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  1. Hiemfire

    Vulture Launching (from rocks)

    No worries, it was more or less a continuation of a previous discussion in this thread. Easy to miss.
  2. Hiemfire

    Vulture Launching (from rocks)

    The sequence that SpiderMana is mentioning starts with the Vulture, struts open, on an obstacle (asteroid or debris cloud). The Vulture barrel rolls off the obstacle. Next turn it performs a maneuver (struts still open since the previous round it skipped the Execute Maneuver step so did not trigger the close condition) ending up on an asteroid. The dice roll check is part of executing the maneuver so that is ignored but the struts close per the trigger after the maneuver is executed and the blocked action and no attacking limitations take effect since it is no longer ignoring the obstacle.
  3. Hiemfire

    Vulture Launching (from rocks)

    You can end that maneuver on a debris cloud, the check for overlap effects is part of executing a maneuver so the negative effects of a debris could are nullified for that maneuver. Asteroids still prevent actions and shooting though.
  4. Hiemfire

    Vulture Launching (from rocks)

    Soo much this...
  5. Hiemfire

    Vulture Launching (from rocks)

    Run the process of the config starting with it closed. This part happens while a maneuver is executed. So if a Vulture equipped with this config ends its maneuver on an asteroid or debris cloud (the requirement in the rules to qualify for Overlapping) and there is at most 1 other friendly on that obstacle the card may be flipped. Now for the flip side of the card: Last statement of this side states "After you execute a maneuver, flip this card." The maneuver is not fully executed when the struts are switched from closed to open, but is fully executed after the struts are opened resulting in the card being flipped back to closed. This Configuration needs an Errata pass to function as intended, as written it doesn't function at all.
  6. Hiemfire

    S&V Aces League Week 8

    Still 2 rounds behind?
  7. For those interested. All 5 current factions now.
  8. Hiemfire

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    If that's the case then the astro is an oversized R1.
  9. Hiemfire

    X-wing Quick Tips (Video Tutorials) by Gold Squadron Podcast

    The differences between Integrated S-Foils and Servomotor S-Foils and the action bars they affect. I noticed in some of the gameplay vids I've watched that some players are getting them mixed up.
  10. Hiemfire

    Vulture Launching (from rocks)

    What they are talking about is that the closed side says "While you execute a maneuver" resulting in the struts opening before full execution of the maneuver, and the open side states "After you execute a maneuver, flip this card." resulting in the configuration nullifying itself. It is something that most likely will be errataed.
  11. Hiemfire

    Vulture Launching (from rocks)

    It is something that is expected to errataed since if that how it is supposed to work then the entire card (both front and back) is nothing more than an insultingly long way of saying that the upgrade does nothing...
  12. Hiemfire

    STAR WARS: RESISTANCE Discussion Thread!

    That is a nice looking freighter. The Q-Ship shenanigans I could do with one of those. Yum... 😀 This would make a nice, rudimentary fighter or LRV cockpit.
  13. Hiemfire

    Point update - will it cascade to saved swuads

    I do suggest opening the individual lists for editing and then re-saving them just in case the previously saved list doesn't auto reference the changes.
  14. Hiemfire

    Hyperspace TIE Adv

    So Debris Gambit is off the table. Have you given Ved Foslo a look as one of the x1s? I'm fiddling around with Elusive + Adv Sen on him, he can keep Elusive ticking in a knife fight thanks to what he does to the x1's dial.
  15. Hiemfire

    ARC 170 and Duo Ewing build

    Some time in the next few months, most likely towards the middle or end of March if Wave 2 is any indicator.