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  1. Satoshi knows Sotorii killed his father, Kachiko cleaned it up, then Shoju showed up claiming to be Daisetsu’s regent and sending Sotorii into quiet exile. That’s a coup. We know it’s legit, but Toturi’s the only witness.
  2. Except if Miya Satoshi decides to let the cat out of the bag. Kakita Yoshi doesn't know it, but at any point, the Imperial Herald can reveal the Scorpion coverup. Kitsuki Chiari is already on that trail, and with the Dragon in control of both the capital and the Imperial Legions, they could easily flip if the truth outs.
  3. In fact, given that Toturi was the only thing keeping the Lion in check, Shoju’s intransigence over enforcing peace could imply that Toturi’s death was the price the Scorpion paid for a deal with the Lion. Both princes are missing, but they insist on waging war. That is not the actions of a clan with the best interests of the Hantei at heart. Huh. Kuwanan has vocally declared the Crane for Sotorii against the Dragon, so in a straight up civil war it would be Crane, Phoenix, Unicorn with Sotorii against Crab, Dragon, Lion, Mantis, Scorpion backing Daisetsu. Or a bunch of internal civil conflicts. Tsuko vs Toturi, Kuwanan vs Toturi, Tsukune vs Tadaka, Yori vs good sense...
  4. Based on edict dictated by a dead man and written by a missing person. Shoju is Regent only so long as the Court believes it is legitimate. Having the Crane, Phoenix and Unicorn push back is the first step to calling bull on the edict itself. The Scorpion are backed by the Dragon, who’s small army is helping them hold the capital, and the Crab, if the jade from Toshi Rambo pays out, but they’re busy at the Wall. If the Unicorn/Crane can beat the Lion, they can seize Otosan Uchi & his regency is over.
  5. Kakita Yoshi's big day! This expands the splash zone considerably. If Aramoro's outed as Toturi's attacker, that brings down Yogo Asami now, instead of him acting on his own. So either Kachiko goes down too, in which case the Scorpion Champion admits that he can't control his clan or Shoju takes all of the blame, claims he ordered Aramoro against Toturi, sent Kachiko to Toshi Ranbo to cover it up and used Asami as a decoy, which would leave Kachiko standing just clear of the damage she caused as the acting Champion of a clan that would really hate her.
  6. Ishikawa, from the brief conversation with Toturi and showing a history of dealing with the criminal element of Otosan Uchi stretches the ‘dutiful bodyguard’ archetype. Not in an unreasonable way, he’s just more practical than one might expect from the Imperial families outside of, say, roving Miya cartographers. You expect that sort of shady business to be handled by the Tortoise, then kicked up to the Seppun, keeping that one step of removal so as not to tarnish the reflected shine of the Imperial families.
  7. Ah, but even if he is changed, he’s still under age and Shoju is Regent. Can’t rule in his own right until after his gempukku. Interestingly, if Sotorii changes for the better, then he might stick with dear ol’ dad’s plan to serve as his brother’s advisor. Which means that if Daisetsu bucks too much, there’s still a spare Hantei around. Worst-case scenario, quickly marry Sotorii to Chiyoe or Magami, make sure she (or Shahai) is pregnant, and hey presto! The line is secure even if Daisetsu doesn’t work out and Sotorii goes down for patricide.
  8. And really, if Hotaru found out the truth about her father, she should put a lid on it. Because the alternative is to announce to the Empire that the previous Emerald Champion was murdered by an anti-Hantei conspiracy that everyone up to and including the Ruby Champion and Imperial Herald are pretending is not an issue. Given Kuwanan’s behaviour, I cannot believe that he’d willingly accept the lie of ‘natural causes’ for the Good of the Empire. Revelation that the Kolat both exist and are powerful enough to assassinate Satsume is a political nuclear bomb. It’s impossible to predict all of the fallout. Under a Regent with no Hantei in-hand? It could be the end of the Imperial Court. Toturi knows that Shoju’s regency is legitimate, so if Hotaru/Kachiko don’t do anything too egregious before Toturi reveals himself to be alive, they can throw Aramoro under the bus. Acted of his own volition to kill the man that beat him to the Emerald Championship. At that point, even if Sotorii turns up, he’s either the disinherited son of a father who died by natural causes, or is outed as a murderer. Just gotta get hands on Daisetsu and everything goes back in the box. ... as long as that lost Watchtower on the Wall isn’t a big deal, and Kuni Yori keeps his **** together ...
  9. Aww yeah. Learning Shoju’s lesson and speaking truth to love.
  10. We've already gotten a different 'Scorpion Clan Coup'. I'm hoping for the Clan War to peak with a Battle of Beiden Pass holding back an endless tide of Shadowlands creatures from overrunning all the way to Otosan Uchi after having stomped all over the southern empire. Second Day of Thunder happens, Fu Leng is defeated, but Beiden Pass collapses cutting the Empire functionally in two, leaving a North recovering from poor harvests trying to rally and a South scarred by the forces of Jigoku and a stirring in Shinomen.
