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  1. Hello I'm sorry to say I just found this, and wish I found it sooner. love the work you have done. hope to read it thoroughly.
  2. Thanks for the responses. I've seen plenty of very good ideas and encouraging words on this, here and on other Star Wars forums . I feel with a bit of research I can get it up and running. I see the certain planets also good for a Blade Runner stories on renegade Droids, as well. Which may be may one of my starting point based of what my group decides.
  3. I've been working up the courage to run EotE for my group, But not really verse with all the lore other than watching the movies. So I've been thinking of this kinda mash up since I've played cyberpunk 2020, shadowrun, D&D, and a variety of other games over the years. So I'm wondering if anyone thinks this theme would be fun or would lose Star Wars feel all together. I see all the elements just in the movies but they just don't seem connected. Just looking for opinions if people think if they would play in a story of this style.
  4. Ok just seen this but I'm playing a Chadra-Fan technician: outlaw tech, splicer. he a joy to play when we get too. kinda play him as Ratchet, but that was unintentional because all the other players play some sort of sensitive and started to say how much better they are so I keep threatening to not maintain or mod the weapons or just kill them when the missions over.
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