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  1. Aramoro for the Scorpion Thunder would be hilarious, though I'm rooting for Bayushi Yojiro.
  2. https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/1f/20/1f2076da-d23d-451b-9c5b-1e629258abce/pine_and_cherry_blossoms_lorez-compressed.pdf Direct sequel to the Dragon Novel, so set some time before current events. However, it does give another peek at Mitsu trying to understand what's actually being asked of him, much like his current mission to Otosan Uchi.
  3. Well, at least in the flashback, they triumph over the Utaku Clan Champion. It took 5 Lions, but bagging a family Daimyo was a solid win for them.
  4. I wonder if Shoju would be willing to give up Aramoro & Kachiko to Toturi It might be a good opportunity for him to purge the ‘Scorpion Ascendancy’ faction of the Clan.
  5. Indeed. With the first 2 sallies, Oguri can gauge Kudaka’s character. Will she be satisfied with a gesture of support? No. Bribed with Kaiu tech? No. The Ancestral Daisho of the Mantis Clan? Ding ding ding. Also has the benefit of echoing the traditional two refusals before accepting a gift.
  6. For the same reason that Toturi almost immediately dismisses Sotorii, even knowing the sort of person he is: A Hantei prince murdering his father is nearly inconceivable. The mind rebels at even considering the possibility. Also, why wouldn't he know about the edict? It would be reasonable to assume that Jodan told his sons about his plan. That's part of what leads Toturi to think that Shahai is innocent; the idea that someone might have made a play at Daisetsu, and she's protecting him.
  7. Just need that periodic check-in on Kuni Yori. Still creepy? Yep. Given himself to the Taint? Not yet, still ‘good’. Carry on Crab, carry on.
  8. Tadaka! Not so lost in certainty that he cannot see the cost. If anything will get him through what’s coming next without going all-in on selling himself out, it’ll be that origami dog.
  9. I’m rooting for option 4. This is the sujindai, and the Monastery is the best place for Toturi to encounter both the political & spiritual crises. Could run into Sotorii, could find out that Jordan had made some important arrangements there, might get some advice on his & Kaede’s fate after her intervention. Might meet a random ronin in a hood...
  10. If it's not a detail changed from Old5R, then Jodan is the son of Hantei Yatoshin and Kakita Ryoku's sister (unnamed), who married shortly after she came to court circa 1075 (age 20ish). When her nephew Jodan (born 1078) becomes Emperor, she's named Imperial Advisor & Mistress of Ceremonies around 1103 when she's 50. So she could have had been in love with Yatoshin but married him to her sister (hence 'Brokenhearted' and the omamori) at the start of her career, then at its nadir, had an affair with Jodan who'd have been 25 when he promoted her.
  11. Well, she is implied to have been a lover to Yatoshin after he married her sister, so if Daisetsu’s her illegitimate child by her nephew it would certainly explain why Hochiahime stays in seclusion. 1120 was a rough year for the Crane. Kachiko replaces Ryoko, and the tsunami hits. Kakita Teinko’s death is undated but Hotaru & Toshimoko’s conversations make it seem like it was within the past few years and may be what prompted Satsume to focus exclusively on being Emerald Champion only to bite it early 1123.
  12. Well, once he's been separated from his entourage, and after getting scuffed up a bit, who's going to believe he's Imperial? Some random dirty samurai shouting about how the Throne is his is crazy, not the Hidden Emperor. How many people can actually recognize Sotorii in person? The Clan Champions, the Imperial Court, maybe the family daimyos?
  13. Yeah Togashi Yokuni, while not really big on specifics, was all about making sure the Dragon were assisting the Prince. 2 Princes, 2 Dragons, and one of them has dropped their ball.
  14. Sotorii absolutely does not want to retire to a monastery. He may have been moved by guilt in the moment to scrape together the fortitude to contemplate seppuku, but he has no internal desire towards self-improvement. The second he saw an opportunity, I’m sure he bailed. No planning, no forethought, just pure impulse. It’s his go-to move.
