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  1. Doesn’t matter. If it did, they wouldn’t have run in the first place. Daisetsu knows his brother killed his father, and still fled because to stay was to condemn the women he loves to death. Even as a father- and Emperor-killing monster, Sotorii is still Hantei, and what Shahai did demands her death.
  2. Don’t be Aramoro right now. Also, doesn’t Shosuro Hametsu hate his sister for exactly that reason? If the Master of Poisons goes after Kachiko while Hotaru’s around, the Crane Civil War becomes a Scorpion Civil War at the same time. Love is truly the death of duty and the ruin of monarchs.
  3. So the board game version has every clan spread out, except the Scorpion in the capital. The Rabbit Prince Daisetsu is placed in the middle of the board, and the object is to get the rabbit, then move it to a space inthe capital.
  4. You’re right. Daisetsu can make himself Emperor at this point just by showing up. Of course, he can’t do that without condemning Shahai to death for striking the body of a Hantei. Will he want to be Emperor, bound by traditions he disdains?
  5. If Toturi goes to the Onion for help with his next steps, the Kolat might have a whole lot more success with him than they did with Satsume. Even without patricide, Toturi knows Sotorii shouldn’t be Emperor. But after denouncing the Edict, there’s no legal justification for Daisetsu to inherit. He’s not gonna kill Sotorii. With Kunshu tainted by the blood of an Emperor, does the line of Hantei have any legitimacy anymore?
  6. But that’s the kicker. Kachiko confesses to Shoju about covering up Sotorii’s murder with Miya Satoshi, but not about the attempt on Toturi by Aramoro. Shoju has to maintain the ‘natural causes’ lie at that point, which means he unwittingly covers for Aramoro. If he’d denounced or punished Kachiko upon becoming Regent, the Court would ask why and the patricide would out. If he knew that Aramoro had tried to kill Toturi, he could’ve quietly dealt with that, but she managed to keep that hidden from him before her exile.
  7. The central question around Kaede going ronin is, did she fail in her duty? She’s spiritual advisor to the court, and has not yet questioned the legitimacy of the Regent so I’d say no. She’ll likely be called upon to denounce Toturi though. Or maybe she’s all in & walks with Toturi. Instead of becoming Elemental Master of Void, I would be so stoked to see a ronin Naka Kaede.
  8. SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER We have a Black Dragon AND a Black Lion! Do they encounter Daisetsu & Shahai? Or do they find Sotorii? Maybe Toturi suggests they visit his ol’ pal Hotaru in Toshi Ranbo? So many ways to discover how terribly wrong they are, and how, in covering for Bayushi Kachiko’s own cover-up, Bayushi Shoju is a conspirator and thus guilty of the crimes they accuse him of. But of course, had Shoju revealed the truth to the Imperial Court after Kachiko’s confession, that revelation could have sundered the Empire. And of course, Imperial tradition is ‘when in doubt, lie to protect the Hantei name’. It is a Scorpion Clan Coup, just not Shoju’s. Somehow, the Master of Whispers is the one left holding the bag.
  9. This is Kakita Yoshi’s greatest moment yet. He’s the only Imperial official untainted by scandal.
  10. Waiting for the ePub release. If I’d stuck with print media my wife & I would’ve been featured on an episode of Hoarders by now.
  11. Or he commits seppuku at the moment he becomes the mortal host of Fu Leng to defeat the Shadowlands and redeem the honour of an Empire with a single perfect strike. But that just may be the Kakita in me.
  12. Perhaps Sotorii's potential is to be the bodily host of Fu Leng in the mortal realm, and everything that he's going through hopefully provides him with the spiritual fortitude necessary to deny the evil that is his terrible birthright.
  13. “A low rumble rippled through Sotorii’s body. He was surrounded on all sides by formless shapes, swiping at each other with sharp blades. A sudden wild, animal fear gripped him as two colossal figures clashed overhead, spraying gouts of blood. All around him was the din and clatter of battle, and a horrible rip and tear of fabric and flesh, and screams, and prayers, and the sounds of dying.” Something lays a heavy hand on Sotorii. And unfortunately, the life of a Crown Prince encouraged entitlement not enlightenment. Now he is Sotorii alone, probably for the very first time in his life, and that’s a very different context for trying to understand himself.
  14. Surprise twist - We just met 3 of them, and patricide is something they have in common with Sotorii now...
  15. Gen Con crunch I’d imagine. Busy time.
  16. Dojo Shizue is the Clan Champion we need, not the Clan Champion we deserve.
  17. Kill me in time, Kuni Yori thinks. But the question is always, when is it too late?
  18. Burdened with terrible purpose.
  19. Cheats? No. Intimately familiar with every crease on each card in the deck? Yes.
  20. Oh yeah. Oguri was pleased as all get out at his three-of-a-kind till he was looking down the barrel of a straight flush.
  21. Kudaka & Oguri are a dream team. Also, love throwing in references to other shots at the Wall. There is more than a stirring in the Shadowlands and Oguri at least seems to be grasping the scope of it.
  22. The big one for me is that a Unicorn/Mantis alliance seems obvious. They deal with basically non-overlapping international trade and are both on the periphery of political power, the Unicorn for their outsider status and the Mantis for their Minor clan. Combined, they might be wealthier than the Crane and able to fight the Lion toe to toe.
  23. The core of pragmatism is what makes the Scorpion & the Crab natural allies. Both have mandates that demand losing as much of themselves as is necessary to get the job done. Interestingly, as keepers of the Empire’s history, cultural traditions, and spiritual practices respectively, the Lion, Crane and Phoenix should get along, but they’re marred by the Lion-Crane rivalry with the Phoenix caught in the middle.
  24. Given the proximity of Navarre to Portugal, it’d be impressive happenstance. Sounds better than Nortugal, though.
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