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  1. I don't quite understand what this early access means. I thought that i could be able to play it but couldn't find any download button or link. Am i missing something?
  2. Here are cool decks that i and my brother used to beat this cycle with only 2 losses (which were our fault since we did some mistakes...). If you want more in depth strategy guide for these i can explain it to you. By the way this cycle has been my favorite so far. I think that the quests are just getting better and better http://ringsdb.com/fellowship/view/3977
  3. That's what i thought. Thanks for the quick answer!
  4. Can this guy discard a shadow card after it has been opened but not resolved. I always thought that it can't but i just want to make sure.
  5. Thanks for your suggestions too! But here's why Zigil Miner has been so good in my decks: Over 35 cards had a cost of 2 (excluding hidden cache) so there's actually pretty good chance to get resources from Zigil Miner even without Stargazer's help. Of course there are some flaws in this strategy but it has worked pretty well nevertheless. I might try out secrecy + spirit since i haven't played with secrecy in a looong time...
  6. Thanks for good ideas! I especially liked that Gandalf/Treasure Hunter/Hidden Cache combo and i will give it a shot at some point
  7. I have this bad habit that every time that i play more than 1 spirit hero, i always end up using Zigil Miners with Stargazers. They compliment each other so well and they give spirit decks some vital resource generation so i don't know what else to play really. It just seems like that there's no other good options for solid spirit decks. I have every AP up to Flight of the Stormcaller. Suggestions or even full deck lists are appreciated
  8. That's pretty funny coincidence since i just used very similar deck with Dunhere, Hama and Unseen Strikes Works like a charm!
  9. This game seems pretty cool but i wonder that when it will be released and how much it will cost? I haven't been watching the streams yet so i can't say much about the mechanics but at least it looks great!
  10. What do guys think about the Unseen Strike from the Redhorn Gate? In my opinion it's actually amazing card since you can combo it with some readying effects and get basically +9 strength in total for 0 resources. I've been using it with Legolas and Rohan War Horses and i must say that they have worked like charm. Few days ago when i played with my brother the Fords of Isen quest, Legolas killed 4 Dunland enemies in 1 turn with Unseen Strike, horses and few other allies. Another fun combo that could work with this card is with the Mirkwood Runner. So what you think about this card? Let me know
  11. Good point dalestephenson! You are right that most of the cards that i haven't been playing are from the first two cycles. It seems like that the developer has gotten pretty good at designing new cards. I also think that the quests are only getting better and better as new ones are released. And no i don't think that there's AP which has many bad cards.
  12. I've been playing lotr lcg for few years now and i have bought many packs in which some cards are absolute trash. For example Elrond's Message, The End Comes and Power in Earth come in my mind. My question is that why these cards were ever designed since they don't serve any purpose in my opinion. There are at least 30 cards that i have only used once or not at all since they are so bad. I know that not every card can be the new Steward of Gondor or Glorfindel, but i think that every card should have some kind of purpose. Any thoughts?
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