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  1. Given the Battle of Ice & Snow's reference to Shosuro Kachiko, if it's analogous at all to Old5R, then when her betrothal to Hiruma Makuru was broken in favor of Bayushi Shoju, and Makuru stormed into court to insult her honor & demand a duel for satisfaction, Hotaru stepped in to act as her champion.
  2. "If I had been trustworthy. If I hadn’t sought power for its own sake, without considering the damage it could cause to the clan or to others." That's huge personal growth for Kachiko, if she can hold onto the truth of that sentiment. I appreciate that every glimpse we get of her relationship with Hotaru reinforces that it's genuine. It feels like as the Clan War spools up, she's going to find herself on a precipice of change, especially as she's one of the only ones with full knowledge of the Hantei's fate. Also, Aramoro's clearly not with her or in Toshi Ranbo, letting him be in place for a showdown with Toturi - Round 3 winner takes all
  3. Well, this is a Toturi that tried to slowly think his way through being Emerald Champion to do the best he could for the Empire as a whole, and all it got him was ignored by his own clan, overtaken by the scope of events in the capital, and then straight up knifed to death. The world as it ought to be failed him His first thoughts upon surviving all circle around how fundamentally he failed at his duty to the Emperor. The world as it is has already judged him wanting and killed him once. He’s gotta find a new approach before it happens again. Does not help that his only ally is crushing on his wife.
  4. I can see a Tsukune/Kosori vs Council split happening.
  5. I'd be fascinating if Toturi goes all-in the opposite way though. Decides that going full paladin & being more righteous than Ishikawa is the best way to connect with Kaede given their last conversation. Takes his current revelations about the gap between ought & is, churns it over in his too-analytical way, and comes to the understanding that the difference is between the Empire and the people of the Empire, and honor is only truly found in service to the latter. Enter The Black Lion.
  6. Yeah. His name's Onion, there's always another layer. What layer's below crime? Sedition. Interesting to see ronin Toturi struggle with understanding life outside his privilege. His usual problem is the perfect being the enemy of the good, it's funny to see him struggling not to impulsively go full lawman while undercover in the seedy part of town.
  7. Be careful what you wish for... Also, given the current state of the Crane Clan, I’m all for Doji Shizue staying in the Unicorn heartlands learning stories from beyond the Empire. Maybe meeting Shono’s new wife.
  8. https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/cc/47/cc47bd64-4b50-4b4c-8103-02fdab53b0eb/6_the_art_of_matchmaking.pdf Doji Shizue truly is the best of the Crane. I can only imagine what a Shinjo Haruko / Doji Kuwanan match would be like, but that'd be a helluva way to sideline him out of the clan.
  9. https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/9e/62/9e629381-9906-43f8-b234-9b196ef52daf/1_hidden_markings.pdf Politics & war are all well and good, but all I want is murder mysteries, ghost stories, and monster hunts from here on out.
  10. Land, steeds, your Clan Champion, bear witness to a senseless suicide. Each step of this ‘peace’ treaty is to find the Unicorn’s breaking point. Immediately after it happens, each domino is ready to go. Shono’s fiancée is sent to secure their claim on those treaty lands, so that even in defeat they can point to the perfidity of the Unicorn. Troops led by a ‘moderate’ are shorted supplies and pressed to raid the Unicorn’s tax base, weakening their Imperial support while using a disposable force that can be tied to Toturi, the Regent’s (presumed) rival if someone has to go under the bus. Since ‘ronin’ captured K̶u̶r̶o̶h̶i̶t̶o̶ Kuwanan after Arasou’s death, the Lion-Crane war has been Tsuko’s personal project. But Lion-Unicorn? That’s an Ikoma plan that seems to be going rather well for them. After all, the Unicorn have no allies, the Dragon being occupied in the capital and the Crane tied up retaking Kyuden Kakita. If they can keep the Throne from backing the Unicorn, the Lion obviously believe they’ll win. They might be right.
  11. Given Arasou’s personality & leadership style, this makes it more likely that the Ikoma Daimyo is the one actually calling the shots. Is Arasou the sort to insist that Anakazu divorce his loving wife to marry Altansarnai? No, because he doesn’t want peace with the Unicorn and it’s not the sort of plan he’d come up with to provoke war. But, is Anakazu subtle enough to use himself as bait, then to push his wife towards making an impassioned plea on behalf of their love? I would absolutely say yes. He might’ve just told Arasou “I can provoke a war with the Unicorn” and left it at that. Probably all Arasou’d care about. So he doesn’t even need to be Kolat, he might’ve just gotten used to acting under a Champion with a light hand who did all the right things, then he gets Toturi, who wants to think things through and do what’s in the best interests of the Empire as if the Lion putting the other Clans in their place and running the whole **** show wasn’t the best outcome. Whoops! Accidental Kolat.
  12. Gotta say, Anakazu has a real 'shadow behind the Champion' vibe going on. No wonder Toturi had such a hard go of it, what Tsanuri & Kage are the only 2 on his side? It may be a Matsu that usurped the Championship, but this is the Ikoma Lion Clan now. History will absolve them. I love the mental gymnastics Tsanuri goes through right at the end. Anakazu could not possibly be to blame, he must be silently fighting their behalf. Surely this is a trick by Ujiaki, maybe, or Shoju, or even Tsuko. But not my lord, no. So, obviously, the only possible thing to do is double-down on loyalty, take all of the blame for the shameful actions of the army, and commit to absolute blind obedience to all further orders. She should have been born a Scorpion.
  13. Bloodswords confirmed! Kuwanan with Omeka vs Kachiko with Yashin to save the soul of his sister from the Scorpion's sting, all to get Sotorii onto the throne where he belongs! Truly, the most noble son of the Crane...
  14. Harriers! Daidoji Uji still the one getting it done for the Crane. And Kuwanan. Poor, poor, Kuwanan. He's both terribly right and horribly wrong at the exact same time.
  15. Well, she’s not wrong. And apparently decided she didn’t even need the invitation.
  16. Well now, that would be the Crane I believe. Maybe that’s something we can occupy Doji Kuwanan with after he returns. Surely it’s appropriate he be entrusted with a sword that spends so much time Lion-adjacent. Thankfully it’s not a Kakita blade...
  17. Aww yeah... Kitsuki Method FTW! This is a fantastic trail of breadcrumbs to spool the truth out. Also Doji Azumamaro is either exactly who he appears to be, or has the best cover ever. Also, small hiccup, We Strike First was 1, Beyond Reach was 2, What The Eye Cannot See is tagged as 4. So either a typo, or we jumped a story.
  18. Alternatively, if Kazue grants enlightenment to the PLS leaders and they realize that they’re on a false path, mission accomplished.
  19. Same name, different village. Probably a Yasuki cartographer’s idea of a joke.
  20. Hey, it’s how Naseru got the job done against Daigotsu! Iaijutsu has nothing on the cutting power of a Sadane Master.
  21. Crab - Yasuki Oguri Crane - Doji Kuwanan Dragon - Togashi Mitsu Lion - TOTURIIIIIIII!!!!!!! Phoenix - Kaito Kosori Scorpion - Bayushi Aramoro Unicorn - Moto Chagatai Now, there's a party of heroes! Toturi just wants his would-be assassin Aramoro dead, Kuwanan doesn't like Toturi because he's Tsuko's friend now and besides Toturi always liked Hotaru better, Moto Chagatai & Yasuki Oguri spend most of their time drinking together, while Togashi Mitsu and Kaito Kosori are just desperately trying to keep everything on the rails.
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