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  1. The android version tells me it is only 1.1.0. Separatist and Republic factions have been added, but nothing else from 1.1.1 is included.
  2. Speaking of ad personam attacks...
  3. So, what's going in there? Frin the context, I get that the smug crouching player has gamed the system somehow, and that his opponent and the judge are reviewing the rules for SOMETHING.
  4. What? How is the armor adding length to the Y-Wing?
  5. When I was first getting in, I said "I'll never get scum. Too dumb. I hate bounty hunters and all their ilk." And then I watched Rebels, and saw the Protectorate hit store shelves. "Just a trio of fangs won't hurt." Before I knew it, I had 3 fangs, 2 starvipers (but only 1 auto-thrusters) a couple Kihraxz's, Most Wanted... until I realized I had at least one of every ship from ALL factions. I've since forgone the Resistance Bomber and Kimogila, but otherwise, I like all the ships I have. I know I will be getting all 7 factions eventually. Piecemeal as it may be. At least it won't be every ship.
  6. I personally really like the under-text. It permits both types of players to have what they want. I'd be much less inclined to play a pilot called "Saber 1" in lieu of Soontir Fel, but I know what a BAMF Soontir is. On a final note, this will always be howlrunner to me.
  7. Hondo should be either all factions, or alternatively Scum and Ezra only.
  8. I'd word that as: Once per round when you would be assigned a focus token, you also gain a calculate token (and vice versa.) This reduces potential for abuse, methinks.
  9. Well, that also completely ignores the fact that the Clone Wars is a false-flag against a manufactured* enemy. *Intentionally meant both ways.
  10. I would have preferred: "You're mad. Mad, I tell you!"
  11. His own stump and mechanical hand, thank you very much.
  12. If there were a ship or ability that benefited you for bumping into your own ships, I might be inclined to agree with Lace (for that specific ability.) As is? No. And I'm a bad pilot.
  13. But one won't be buying blind unless one doesn't bother loading the app before one buys ships. A player is only buying blind if that player chooses to buy blind. If you are on the internet looking at the preview articles, you can be on the internet looking at the app (post release, that is.) There will be no way to prevent you from knowing the points cost of a ship once the ship is made available in the app, because there is no way to enforce locked knowledge of a ship you haven't purchased (that, or there are going to be a lot of angry Striker owners.)
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