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  1. Hotaru / Toshimoko / Uji Kuwanan / Yoshi / Takamori 2 teams in a series of head to head competitions: tea ceremony, ikebana, origami, poetry, and a game of Sadane that doesn’t end until someone literally dies from the sick burns.
  2. So fantastic. Asako Tsuki pulls through, despite all odds, and gets to Tadaka & Yori before it’s too late. Save 2 souls from the Taint, Vote Humility!
  3. That’s fair. On the Thrane/Merenae side, the equivalent would be the Portuguese Discoveries circa 1543. If that’s the Battle of White Stag, then the Thrane of today awoyld be in the year 2224. To keep the same frame of reference, White Stag would need to be moved up to around the year 1005 in the Rokugani calender. Edited to add: I don’t think that would change much, to be honest. Is there a particular reason we need a full 600 years since that battle? It being a little over a hundred years ago still works. The only reference prior to the Battle of White Stag is the Daidoji igniting hidden caches to blow up a Lion camp at the Battle of Osari Plains in 437. Equating to our year 975, it’s well within the range of gunpowder development, and could still be 600 years before the Thrane shoot up the harbour.
  4. If we’re talking a timeline that roughly correlates to Emperor Jimmu (660 BCE), then 1123 is 463 CE, which would be mid-Yamato period in Japan / Sixteen Kingdoms period in China. If the L5R timeline correlates its start to the introduction of Buddhism to Japan (approx 538 CE) then 1123 is 1661 and is early Edo period Japan under the Tokugawa Shogunate / early Qing period, last Imperial dynasty in China. Which feels right. So when the Kami fell to earth, it would have been equivalent to the start of the 6th century and we’re currently in the 17th century. For comparison, the European weapon would be the spatha to the knightly arming sword to the long sword over the same timeframe. Edited to add: The Battle of White Stag would have occurred in our year 980 using the above, and the first recorded military use of gunpowder dates to 904.
  5. What Daidoji-sama did was dishonourable only because he didn’t get Kakita Yoshi’s permission before burning down his house, and for causing the apparent death of Kakita Barahime. Doji Hotaru or Yoshi himself can forgive the first, but the second is the shame he must reckon with. As to the Lion, they were asked to leave several times. If they insisted on squatting in an active construction site, well, unfortunate consequences are inevitable.
  6. As a Crane, Daidoji Uji strives for perfection. When he decided to act as a Scorpion would, he felt he had no choice but to outdo them with the greatest act of sabotage Rokugan has ever seen.
  7. Except we know that Hotaru’s approach to her commanders is to cut them some slack, and Kuwanan’s is to demand their seppuku, as seen in their argument after he’s released by the Lion. Given the choice between supporting Uji or Yoshi, I see Kuwanan backing Yoshi, as the one he went to with his suspicions against his sister, making them the ‘traditionalist’ faction.
  8. The Way of the Daidoji is asymmetrical warfare. The Way of the Kakita is the single perfect strike. The Way of the Crane is excellence in all things. All that’s left now is for the body to hit the floor. But I can see why he thought that death would be cowardice here. ETA- So, Crane Clan Civil War is Daidoji Uji & Doji Hotaru vs Doji Kuwanan & Kakita Yoshi, with the Asahina as either conscientious objectors or the swing vote?
  9. Also, Satsume had privately expressed to said peer that he had a low opinion of both princes, and was actively looking for alternatives. One of the last letters indicated he’d found a solution that worked within existing Imperial Law. It’s a reasonable supposition that he found precedent for disinheritance & regency, so Hantei Jodan didn’t just jump there on his own. Satsume floated the idea, Sotorii’s worsening behaviour convinces him it’s necessary, and with Satsume dead, Jodan names his oldest friend and most loyal vassal as Regent.
  10. That’s an excellent point. Yoshi & Kachiko has no knowledge of the Edict beforehand, and Miya Satoshi might’ve if he knew what Doji Satsume was looking for in the Imperial Archives before he was whacked. That would be a perfect lie for Satoshi to tell. It would even make any attempts short of confession from Sotorii seem like a frame job.
  11. Even Toturi, sitting with the Emperor and knowing Sotorii’s character, was taken aback by the decision to disinherit the Crown Prince. His murdering his father likewise borders on the unthinkable. So, instead the easier pill to swallow is that Shoju killed Jodan, sent Sotorii into exile and set himself up as Regent to Daisetsu, his son’s best friend.
  12. If Agasha Sumiko goes public and calls the Regent out, does Shoju throw Sotorii under the bus? What does Miya Satoshi say?