  15. Nope, not without Sotorii in-hand and on-script calling Shoju an usurper. Without that, the Crane just straight up rebelled against the Throne and brutally murdered members of the Imperial family in an unprovoked ambush. Kuwanan is even heard confirming the presence of Sotorii before advancing on him with a drawn weapon. At best, the Crane might disavow Kuwanan who will then have to explain how his sister having an affair means he gets to kill Seppun guards on their way to a monastery.
  16. I love that Kuwanan just mentally skips over the casual murder of Seppun guards. This isn’t a border skirmish or a good ol’ raid on Lion outriders, this is the planned ambush of an Imperial convoy that was entirely predicated on Sotorii wanting to work with Kuwanan against his brother. I mean I know he’s already given up on his sister, but there’s no real indication that he’s ever even met Sotorii in person. Now there’s heirs on the loose everywhere and there’s a Dragon witness to Crane rebellion. The fact that we know Oromo Sorai is allied with Kachiko, this can easily be a softball attempt to provoke the Crane that just paid off like gangbusters. At this point I’m thinking Uji should be in charge...
  17. So, we've agreed then, that the only sensible way forward is for Daisetsu & Shahai to flee to the Mantis Islands, get hitched then go on world tour!
  18. Kachiko was absolutely a huge blind spot for Shoju. I likewise don’t think he knows just how much his brother wants to kill him, nor that Hametsu wants to destroy the affair with Hotaru. That the Master of Whispers is both the consummate Scorpion samurai, and also oblivious to the ressentiment in his own family is his particular tragedy. I get exactly why Kakita Yoshi reacts the way he does here. His view of the world dictates that if there was to be a Regent, of course he would have been consulted. That he is hearing about this just now, and knows nothing about the actual events of the Emperor’s death, means that it’s a small jump to a Scorpion coup when Shoju declares that he’s disinheriting the Heir and seizing the throne. Either he acknowledges that he had no knowledge of or influence over the most monumental decision of his tenure and concedes defeat to his mortal enemies, or he goes all-in on backing Sotorii and calls Shoju out as the lying Scorpion villain he absolutely must be for his life to make any sense.
  19. Kakita Yoshi is a fantastic Crane villain: A superficial work of art that’s hollow on the inside and devoid of meaning. Just as Matsu Tsuko is the embodiment of Lion aggression and Kachiko the paragon of Scorpion manipulation, Yoshi is the personification of the Crane’s smug superiority. At the very least, if Kuwanan & Hotaru are able to make peace, we can throw Yoshi under the bus as the instigator of the Civil War.
  20. So, when Doji Kuwanan shows up to depose Hoturi by exposing her affair, will anyone point out that he’s apparently colluding with Matsu Tsuko against the Crane?
  21. Matsu Tsuko is the beating heart of the Lion. To be stalled at Toshi Ranbo, and pivot to Kyūden Kakita? I cannot help but admire the audacity.
  22. Absolutely, but for Kachiko in particular I can completely buy that she just accepts the Mandate of Heaven as a concept, and also believes that she has a personal mandate to exploit whatever opportunities ‘divine providence’ presents her.
  23. I can see a Scorpion Clan division between Shoju Regent in Otosan Uchi, and a Kachiko/Aramoro bloc in Toshi Ranbo. It's already a city where the castes rub thin, it can easily become a hotbed for ambitious Scorpions, especially if Miya Satoshi (totally wanted to write Sotorii there to invert my typo from earlier) thinks about trying to lure Kachiko to the Kolat.
  24. I'm absolutely sure Satoshii will just go gently to that good monastery, Kachiko will love an extended spa-cation stay in Toshi Ranbo, and as soon as Daisetsu turns up Shoju will be finally be Regent to more than an empty chair and the Empire will be fine. This isn't going to blow up in his face at all.....
  25. I would suspect that its all of a piece. We now know that the goal was to plant the Hotaru/Kachiko letter in such a manner as to imply the Emerald Champion had read it & was killed due to the contents. His servant and the retainer are likely killed because they might disprove that Satsume had ever seen it, which would lead to the follow up question “How did it get amongst his things after his death?” Their deaths are not strictly necessary, as the contents are explosive enough on their own, which is why they’re tier 2 priority.
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