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  1. Well that's what the escorts and fighter compliments are for. And let's be honest, these are small, insignificant one man fighters. How much damage could they possibly do?
  2. Weren't the Seperatists just a giant protection racket? I was under the impression that they were literally cartoonishly evil in their actions. Not that there weren't genuine idealists or valid complaints with the Republic, but the ranks of their leaders were deliberately filled with the most greedy, evil, and grievous (heh) group of people they could find. Plus their actions on Ryloth regarding scorched earth approach to a neutral planet, the fact that the Techno Union holds a species as private property and uses them for weapons testing because they hold the deed to the planet they're on, the countless superweapons that they developed all seem to indicate that they are way more concerned with scaring people than military pragmatism. And as I've said before, who might benefit from having the people of the galaxy scared of an enemy?
  3. "Always in motion, is the future. And may possible futures, there are."
  4. Just enough stuff to be worth the party's time, but for the main hall, I made it credits. Republic credits. That have been out of circulation for 20 years. If you dig up enough, you could theoretically melt it down and sell the metal at, say 1/100th the value. Then subtract the equipment, fuel, etc. And that's not even getting into what happens if the Empire wants the crash.
  5. "They'd build a big Vong killing device, pour trillions of credits, manpower, scientific research, and other resources into it, give it a name like the Nostril of Palpatine or something equally grandiose, and then they'd turn it on, and it wouldn't work. Someone would have forgotten to bolt down a plate somewhere or something and it would get blown up by some hotshot enemy pilot. That's what the Empire would have done."
  6. You're right about the atrocities, I just got the impression that you were white washing Japan. Sorry if I misinterpreted you.
  7. Accurate assessment of the US as a colonial power aside, the Japanese Empire wasn't "maneuvered" into attacking the Pacific or mainland Asia by the US. Their imperialist ambitions did that. And as to who knows what the fascist states where really like, I'd say their victims. Countless accounts from Chinese, Korean, Philipino, Malaysian, Indonesian, and other Polynesian groups and cultures can attest to the horrors of Japanese occupation and the numerous war crimes/crimes against humanity. And I'd hardly consider a loan to the Kuomintang, a fighter squadron, and a single general D.C. wanted to kick out as a proxies war. All this aside, on the question of the Japanese and Galactic Empires, I think the Empire took some inspiration mainly from Nazi Germany, the British Empire, Cold War/Vietnam Era America, and Imperial Japan. It was based more on the idea of fascism and authoritarianism than any one concrete source, but they followed similar trends, and thus were bound to have them as references.
  8. I wonder if Collapse of the Republic is gonna have a Jedi Master specialization to follow up the Jedi career. Probably not, since they'd have to reprint the career list. But clone veteran is getting in so who knows.
  9. Man that Jedi Knight specialization sure was something in that book.
  10. I'm not sure if the Galactic Empire Stormtrooper Corps were conscripted. I vaguely recall in one of Leia's books that there was a bill passed by the Imperial Senate preventing conscription of Stormtroopers. Granted, the Imperial Senate is about as useful and effective as a TIE Fighter, so the bill most likely wasn't worth the paper it was printed on, but I think the Stormtroopers were true believers in Uncle Sheev's space tyranny. My guess is due to the incentives offered (like, not working in a Doonium mine all day, or being stuck on a farm for the rest of your life, or even the good old fashioned "you get to kill people and we'll pay you for it.") Add a healthy dose of imperial indoctrination, and you've got a Stormtrooper. The First Order on the other hand 100% just snatched kids and brainwashed them.
  11. And that's not even taking into account any time dilution weirdness on Dagobah, cause of the vergence. Granted, probably not to the degree of Mortis, but Luke was probably on Dagobah for "longer" than Han and Leia were in the Falcon.
  12. I've got this so far, but he seems a little exposed to be a commando.
  13. "May I remind you all we are in the middle of a space battle?" Plus "Wait, isn't he still bleeding out at the bottom of the stairs?" "*Gurgle noises* a little help?"
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