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  1. nope, I mean if someone chooses to trigger second chance first, is it parting invalidated, no trigger anymore, therefore no shot and no death?
  2. So, just to be sure, will second chance work on greedo, i.e. prevents him from dying?
  3. Ezra is definitely the last one to be attacked, Zeb and Kanan are the easy kill, don't waste attacks focus and eliminate. Keep shooting, move around and don't get close, let them do the work
  4. It might have got lost due to the concurrent sending as well as Kalandros and Szycha statements
  5. A1bert, could you please explain why? for the same reason of 1) I'd say yes edit: referring to 2)
  6. why are you so sure about SoR and EoR ? I mean, the condition is when declare an attack, the limit is per activation, without actually having any limitation in non-activation frames
  7. nationals prizes were available at Italian Nationals
  8. Since the modifier are applied following attack-defense order, shouldn't hidden be applied? first positioning advantage, hidden and the defense round to use modifiers. Am I wrong?
  9. Hi guys! Eventually a friend of mine got an answer regarding this topic: it will be followed the attack conflict resolution In addition, since the question was precisely concerning the jets, they get a little plus over already good skills. In case of a call the vanguard use, for example, they will be able to flee from the return fire Han's ability
  10. True, I really can't see why people are disappointed of having debts repaid in their hand. move forward chewbie and hide him, send a smuggler to contest an objective and let's see if the opponents are brave enough to kill a 2p figure for reactivating chewbie
  11. thanks a lot! I joined, hope to make a match soon
  12. Hi all! This is my very first post on this forum, even if I used it a lot in order to clarify some doubts or keep the pace with the international meta I got to know that last winter-spring there has been a Vassal Tournament, with people from two continents, and I was wondering if there was the chance to organize it once again! Here in Italy we made it twice, but I would really like to open up the boundaries to discover new ways to play and get to know people who otherwise I would never play with. In alternative, I was curious to understand where people organize themselves to play on vassal, since it seems that sometimes there are these intercontinental matches If you have any suggestion or proposition, I am more than open to listen up! cheers
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