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  1. Gen Con crunch I’d imagine. Busy time.
  2. Dojo Shizue is the Clan Champion we need, not the Clan Champion we deserve.
  3. Kill me in time, Kuni Yori thinks. But the question is always, when is it too late?
  4. Burdened with terrible purpose.
  5. Cheats? No. Intimately familiar with every crease on each card in the deck? Yes.
  6. Oh yeah. Oguri was pleased as all get out at his three-of-a-kind till he was looking down the barrel of a straight flush.
  7. Kudaka & Oguri are a dream team. Also, love throwing in references to other shots at the Wall. There is more than a stirring in the Shadowlands and Oguri at least seems to be grasping the scope of it.
  8. The big one for me is that a Unicorn/Mantis alliance seems obvious. They deal with basically non-overlapping international trade and are both on the periphery of political power, the Unicorn for their outsider status and the Mantis for their Minor clan. Combined, they might be wealthier than the Crane and able to fight the Lion toe to toe.
  9. The core of pragmatism is what makes the Scorpion & the Crab natural allies. Both have mandates that demand losing as much of themselves as is necessary to get the job done. Interestingly, as keepers of the Empire’s history, cultural traditions, and spiritual practices respectively, the Lion, Crane and Phoenix should get along, but they’re marred by the Lion-Crane rivalry with the Phoenix caught in the middle.
  10. Given the proximity of Navarre to Portugal, it’d be impressive happenstance. Sounds better than Nortugal, though.
  11. Hotaru / Toshimoko / Uji Kuwanan / Yoshi / Takamori 2 teams in a series of head to head competitions: tea ceremony, ikebana, origami, poetry, and a game of Sadane that doesn’t end until someone literally dies from the sick burns.
  12. So fantastic. Asako Tsuki pulls through, despite all odds, and gets to Tadaka & Yori before it’s too late. Save 2 souls from the Taint, Vote Humility!
  13. That’s fair. On the Thrane/Merenae side, the equivalent would be the Portuguese Discoveries circa 1543. If that’s the Battle of White Stag, then the Thrane of today awoyld be in the year 2224. To keep the same frame of reference, White Stag would need to be moved up to around the year 1005 in the Rokugani calender. Edited to add: I don’t think that would change much, to be honest. Is there a particular reason we need a full 600 years since that battle? It being a little over a hundred years ago still works. The only reference prior to the Battle of White Stag is the Daidoji igniting hidden caches to blow up a Lion camp at the Battle of Osari Plains in 437. Equating to our year 975, it’s well within the range of gunpowder development, and could still be 600 years before the Thrane shoot up the harbour.
  14. If we’re talking a timeline that roughly correlates to Emperor Jimmu (660 BCE), then 1123 is 463 CE, which would be mid-Yamato period in Japan / Sixteen Kingdoms period in China. If the L5R timeline correlates its start to the introduction of Buddhism to Japan (approx 538 CE) then 1123 is 1661 and is early Edo period Japan under the Tokugawa Shogunate / early Qing period, last Imperial dynasty in China. Which feels right. So when the Kami fell to earth, it would have been equivalent to the start of the 6th century and we’re currently in the 17th century. For comparison, the European weapon would be the spatha to the knightly arming sword to the long sword over the same timeframe. Edited to add: The Battle of White Stag would have occurred in our year 980 using the above, and the first recorded military use of gunpowder dates to 904.
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