbols, I took the dice symbols that have been floating around and gave them a thicker border, which in my opinion shows up better when shrunken down to text size on a white background. Go crazy and make some cool homebrew stuff. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1i1wi7j1sYIMBU0SKktkHWJ5cLRw5QpHZVHBXKSJ1GI4/edit?usp=sharing
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