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  1. Arvel Crynyd — RZ-1 A-Wing 34 Daredevil 3 Intimidation 3 Cluster Missiles 5 Arvel zooms in and does Arvel things. The clusters could be swapped for Proton rockets, but shooting at multiple targets seems like a good idea, especially if you can take down somebody as they are trying to get ahead of you.
  2. I like the idea of a Poe/Han build, 2 ships doing work at I6 will be a force to be reckoned with. Poe Dameron — T-70 X-Wing 68 Heroic 1 R4 Astromech 2 Integrated S-Foils 0 Ferrosphere Paint 6 Black One 2 Ship Total: 79 Han Solo (Resistance) — Scavenged YT-1300 Light Freighter 76 Rose Tico 9 C-3PO (Resistance) 6 Rey 14 Engine Upgrade 9 Rey's Millenium Falcon 5 Ship Total: 119 Total 198
  3. I'm excited to see what new ships we get for the Resistance. Also excited for Rebels, and X-wings with moving s-foils.
  4. I just hope that when they re-release the T-70 models that they have moving s-foils...
  5. Round 6 of the Campaign Against Cancer this year when I moved through a debris cloud, rolled a crit, pulled a Major Hull Breach, rolled a hit, pulled a second Major Hull Breach, rolled another hit, and then blew up with a Damaged Engine. The odds of that happening are so low, that all I did when it happened was laugh.
  6. Mauve Leader

    article up!

    I think that is the squad I am going to fly for the next few months! So excited for those X-wings!
  7. Could X-wing be a delicious plate of calamari? Or would we need Admiral Ackbar for that to happen?
  8. Maybe this is when the next preview for the TIE Reaper and/or Saw's Renegades will be...
  9. I really want to see Leia as a pilot in either an X-wing, or in a Naboo Starfighter... I like how you've adapted her crew card into a pilot ability, but think that there should be a restriction on it, maybe make it so her ability only works if the ship doing the maneuver is unstressed? Sort of like Ello Asty's ability. PS 5 sounds good, EPT also good, maybe 26 points? That keeps Leia in line with the other X-wing pilots in terms of cost. On a slightly unrelated note, I kinda want to see an updated crew card for Leia. Han and Chewie got new pilot cards, maybe we can get a new Leia crew?
  10. I love the idea of Snap in an A-wing. That would be fun with PTL.
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