  11. Sure bae, I drove you to contemplate jigai so that I could provoke conflict with the Unicorn. But on the plus side I've got my war, you're still alive, and we're still married! Wins all around.
  12. Whoops, got caught up the clan combobulatings, forgot to include our plucky plot protagonists: Daisetsu/Shahai/Mitsu & Sotorii/Hitomi - Princes on the Run Toturi/Kaede/Ishikawa/Kāgi + Chiari - Death in Otosan Uchi Yori/Tadaka + Tsuki - Into the Shadowlands
  13. This story also has the Tsume fallout, where a Phoenix married into the Crane and successfully retained control of Kyotei from the Lion. The only pro-Phoenix Lion we see is Toturi married to Kaede, both currently 'missing'. The only pro-Lion Phoenix we see is Tsukune having trained in a Lion Dojo. It seems their relations are mostly informal, probably given that the Lion have no interest in getting 'help' for their armies, and the Phoenix don't have much to offer the Ikoma at court.
  14. The Crane at least are sensible enough not to deploy them both along the same front. I wonder how well Lion-Phoenix relations are doing when the Lion Emerald Champion and his wife the Phoenix Spiritual Advisor to the Emperor disappear. With Tadaka & Ujina AWOL and Tsukune running around trying to be a responsible adult, does the Council even notice? Certainly neither Matsu Tsuko nor Ikoma Anakazu care much beyond beating the Crane / Unicorn respectively. As long as they're allowed to have their war, I suspect them to be largely Regent-indifferent. Lion vs Unicorn, Lion vs Crane vs Mantis, Crab + Mantis vs hole in the Wall, Phoenix vs upset spirits, Scorpion vs the **** they stirred up, Dragon vs ENCROACHING DOOM - As we're going into winter now, that's where it sits, yeah?
  15. Yeah, a nice snapshot of the fallout at Tsume. Shows the Crane marriage benefits in action lining up Shiba guards for Phoenix shugenja. Digging a Hotaru/Kachiko reunion: "Did you kill my father, the Emerald Champion?" "No but I did have your best friend, the Emerald Champion killed"
  16. Depends on how many get through. A gap opens, the Crab try to keep it plugged by throwing people into the breach until the Kaiu can manage something more permanent. A few smarter/sneakier things make it, maybe up along the edges of Shinomen. There can be degrees of failure before the tide of darkness crashes over. Edited to add - now that I think of it, the Palace of the Emerald Champion adventure I think has reference to increased goblin/ogre attacks well inside Cane lands.
  17. Does anyone outside the Crab know a Watchtower has fallen? Only the Mantis we just saw Oguri hire. Have losses been higher than in recent years? The RPG Beta adventure had a Twenty Goblin Winter, and they were willing to entertain the notion of bolstered support from other clans, but unable to work out an agreeable command structure which indicates that they might be more hard up than usual for bodies on the Wall. Dwindling jade shortage, all signs point to leaks in the dam. Flood's a-comin'...
  18. By the same token, it’s super dishonourable and negligent that the Phoenix Council didn’t inform the Emperor as to the extent of the elemental imbalance, given that their duty is the spiritual health of the Empire. I could buy a Crab Champion who won’t admit to the shame of being the one who‘s going to lose the Wall, and doubles down on “We Will Not Fail” mode until it’s too late. Not the direction they seem to be taking, and not the Crab I want, but doable.
  19. Arguably you could pull the Shadowlands trigger earlier, and to keep it from dominating the story it becomes about how the Crab are trying to keep it a secret how bad it’s getting. Keeps it at the clan level, but gives a very different vibe to the Crab. Alternatively, an increase in references to things like needing jade from Toshi Ranbo, emphasizing the dwindling supplies, a do more with less attitude cranking up the frustrations until the inevitable incursion.
  20. Oh, this is just a pit stop. Sake for my samurai and shochu for their horses!
  21. Is she attacking Toshi Ranbo? As you say, it's an Imperial holding and she's a Clan Champion. She's just visiting the court there for winter, with a very large entourage. Surely the Scorpion administrators wouldn't dream of refusing her entry...
  22. You mean the Hatsuko who works in a geisha house frequented by the Lion? Who knows that Aramoro & Kachiko were behind the attempt to rig the Emerald Championship? Who has just lost her patron Bayushi Kachiko? Who, perhaps, might recognize an Emerald Champion trying to keep a low profile?
  23. Well, Old5R had Hoturi doing it when he was 10 (birth date given circa 1103) which'd be even worse...
  24. Part of that stems from the fact that when we first see Hotaru/Kachiko et al. we’re far along in their careers. There’s a fair amount of important stuff from courts in recent years that we’ve only gotten in pieces as they bear on current events. Things like the Winter Court adventure flashing back to the year before story start fleshes out some of what happened in the immediate past, so it seems it’s more that it doesn’t come up until it does.
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