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  1. The question is, how do you identify a PLS follower until they actually say something heretical. Otherwise, two peasants are out harvesting rice, which is the heretic and which is righteous? Could a samurai tell at a glance?
  2. Chanting the kie probably won’t lead a peasant to being summarily killed outside of Phoenix lands, but expressing the opinion that Rokugan is in the Suijindai and it’s all the samurai’s fault? That’s a no-no everywhere outside of the Dragon. The Togashi are the only ones willing to consider that they might be right. Given what we now know about the ise zumi cycle of reincarnation, it’s possible that it was in anticipation of it.
  3. Khanbulak is a smart choice for Daisetsu & Shahai, though. Unicorn land should be safeish, their only friend Doji Shizue is nearby, and Daisetsu can actually meet people from other cultures beyond the Empire to get a perspective on Rokugan from the outside. Heck, Saadiyah al-Mozedu could give him a run-down of politics in the Caliphate and all that’d take is Shahai meeting her new sister-in-law. Instead, the guy that’s suspicious of Bushido gets to spend winter in a village full of heretics that think the samurai are to blame for everything. All that’s missing is for Senzai to show up in the same village, maybe chatting up Hige, and Mitsu will also complete the quest he was given at the end of the Eternal Knot.
  4. If I recall, Satto is the former ronin student of Kitsuki Shomon who fled Ryoko Owari after she helped a peasant who turned out to be a smuggler trying to frame her sensei. Too bad that Togashi Mitsu spent so many years wandering the Empire. He is recognized as Togashi Yokuni’s heir, but he fails to recognize Mirumoto Masahige’s adopted son in return.
  5. https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/18/46/1846feb8-0cb4-4497-8f7a-c64c924b3570/6_questionable_shelter.pdf Not the High House of Light, but they’re in Dragon territory, so Imma say I called it
  6. I would say that the picture of a ravaged Kyuden Kakita is a big plot show for the cards.
  7. It would be the task of Jade Magistrates, but the Phoenix have successfully kept that office vacant. It would otherwise fall on the Kuni, but are the other Great Clans going to give the Crab unlimited access to their lands? No. But a minor Clan samurai is one step above a ronin. They can, in a way, move around more easily and engage in shady activity. The Falcon do a similar thing with ghosts, and the Tortoise for questionable trade. Even the Mantis, as the biggest example. The Throne delegates out low honour activities to Minor Clan families to deal with on their behalf.
  8. Fair point. But I could see it for a vassal family, say a cadet branch of the Doji.
  9. An ‘Elemental Imbalance’ definitely has more heft when it’s occurring up & down through most of the Celestial Heavens. Even without throwing in with a spirit army, I can see Kisada marching to help the only Clan willing to provide the Crab with more jade. Especially to pry Shoju out of the hands of Kakita Yoshi.
  10. Hitomi’s pretty angry in general, though while that’s a plausible explanation, it’s notable that homicidal urges towards the Throne seem unduly powerful.
  11. Given the events of In the Palace of the Emerald Champion, it is entirely possible that Agasha Sumiko ends up in possession of Doji Satsume’s correspondence with his ‘friend and peer’ in Otosan Uchi regarding matters of Imperial succession. When she confronts Bayushi Shoju for orchestrating a coup, does she suspect that it’s him? If so, then does she think that she had advance warning, even before Akodo Toturi was invested as the new Emerald Champion, but still didn’t see it coming or prevent it from happening? No wonder she retires.
  12. As fast as a courier rides and a messenger bird flies. At the start of Winter. Quickly to the family kyudens and major cities, slower to towns & outlying villages with reduced travel. Last to troops in the field to whom a runner would need to be sent. For Sotorii it depends on how isolated the ronin band that has him is, and only the Heavens know where Daisetsu is now. All we know, Mitsu might’ve taken him back to the High House of Light to meditate with Togashi Yokuni.
  13. https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/1d/6d/1d6de38a-6e14-4fa9-bb9e-b149c8ba91c6/the-specters-of-war.pdf https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/7a/04/7a04b03a-e21f-4447-aae7-a9d186d6d395/3_by_the_stroke_of_a_brush_lorez-compressed.pdf He confirms to Kuwanan that he was a Matsu before marrying in to the Dragon. Maybe his fixation on the Kolat began after he learned the Kitsuki Method and started subconsciously reconsidering things he saw among the Lion when he was younger. Or is a cover to deflect the fact that he is Kolat. Either way, it’s interesting that he’s the one who points Kuwanan at the evidence planted by Hametsu, though as far as we know that was a personal attack motivated against Kachiko’s relationship and the Kolat would not have known it was there. He keeps to the official story that nothing untoward was found in Satsume’s letters, though he would be expected to do that. And the letter most likely is genuine, Hotaru hated her father and probably did wish to run away from it all with her lover, while never actually intending to. It’s fascinating the he knows the truth about Satsume but can’t reveal it and subsequently causes the truth about Hotaru to come out with the worst possible interpretation. Apparently all the while being as legitimately helpful as his duty allows. Even his being hand-picked by Toturi all but guarantees that Kuwanan will suspect a cover-up. And there are! 2 of them, both Kolat, but only one of them involving Kachiko & now Hotaru, and it’s not Satsume. But now there’s a guilt by association link from Miya Satoshi to the Bayushis Kachiko & Aramoro to Doji Hotaru for a whole bundle of crimes surrounding the succession on the look of it all to guarantee Sotorii became Emperor.
