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  1. Crowag

    Advanced Magic Rules

    Very nice, thanks for sharing
  2. the tool you built is great. I would like to be able to customize all the basic attributes to build unique races and roles
  3. Allowing custom settings would be very nice. to make up our own archetype, roles, and etc
  4. Crowag

    Muskets and Lock guns for a Fantasy Musketeers setting

    Bow and crossbows take a long time to learn how to fire effectively at range useing a musket takes much less time to learn.
  5. Crowag

    Defining Soak for new characters

    @Swordbreaker thank you. I see that on page 31 of the Core rule book but, the archetype examples do not have a Soak rating making me unsure. thanks for the clearfication
  6. Crowag

    Genesys Master Resources List

    @DysturbedGM Nicely done and inspirational. What application did you use to build that document? I want to try building something like this for a 15th century setting. thanks for sharing!!
  7. Crowag

    Defining Soak for new characters

    I'm not entirely understanding how soak is calculated for building a character. i understand the concept but, what is the best way to decide the new human character soak value without armor or other equipment protection. What formula between the stats do you use to decide?
  8. Crowag

    Do you refer to the dice by colour or name?

    Depends if you're in North America or not. I think both name and color is a good idea
  9. Crowag

    Do you refer to the dice by colour or name?

    Color.. because I'm an idiot
  10. Crowag

    Genesys Master Resources List

    I was not able to find the fonts - symbolITCbyCT Book - in the font list you have - PS asks for it at opening
  11. Crowag

    Genesys Talents Expanded

    good stuff. thanks for sharing