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  1. For quest 143 "Ouch" option 1 completion it says "Keep this card; it is a WSG contribution". What is a WSG contribution? Should it be WTG (Winning The Game) and the quest card is worth one influence point?
  2. How do the caps work on this quest? On option 1 it says if you fail "Remove a Cap from this card" yet it never said to put any caps on the card for option 1 and what is the point of removing a cap anyway? If you fail the I4 roll do you need to do another combat when you try again? On option 2 is says "If you succeed, place a cap on this card". Does the cap come from the player or the bank? Then without any context it says "Place the third Cap on this card". Then what? What happens to the Caps after the quest is complete? How I have interpreted this (but have no idea if this is correct) is: For option 1 if you fail the combat you must fight the same enemy again the next quest encounter or if you die you "fail" the quest and go to the starting hex. If you fail the I4 roll you pay a cap to the bank (if you have one) and must try the I4 roll again next quest encounter. For option 2 you have to make one C3 roll for each quest encounter you do and if you succeed you MUST pay one cap. After three successful quest encounters and three caps spent the player succeeds at option 2 and the three caps go to the bank. The player does a max of 2 quest encounters per turn so it takes a minimum 2 turns to complete option 2 and the player MUST spend three caps to complete ie if the player has less than 3 caps he has to complete option 1. After thinking about this for a while it is possible that the "Remove a Cap from this card" is actually meant for option 2 (its obvious they botched the copy on this card no matter what). This would imply that if you fail a C3 roll you remove a cap from the card (back to the player or lost to the bank?) and the player can't finish option 2 until 3 caps are on the card. This also means no caps are lost for option 1, just hits (and possibly death) from the combat and lost turns from failing the I4 roll. Fantasy Flight any clarification????
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