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  1. Our dear friend and I believe frequenter of the Forums, Ryan "Jamal" Stripling has been diagnosed with cancer. We have put together a little GoFundMe to see if we can get some support. Jamal has been a huge part of the IA community for any of those who have been to Worlds, the Jamal Rebel Heroes lists have been a constant. He's a delight and we are hoping to raise whatever we can to help him out. Thank you for your time. https://www.gofundme.com/f/for-our-brother-jamal
  2. Bailey and Logan unfortunately lost their home and possessions to a fire on April 28, 2019. The Michigan Mandalorians are asking for your help in getting their Imperial Assault collection restored. These brothers have traveled and played in many tournaments, including the world championships! Thank you for this amazing community and all your help! https://www.gofundme.com/5aa7u-bailey-and-logan-streeter-project-game-phoenix?teamInvite=5iSNISsKdbX1kT4cSjPTOH0BvE2irYJ481zMqqQIkm9j1XeCbW5p1fDNUAb217OP
  3. I DEMAND YODA'S GHOST! Also, I would love a Dewback/Terro style Ewok card that lets you bring different deployments, a 2-figure blister with 2 unique cards along with some group of 2 generic ewoks. It's an interesting style mechanic.
  4. Hello everyone, to battle some doldrums we are doing something fun (at least I hope so). We are going to do a community create-a-deployment card. We will start with Faction and type of figure (unique, generic, group, single) then as we start creating we will have new features to add to the figure. The weeks will be something like this: (depending on how the voting goes there may be things that get pushed up) 1. Faction and Type 2. Function (role) and Timeframe 3. Subfunction (specifics to the role) and Race 4. Raw Stats and Possible Name (may be an existing character) 5. Abilities 6. Finishing touches Since this is a group effort this isn't about what you'd "like to make" personally, but more of what would you "like to see." If this does decently well we will do it some more. There are more conversation about this in the Zion's Finest Slack Channel. https://goo.gl/forms/Dl8UtXSFtqktFeRH3 May the Force be with you.
  5. Yeah, I don't necessarily like the ruling, but it's not like stupid good or anything. It's more dumb than good. It's just not gamebreaking just another card that's playable.
  6. Yep, that's what I meant, you CAN OTL, you CAN'T escape the stun.
  7. So you can't On the Lam away from the stun since the target doesn't change and that's the only requirement is that there is a target.
  8. I understand that idea, I see the "if then" statement combined. Why wouldn't they say "Perform an attack. The target becomes stunned and the attack deals no damage." It seems weird that they would make things more wordy on purpose. And yes, it should have said "If this attack deals at least 1 damage, reduce it to 0 and the target becomes stunned," but there seems to be no reason why "then" would be there if not to connect the "If."
  9. So if I'm hearing your right, you could use R2 to shoot from 15 spaces away with Set to Stun and the defender will become Stunned?
  10. Do you need to "do damage" (as in have a damage that gets reduced) in order to stun someone while performing the attack in the CC Set for Stun?
  11. Right, no Black Market. My bad. I couldn't remember the exacts for a minute, the old version had no R2 with BM, I was thinking the new one had both, but yeah, drop Black Market there.
  12. That's a really good start, Using temporary Alliance to bring Gideon and Hera, then if you add an eJawa to bring in 3p0 and that's the world champ list, netdecking isn't for everyone, but as an FYI that's the list, IG (with Focused on the Kill), elite Weequay, Greedo, Hera, Gideon, 3p0, eJawa, R2, Devious, Black Market. You don't have to use the exact deck, but yeah, IG, Greedo, Onar, elite Weequay is a really good start to any list. I also love me some hired guns.
  13. Opportunistic doesn't even have to be your own activation, if an opponent uses Onar's Rush to deal a damage to himself, you could play Opportunistic and move away, OR ANY activation, if your opponent is playing Black Market and takes damage from the strain to activate the ability during the end of round you could play it and move a figure, which is especially juicy with the Bantha.
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