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  1. The fundamental mechanics aren't too hard to understand, but it can bog down if you aren't quick on your feet - how to spend Threat and advantages as the scene unfolds can bring the action to a halt. Also, it's a good idea to outline what the common magic combinations are for you adversaries.
  2. I actually live the in KC area. I’m thinking about doing some Genesys/Realms of Terrinoth at some of the RPGKC days or at Midwest Gamefest.
  3. Another great episode. I do agree with Mountainshadow that too much time was spent trying to convince listeners this wasn’t d20. I would love a good discussion about breaking concentration, by the book, concentration could be broken by spending one threat (since it’s a maneuver). “The active character loses the benefits of a prior maneuver (such as from taking cover or assuming a guarded stance) until they perform the maneuver again” That doesn’t seem quite right to me - it seems a bit too easy to lose concentration - which is why I would love to hear a discussion about it on the podcast.
  4. One of the players in our new Realms of Terrinoth game has alchemy. He would like to create dwarven firebombs and bottled lightning like Ulma (the dwarf pregen from the Haunted City) has. The cost and rarity of these are not in the RoT book. What is your opinion on what the cost and rarity might be? For reference, I’ve included the stats of these potions below. Bottled Lightning - 7 Damage, Crit 5, Blast 7, Disorient 3, Limited Ammo 1, Stun Damage Dwarven Firebomb -Damage 8, Crit 3, Blast 6, Burn 2, Limited Ammo 1
  5. The writers of Terrinoth ( Tim Cox and Tim Huckelbery) were interviewed on the RPG Brewery podcast.
  6. I have done just a little bit of brainstorming of this. I think I'm going to go with a distance of 40 miles from Greyhaven to Nerakhall. I chose that as my baseline because they are the two free cities that are closes together. That makes Terrinoth about the size of France.
  7. Anyone else going to Origins? If so, maybe we could organize a meet up for some Genesys/Realms of Terrinoth gaming.
  8. I spent some time looking at Terrinoth last night but I didn’t see a scale to the map of Terrinoth. Did anyone notice one?
  9. I just wanted to express my appreciation for the podcast. I've especially enjoyed the actual play. Please don't stop!
  10. The Core Rule Book went to 'On The Boat' Nov 2nd, 'Shipping' Nov 15th, and was released Nov 30th. Based on that, I would say 4 weeks.
  11. Sam Stewart joked about that in theRPGBrewery interview.
  12. Once the core book came out, I was curious on how the pre-gens were built. I took each one and tried to put them into the talent pyramid. Assuming that they follow the pyramid (and with a bit of speculation), this is what I came up with. Italicized talents are new. Character Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Alys Toughened 1 Toughened 2 Justice of the Citadel Durable Templar (Improved) Templar Durik One with Nature Grit 2 Swift Dual Wielder Dual Strike Parry Reckless Charge Grit Leoric Grit Flash of Insight Desparate Recovery Signature Spell Proper Upbringing Syn Grit Grit 2 Grit 3 Parry Parry 2 Field Commander Block Shield Slam Proper Upbringing Thaiden Finesse Wraithbane Rapid Archery Grit Dirty Tricks Clever Retort Ulma Apothecary Surgeon 2 Dodge Surgeon Heroic Recovery Tumble Which leads to this summary of the new talents Talent Tier Description Apothecary 1 When a patient under the character's care heals wounds from natural rest, they heal one additional wound Block 1 While holding a shield, may use Parry to reduce damage from ranged attacks Finesse 1 The character may use Agility instead of Brawn for Melee (Light) checks Templar 1 The character gains Divine as a career skill but can attempy only one divine check per encounter Tumble 1 When engaged with one or more adversaries, may suffer 2 strain to move to short range as an incidental Dirty Tricks 2 When the character inflicts a critical injury , the target adds (2 black dice) to their next check Flash of insight 2 When the character generates a triumph on a knowledge check, add 2 blue dice to the results Heroic Recovery 2 Once per encounter, may spend a Story Point to recovery 4 strain Reckless Charge 2 After engaging an enemy amy suffer 2 strain to add 2 successes and 2 advantages to the next melee attack this turn Shield Slam 2 When attacking a minion or rival with a shield, may spend 4 advantages or 1 triumph to stagger target for 1 round Signature Spell 2 Reduce the difficulty of checks to cast the character's signature spell by one Templar (Imp) 2 The character does not add (1 black die) to Divine checks due to armor Wraithbane 2 Reduce critical rating by 1when attacking an undead adversary Dual Strike 3 When attacking with two weapons, the character may suffer 2 strain to hit with the secondary weapon instead of spending 2 advantages Justice of the Citadel 3 Once per round, suffer 3 strain to add damage equal to ranks in discipline to one melee hit
  13. Based on the interview I saw with Sam Steward last night, I got the strong impression that there will be a PDF release.
  14. I really enjoyed listening to the first episode. Please keep making them!
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