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  1. Thermal radiators iirc...
  2. So I'm not the only one.
  3. This is their biggest problem... Until they're back out in print, if they ever are, arguing over what FFG should do to improve or use them is a near simile to arguing over vaporware enhancements for a vaporware product... Yes I contributed to a suggestion a few pages back. That suggestion is based in them being rereleased in 2.0, unlike allot of what has been discussed in this thread recently. Until they are rereleased all of the "discussion" about points and slots is effectively nothing more than wanting something changed for the "benefit" of TTS or Vassal games.
  4. Cannons aren't "crowding out" torps. Low init locks and the price of torps are...
  5. Paired objective tokens from the Epic Battles expac would work for checkpoints. Have the players fly between them.
  6. <sees above posts> <looks at availability of ship in question to be purchased> <shakes head sadly>
  7. I suspect that reducing the cost of upgrades while increasing the cost of ships that can take them won't do much to change the underlying drive for Upgrade E (efficiency upgrades that mitigate variance or reduce how much variance maters) over Upgrade C (casual upgrades that are mostly fun but don't do much to boost the efficiency of a ship/list) in the games that the metrics (metawing, Adv. Tar Comp, etc.) cover, even if taken to the level that @theBitterFig hypothesizes. Upgrade E can also be an extra arc+ clump of hp that moves "independently", not just a card assigned to a ship.
  8. Didn't mention X-Wing but here's hoping. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2020/6/30/ffg-and-gen-con-online/
  9. If it qualifies as a position change it would, but I'm not sure it does.
  10. Blue = cost reduction Red = cost increase
  11. Drop the missile slot, it already requires an equipped missile upgrade for it to do anything, add "single" behind the missile icon in the ability text, that'll work to keep Diamond Boron and Barrage Rockets from being used as turret arc weapons, and I like it.
  12. Inertia + sacred cows = challengers will be attacked. I might be able to find some cured ray hide for you to strap on for when something like this comes up again, and it will.
  13. Oooo.. And maybe a contraband IG-RM crew? Would need to have a different ability than the Team upgrade for Huge ships.
  14. They'd have to word it carefully to only work on single slot missiles, and probably remove the arc limitations that the /Sf ability has.
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