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  1. Yeah, from what we get of Hametsu in the RPG sidebars, this is a personal mad-on for him. He hates that Kachiko has exposed the Scorpion to weakness in pursuit of happiness. It's intensely personal for him. He wouldn't involve Shoju, he'd try to manufacture a situation where Kachiko went down alone.
  2. I get ya, and you're absolutely right! He manages to get ahold of a critical piece of information despite Kachiko's attempts at a communication blackout. I wouldn't say that Yoshi's incompetent, I'd say that he's decided that what's good for him is good for the Crane. Between him & Toshimoko, he's the one that got on with their brother-in-law Satsume, so he's particularly entrenched in the previous administration. It's no surprise that as a result of Hotaru's attitude towards her father that she's more inclined towards the uncle she likes. So, he's a family daimyo whose Champion he doesn't get on with, who's best friends with the Champion of their bitterest enemy, and that's before he finds out she's in a relationship with his personal rival and the wife of their main political opposition. Throw in a healthy dash of more-perfect-than-thou Crane smugness and its not hard to see how he gets to a point where he feels he knows best for the Clan.
  3. Yes. "See to it that this scroll finds its way to a particular place in the Crane Guesthouse, Lord Hametsu had said. If you accomplish nothing else, you must accomplish this" and we know from Ujina's monologue later in the story that this is some time after Kaede marries Toturi, which itself occurs just before Toturi becomes Emerald Champion, so this is around the same time that Kuwanan turns up still alive and in active investigation mode in A Crane Takes Flight. So, if the letter is genuine, it may be how Hametsu confirmed his own suspicions about Kachiko, and he sat on it until he found a way to use it hurt the Crane more than the blowback would harm the Scorpion. If the letter is a forgery, its one that was created using his knowledge of the relationship.
  4. I would argue that Yoshi's presence makes Hantei Sotorii not a one-of. Sotorii isn't even capable of the basic appearance of being samurai, and it was only his being Heir that allowed him to keep skating on. Kakita Yoshi doesn't have the duelist skills of his brother, nor the political acumen of his rivals in the court. What he does have is status, and the position to leverage it for his own benefit. Also, helps explain how the Crane have lost control of the political battlefield. Yoshi's bad at his job, but can't be criticized or replaced, except by Hotaru, who doesn't have the cachet inside her own clan to smack down a family daimyo and likely doesn't know the scope of his foolishness.
  5. My question is: Would Kakita Yoshi have become Imperial Chancellor if he hadn’t been the Kakita Daimyo? We see him set to take credit for Asami freeing herself, so this can certainly imply a situation where due to his noble birth, he’s been able to climb upwards on the skills of subordinates and has basically promoted himself to a position he’s not actually defy enough to handle.
  6. First, love the nod to the Palace of the Emerald Champion RPG adventure. Second, great that Kitsuki Kāgi's motivation is still up in the air. Third, Kakita Yoshi is what you get when a Crane tries to Scorpion while thinking themselves too good for it. Fourth, Doji Hotaru was hosed from the get-go. The only acceptable answer to Doji Satsume's death is the one Doji Kuwanan himself cannot accept, and the reality of her relationship with Bayushi Kachiko meant that even a whisper would have been enough, much less having Kachiko's grudge-filled ninja master brother steal her correspondence & plant it to be discovered. Fifth, I'm already more invested than I was for False Hoturi or Uji going rogue against the Lion.
  7. Oh, Kaede. Lesson number one: Find out what the price is before you agree to pay it. I'm divided 50/50 on whether that bit of work cost the life of their unborn child, or has forged a kharmic link such that if anything happens now, they die together. I love Aramoro's 'He's not the better swordsman' thoughts after he jumps an already wounded and initially disarmed opponent. Rule of threes means they'll need to fight one last time though, so that the Lion can get his due. And Seppun Ishikawa's the foil to Miya Satoshi. We've only seen Otomo Sorai getting played by Kachiko, so he comes across mainly as an empty kimono. Satoshi's on the Sotorii train for reasons of his own, so I can easily see Ishikawa being our pro-Daigotsu Imperial.
  8. Right? Now it's not just that Bayushi Kachiko made a bad choice in the heat of the moment then leaned on the Miya Daimyo's inherent desire to maintain the status quo to back her up. In retrospect, she actively covered up regicide then handed the evidence over to the person who most desires to undermine the Empire. Fascinating that this version of Kachiko is essentially a morality play about pride and ambition; the master manipulator being outplayed by an enemy she didn't even know existed, a conspiracy who kept their secrets well from the Scorpion.
  9. Winter Court this year is gonna be a doozy of an event, and we haven’t gotten to the immediate results of the Emperor’s death. Too much up in the air to jump right into it. A flashback let’s players interact with major personalities at a time just before the start of current events. From a home game perspective, also a solid time to layer in story hooks.
  10. As well as casts Kachiko into deeper waters than even she knows.
  11. Thanks! Shamelessly unrelated plug for your other dragon novel, because Lady Trent is phenomenal.
  12. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/5/31/the-eternal-knot/ Looks like a deep dive into Kazue’s mind-whammy ability. Given Mitsu’s presence, I’d suspect that it takes place before the Army of the Rising Wave leaves for Otosan Uchi.
  13. Much love for Shahai though! I think getting a letter from home will go a long way towards helping her frame of mind. Please ignore any references in the Scorpion letter to the movements of the Crane. Daidoji Uji is just going home for a rest. He's certainly not going to join Kuwanan in Otosan Uchi with a group of Harriers. . . . Look! A decoy!
  14. He throws shade like a Doji being overlooked by matchmakers.
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