  13. Great tournament result stacking: Kunshu is in the keeping of the Scorpion, Shoju is relying on the Yogo, and Junzo is absolutely trustworthy!
  14. Of the Clan Just sayin' it looks like if the Lion had been led by the Matsu rather than the Akodo all along, they might've conquered the rest of Rokugan ages ago.
  15. https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/f6/e0/f6e09750-b115-414a-a31e-92b62d2ffbac/clan_letter_akodo.pdf https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/64/af/64af391b-9828-4b02-9e31-c573e0a19903/clan_letter_shinjo.pdf The Lion are Lioning all over the place, and no one can stop them, because they're Lions! This is what happens when you put a Matsu in charge, apparently.
  16. Osano-Wo should be enough of a founding patron for the Mantis. Father is Hida, Mother is the Thunder Dragon, born as a dragon himself, he's the only one of the Kami's children born of 2 immortals, all of the others having at least 1 mortal parent.
  17. Ah ha! ‘‘Twas the Mantis who caused the great tsunami! With their rakish, piratical ways and such! I knew those rumours that the Phoenix were responsible couldn’t possibly be true! When it’s not the Scorpion, or the Lion, it’s always the Mantis’ fault!
  18. Second that! Regular weekly updates from fiction & webcomics I follow are the only way I know what day it is anymore.
  19. You’re correct! I’d forgotten the 2019 Kunshu letters. So Moto Juro, Kitsu Chiemi, and a nonspecific reference to a Yogo wardmaster for Kunshu.
  20. So we've gotten the Dragon choice story (Kitsuki investigates Hantei's death), the Crane choice story (Kuzunobu's visit to the Fox), the Phoenix story choice (Why, Kuni Yori?!?) and this is the Crab choice story. We're missing a story about the Moto (Chagatai?) managing newly acquired Hisu Mori Mura & Hisu Mori Toride, a Kitsu Sodan Senzo (communing with Arasou?) commanding the Emerald Legion, and a Yogo doing what's necessary to roll up the more assertive faction of the Scorpion. Interesting if that last one ends up being Asami, dismantling Kachiko's network as a show of loyalty to Shoju.
  21. From A Game of Promises, where Oguri hires Kudaka: “Three weeks ago, the Watchtower of Sun’s Shadow in Ishigaki Province stopped sending reports to Hida Castle. It might have been nothing, but...” He cleared his throat, and coughed as the sweet-potato wine burned a line into his sinuses. “A team of scouts was sent to check the area, and none of them returned. Something might have gotten through the Wall. I need to bring in a force that’s swift and dangerous enough to find out—and to either take care of it or send a message back letting Hida Kisada know why.” They did sent a team walking on the Wall, or riding next to it. They disappeared. An escalation in force was needed, and the Winter Court choice decided it. This was the Yasuki solution. Presumably, the Hida solution would have been a squad of heavies, the Kaiu a reinforced repair crew, the Hiruma would backtrack the organizing band, and the Kuni would have focused on the kansen.
  22. A reverse Archenemy as a multiplayer format vs 2+ Clan decks. The clans play provinces normally, but the Shadowlands deck has a replacement, say, individual hordes, that need to be broken instead before the provinces get overrun. Unique rules for 'corrupted' rings if they're won by the Shadowlands player.
  23. This was a good showcase of Shadowlands organization. A Watchtower was seized, manned by Lost Samurai to maintain the deception at a distance, and the monster troops are noticeably well-equipped and mobilized under a single banner. Given the amount of time needed for a tower to not check in, the Crab get worried, hire the Mantis, and sail upriver, was this their full expeditionary force? Or have they been moving groups of Shadowlands troops through that breach into the Empire proper since they first made it?
  24. https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/86/ec/86ecd22d-a1bc-4c9b-bb85-a944fb3adc72/2_the_sea_and_the_suns_shadow_1-compressed.pdf Crabtacular! Mantisifant!
  25. The Phoenix are also generally strident proponents of peace. Border skirmishes with the Unicorn? They’re shady anyway. Taking Kyuden Kakita? That’s an early warning sign of an over-bold Lion who might decide that in these troubled times, isn’t it best if the mighty armies of the Right Hand of the Emperor achieve peace through suppressive warfare? Wasn’t the Emerald Champion a Lion? Didn’t he appoint a Kitsu as commander of the Imperial Legions? This is the chance for them to prove they are the only army Rokugan needs. After all, if the regent let’s this play out and the Lion beat the Crane & the Unicorn, who will be able to stop them?
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