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  1. Which leaves the Dragon, who don’t have the numbers, and the Phoenix who would in no way play nice with the Kuni. They can’t even bear the existence of Jade Magistrates.
  2. Ah, but the Crab have already had issues with the Lion & Scorpion over chain of command over troops sent to the Wall. Interestingly, they apparently didn’t even bother asking the Unicorn.
  3. Crane court allies of & mutual Lion enemies with the Unicorn, who are allied by marriages with the Dragon. Lion & Scorpion are mutual enemies of the Crane and with Shiba Tsukune having trained with the Akodo & Kaede’s marriage to Toturi, the Phoenix are Lion friendly. Crab have no friends and turned to the Mantis.
  4. And it’s the only case where a whole family seems to be driving the clan’s problems. Hotaru and Kuwanan, Altansarai and Shinjo, Kachiko and Shoju. All are basically domestic disagreements that haven’t yet spilled out to the clan at large. The Lion are already there.
  5. I think he’s a pro-Toturi schemer though. We have a setup where the Ikoma are the ‘bad guys’ in the Lion. Ujiaki’s a warmonger, and the marriage between the Ikoma & the Unicorn was meant to rob them of their Champion. They took Kakita Asami hostage. They’re also the most likely candidates to have hired the ronin that seized Doji Kuwanan. Matsu Tsuko is the nominal head of the warmongers, but in the wake of the story choice is now suspicious that she’s being manipulated. Matsu Agetoki appears staunchly pro-Toturi, and Kitsu Motso is just uncomfortable by the whole situation. An Akodo Kage running a quiet inquisition inside the Lion while Toturi tries to hold the Empire together...
  6. Well, that’s a bit of a question. Ikoma Ujiaki clearly wants to get Toturi out of the way, to leave the day-to-day running of the clan to the warmonger faction, we know that from being in his head. But Akodo Kage... He’s the one that gets Toturi to embrace the idea. Is he aligned with the warmongers or did he just co-opt the idea, either in Toturi’s own interest or for a mystery motive?
  7. See, Sotorii understands how to do divine personage right. If he were Emperor you can bet that the Heavens wouldn’t dare rain on him. And if it did, well now it’s time for a war on the Phoenix. Obviously their fault.
  8. Also, Kakita Tshimoko seems indifferent at best to the the Magistrates in general, or his borther's legacy in specific. The Crane most driven to be Emerald Champion would have been Doji Kuwanan. Given that the Emerald Magistrates signed off on the 'no suspicious circumstances', it wouldn't be the most obvious or immediate place for him to begin his own quest for truth & justice after leaving Matsu Tsuko, so he seems to be tied up back in Crane lands.
  9. I rather enjoy how much I dislike Sotorii. Going forward, I'm really struggling with either accepting that someone that shallow & petulant is likely much more manageable in the short term, with possibly explosive negative results, or backing Daisetsu who'll likely be much more difficult to predict or manipulate...
  10. The Emperor is the absolute authority. In person. Or if they agree with me. Or if they're making things more difficult for my rivals than they are for me. The rest of the time? Well, who can say what the Emperor truly means? How literal am I to take their commands? What is the actual desire of Heaven? Such are the mysteries of the Void.....
  11. Alternatively: Option 1: Accept Meishodo, as you say. Iuchi Shahai ends up in the Imperial Palace as a teacher/hostage, meets her new BFF Daisetsu. Option 2: Ban Meishodo. Iuchi Shahai refuses to give up the techniques of her people and continues to practice meishodo on the down-low, all secret rituals - in the woods - at night - maybe in a ruined house - where skulls are - until she goes full tsukai.
  12. Just trying to gather the threads together in one place. So, to date in the fiction we've had 2 (separate?) visions of trouble on the horizon. First, from 'The Rising Wave', Togashi Yokuni sees a great wave (like a scorpion’s tail) that devastates Otosan Uchi, leaving it a barren wasteland, which is where the Empire must subsequently confront its enemy(ies?) for there to be any hope of victory. Second, Isawa Atsuko in Smokeless Fire sees a samurai in purple + fur, a carven antler flashing silver, a cracking ruby between 2 gold wings, an eclipse, then a shadowy figure emerging and striding blood-soaked earth to the Imperial Palace. Kaede sees that the ruby surrounded by gold wings is a meishodo amulet that contains the shadowy figure, trying to break free & reach the Emperor. As a result, Iuchi Shahai, noted student of meishodo, is sent to the Imperial Palace where she meets the younger prince who may or may not be learning dangerous lessons in perception vs reality. While hunting with her family, Shinjo Haruko kills a deer and Yasamura suggests carving the antlers into hilts for daggers, and Shinjo Altansarnai insists on an extra dagger for Shahai. Notably, Altansarnai's children are uncomfortable at even the mention of their half-sibling's name. Meanwhile, Bayushi Kachiko is of the opinion that the Emperor Hantei XXXVIII has lost the favour of the heavens and (worse?) has stopped doing what she tells him to do. Wild supposition: The 2 visions are related. Cracking open the meishodo amulet & liberating the spirit inside is what causes the devastation to Otosan Uchi that Yokuni sees. The Scorpion are at fault, insofar as Kachiko's machinations will create an opening for Hantei Daisetsu & Iuchi Shahai to try to eliminate his father & older brother in one fell swoop. So, there's still a 'Scorpion Clan Coup' of sorts, except it's to put a different Hantei on the Throne.
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