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  1. Dayham

    The bigger they are...

    After about two years of combat operations, squadron wide kill count is about an entire imperial fleet. 6 ISDs, an interdictor, 3 Arquintens, and who knows how many TIEs are painted on the side of those X-Wings
  2. Dayham

    Help with handling an optimizer please

    It's situations like these in which fire support is called for. If the party is gonna play cheap, then so's the Empire, now that they know they're a threat. Stormtrooper patrol gone in under a second? TIE bomber. They ran from an AT-ST, because they know they're outmatched? Maybe the Empire steps up AT-ST patrols.
  3. Dayham

    Military Punishment

    Now, you aren't entirely wrong, in that a galactic insurrection would have to resort to some desperate measures in order to make up for the severe force discrepancy. People probably live next to, or even in Imperial factories or shipyards. The Rebels would still attack those locations, try to bomb them, disrupt the Imperial war machine in any way possible just to stand a chance of liberating the galaxy. They'd send children into the fight, either as spies, support staff, or even sabouters or combatants. They'd conduct operations in civilian areas, knowing that the Imperials, who often, if not always had superior firepower, did not share their concerns for civilian lives or collateral damage. They knew that the Empire had no qualms about making examples of Rebel sympathizers or populations harboring them. One need only look at what's left of Alderaan to know what the Empire is capable of. They knew that the fight to defeat them, and end their reign of fear and violence would require every advantage that they could get. However, this is not that. This is shooting a subordinate for refusing to immediately follow an order without question. A very un-rebel behavior. A decidedly Imperial action. This is abusing their authority, plain and simple.
  4. Dayham

    Narrating the Result of a Duty Roll

    1) Ehh, not necessarily. Sometimes it can be them getting tapped for a special mission, but most of the time it consists of Command giving them a pat on the back and a "good job kiddo!" 2) Commitment to the cause. They're more willing to charge that line and keep going once their bodies want to give out because they're modivated. "Ya know, that convoy we hit the other day got me thinking (Space Superiority duty triggered). For all the invincible, unlimited Empire's might, we beat them. Up real close to their faces. Makes me think maybe we're a part of something that stands a real chance of changing the Galaxy for the better."
  5. Dayham

    Military Punishment

    Well, there is one notable contemporary that executes his subordinates whenever his orders aren't followed, or perhaps fails him for the last time. I would emphasize this in and out of universe. I don't imagine your true and through rebel PC would appreciate being compared to the Supreme Commander of the Imperial Military, and the PC would likely change their view on the situation. You could even make this a haunting failure from now on, a knawing self doubt that they don't have what it takes to lead.
  6. Dayham

    Military Punishment

    Have a CO (depending on location, maybe even Reeiken or Madine) yell at him for a while. Plus: A stint in the brig, demotion, pay cut (if they get paid), or maybe even reassignment of resources to other, more efficient groups. Oooooor you could do unofficial punishments like a SpecForce/SpecOps prank war, turn a little too violent. Someone spikes their caff with something a little stronger than your regular laxatives. Maybe his squad mates corner the PC in the mess hall. Depening on how well liked the guy was, the PC may even get hit by an "Imperial" grenade. Madine's people are scary. Cracken's people are scary. The both of them fighting each other? Ohh no.
  7. I'd have it emphasized that while they are a good person, they are very much not going to stay good if they keep getting used by their emotions rather than the other way around. One thing I like to stress is that the Dark Side isn't just a tool that you use, though several of its adherents may view it as such, but a corrupting Force (couldn't resist). The more you use it, the more it uses you. Twisting your behavior until you're nothing but a cruel reflection of your original self. There's a reason it's called falling.
  8. Dayham

    Am I mistaken...

    Weeeeeeeeeell, maybe. A character from Darth Plagueis shows up in Tarkin which is canon. And it happens as Palpatine is remembering his old master, Darth Plagueis. My understanding is that while some details were changed up (Plagueis was dead long before the Trade Federation hit Naboo), most of the book itself is canon.
  9. Man, if only there was some sort of mystical energy field that connected every sapient thing in the galaxy together. Then your language barrier problem with this superpower would be solved.
  10. Dayham

    knives under-powered?

    They chose to be stormtroopers. I chose to liberate the people. They . . . interfered with my choice, and now they don't get to chose anything.
  11. Dayham

    Interesting ideas for dangerous Imperial plots?

    Project Blackwing. An Imperial Bioweapons Project, focused on meddling with modern technology and old Sith relics they don't quite understand. Vader ordered it mothballed, cited reason as: "Blasphemy" in the official report. Before the Dark Lord's orders could be carried out, Scarif happened, and the Empire had bigger problems. Now, anyone who knows of the project is either onsite at the facility, the Supreme Commander of the Imperial Military, The Emperor himself, or freezing in the vacuum above Yavin. They lost contact with the facility around 3 months ago (modify as needed for your timeline, assuming 1 ABY?). Just know that just because most of the people in the facility are dead, doesn't mean they'll stay that way. . .
  12. Dayham


    Contamination!! Contamination!!!!! SEAL THE FORUMS!!! BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!!
  14. I always thought that the Seppies were intentionally generically evil bad guys to make the Republic and the rest of the galaxy scared, and the guy running the CIS was deliberately getting the most greedy, sociopathic, and outright bloodthirsty people into the upper levels in order to frighten the common people. Making it so that stories about the horrors of war stick out more "Although Seperatist forces under the command of Commerce Guild have respected the ceasefire, civilians have still been suffering in the besieged areas" VS "The Droid Army slaughtered another refugee center on Saleucami as General Grievous continues his mad quest to burn the Mid Rim to cinders." Thus, measures 'necessary' to the war effort are more likely to be accepted by the people. And any peace, even a negative one (Absence of tension as opposed to presence of justice) is going to go over better. Now who might benefit from that. . .
  15. I understand that, and I agree to an extent, but I like the concept that the FaD careers are poseurs next to the Jedi Knights of Old.