  14. Indeed, he was too slow to react to Satsume finding his own solution and the idea of the Regency got to Jodan anyway. And taking a swing at Sumiko tipped her off that something’s up. Though, now she might suspect the Scorpion did for Satsume to try to make Aramoro the Emerald Champion. Likewise, gently encouraging Unicorn/Lion rivalry & Crane/Mantis shenanigans is within his general mandate as Daimyo of an Imperial Family, so while offering any legitimacy to the Mantis raises an eyebrow, it’s not too beyond the pale. This time around it looks like the Ikoma. Which, given their access to unedited historical records makes a lot of sense for getting disillusioned with the Hantei. Also, there’s a Ujiaki/Tsanuri/Tsuko confrontation rife with possibility. What if Tsuko finds out that she was played by her own Clan, that Toturi was right all along?
  15. Priming Tamanegi the crime boss with everything he needs to slow-play now-ronin Toturi into the Kolat. ETA - As far as we know, Satoshi made 2 moves: assassinate Doji Satsume, and help Kachiko cover up Jodan’s murder. That’s super-efficient play to bring down an Empire.
  16. If you need someone to fail perfectly in order to touch off a cataclysm, you need a Crane. If Kakita Yoshi is a fool*, then he is the most perfect fool for the times, because this is the Suijindai. *and he now literally is, having been fooled by his great rival Bayushi Kachiko into arresting her fall guy.
  17. It is a ploy, but Tsanuri’s troops were starved. Just before winter. And forced to steal tax rice to eat. That does not do wonders for troop morale. Especially to that of a troop whose commander may still be somewhat loyal to the previous Clan Champion who just went rogue.
  18. Ah, but now, with Shoju having been revealed as a Usurper, Hitomi was in the wrong there. The Crane suspected the Scorpion and were trying to save Sotorii from the Regent’s machinations. Hitomi now knows she was being duped at the time...
  19. On average - 1 month between print & digital release. So, next week maybe?
  20. If that had been Matsu Tsuko storming the Imperial Palace, would Bayushi Shoju be dead? I do not see her turning him over to Kakita Yoshi. I do not see Kakita Yoshi passively letting the Lion storm the Palace. Triumph of the Crane-Unicorn-Dragon alliance, though! If Hantei Daisetsu & Iuchi Shahai go to her family, Doji Shizume is already there and a trusted friend so we’ll have secured the legitimate heir. We have the Regent in custody, while Doji Hotaru has hands on Bayushi Kachiko. The only one in the wind is Bayushi Aramoro. Daidoji Uji & Doji Kuwanan are skirmishing with the Lion on one front, while the Unicorn press them on another, and they’re short food going in to winter.
  21. And as Imperial Herald, it would shame the entire Miya family if he revealed such a stain on the Hantei name. Even were he the most honourable samurai ever, he would struggle to speak. Better to remain silent and respect the late Emperor’s wishes as best as possible. Get Daisetsu back, quietly stuff Sotorii into a monastery, and let Shoju worry about the Clans as Regent.
  22. The Seppun knows that Shahai was tinkering with the wards for a meishodo remonstration. We know they didn’t work because it was Hantei on Hantei combat. Shahai is close to Daisetsu, who’s best friend the Scorpion Champion’s son was nearly killed by Sotorii. Even if the Edict is genuine (which we know it is) it looks an awful lot like Shoju‘s been trying to sideline Sotorii and finally got his preferred candidate named heir.
  23. The wards that Seppun Isikawa can confirm haven’t worked since Iuchi Shahai was playing with them?
  24. She’s lived in seclusion since the birth of Daisetsu. In Sotorii’s inner monologue, taking his mother away is his younger brother’s cardinal sin. Knowing that Hantei Jodan may have had a romantic relation with Kakita Ryoku, it is entirely possible that Daisetsu is the illegitimate one, and that Hochiahime has lived a life of silent protest since.
  25. Daisetsu can’t claim Sotorii’s illegitimate as long as their mother Hantei Hochiahime is still alive. Jodan may have used precedent to deny him the title of heir, but he wasn’t cast out of the Imperial family. Until he’s executed, dispossessed as ronin or retires to a monastery, he is still Hantei Sotorii. The counter-argument that Shahai had done it in defence of Daisetsu’s life would be met with agreement for honourable seppuku or exile as a ronin. Daisetsu chose the last option, and decided to join her.
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