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  1. Dax12387

    Unpopular Opinion Thread

    Bothans, right? Gotta be Bothans.
  2. Dax12387

    Stay On Target -- Episode 48: ALL HAIL MIKHAIL

    Why do I get the feeling Chewie isn't going to get a heroic?
  3. Dax12387

    Where’s Aayla Secura??

    Literally my favorite jedi.
  4. Why restrict yourself to only playing Standard mode 200/3 games?
  5. Dax12387

    If you had the power to nerf two cards...

    1. Visa card. Points need to go way down. 2. MasterCard. Points need to go way down.
  6. Dax12387

    R5 and R2 Astromech

    I had an R5 on Jess. Had. Poor thing didn't last very long. I mean the droid. Jess survived just fine.
  7. Dax12387

    Tali is Heart, Tali is Hope.

    I'll be picking up the Tallie expansion pack this week to go with my L'ulo expansion pack from earlier. Very excited.
  8. Dax12387

    Pick the date: Points Release ???

    That's no moon.
  9. Dax12387

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    I am a big fan of this style of batreps.
  10. Dax12387

    Factions and timelines

    People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but actually — from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint — it's more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly... timey-wimey... stuff.
  11. Dax12387

    List Builder Broken?

    A million times this.
  12. Dax12387

    Happy Friday - Which of the five are you playing.....?

    All the factions. All the formats. I see no reason to limit myself. (My bank account, however, disapproves with all the ferociousness of a small yappy-type dog.)
  13. Dax12387

    FO Conversion Kit news from SOS Gdańsk

    We've already seen that there are some force techniques that one side or the other has learned, but not shared that knowledge to the other side. So it does make sense thematically to have some force powers restricted.
  14. Dax12387

    Just started, Considering going Scum..

    Anyone that can pick a single faction and stick to just it has both my utter respect and deepest confusion.
  15. Dax12387

    So if theres an app now. Why do we need cards?

    Have you seen the app?