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    Wave 12 Wishlist

    This is pretty cool. When the time comes we can both: a) vote on periodic fixes for older figs that are never used (like Dengar, Diala etc) b) vote for totally new figures and deployment cards and use some of these minis or others like them! (such as 4-LOM, Zuckus etc). I have no doubt that IA will continue by either FFG official stuff, or the player community taking over and continuing it "unofficially" OR both!
  2. Mandelore of the Rings

    Rancorzillo (suggestions welcome)

    This could be a new SW movie, "The Rancor Whisperer: A Star Wars Story".
  3. Mandelore of the Rings

    What should the next campaign use?

    It will probably be timed to come out with the new unreleased box sets (we'll probably get TWO big box sets) and will feature a lot of action on Mustaphar and Mandalore with some side missions in Endor and Dagobah. Ha. Just kidding. I have no idea. But I'd agree that HotE seems like the best bet, they know I haven't bought it yet and if they do an app for it I will be forced to give them my money.
  4. Mandelore of the Rings

    What does Outer Rim mean for IA?

    Indeed! Clearly it means we'll be getting TWO new big expansion boxes in the next week or two... AND more app content! We can also infer we will be getting Boba Fett, Dengar and RGC fixes along with 4-LOM and Zuckus. (I wish... actually have no idea) (
  5. Mandelore of the Rings

    Wave 12 Wishlist

    No one guessed HotE right? I forget. No one guessed Lothal either right? I bet it will be Endor or something totally unexpected and weird. Or, more silence and no articles and dusty, dark, echoey halls... "Hello? Is anyone down there??" "...down there... down there..." I reckon (like I said before) that post-worlds we just vote for one new updated card to mix it up a bit... I reckon Dengar... he need's a bit of love... under all those bandages is a broken and lonely man who just got caught up in the wrong crowd...
  6. Mandelore of the Rings

    Beating the S(C)-Tier

    Nice! Wish I could have made it! Next time (if there is one). Actually, I reckon we'll get an announcement any day now... (not that I have any intel, I just have a good feeling about this). What was the rest of the list? What was the runner up running?
  7. Mandelore of the Rings

    Darth Maul must have cards?

    Maul and Ezra is pretty thematic and fun. Throw in Hondo and you've got a little squad of Ezra's bad influences. Maybe fit in Caleb Dume or Ahsoka even? Some eGamorreans or Bossk to capitalize on "brawlers". I've tried some of those combos. Not sure which CCs are best.
  8. Mandelore of the Rings

    So, Leia...

    I used her with someone's "pure jank" list and had fun. It was Chewie, her, eWooks, and a bunch of smuggs. The idea was that when the smuggs bit it, Chewie could reactivate and then she would be able to recycle his card so he could do it again. It was better in theory but still fun.
  9. Mandelore of the Rings

    New App Campaign: Hoth now available

    Ha! Or you get to Regionals and everyone is running Yoda and Luke with 3x rEwoks and it's the first time you've seen or heard of any of it.
  10. Mandelore of the Rings

    IA production schedule

    Absolutely. If we got some Canto Bight tiles with her I could pretty much say my IA collection is complete.
  11. Mandelore of the Rings

    IA production schedule

    Also please predict it will come with Ewoks and a Boba Fett fix and Unkar Plutt and Rose Tico... nah, just kidding, at least about the last two...
  12. Mandelore of the Rings

    New App Campaign: Hoth now available

    I don't get it. How hard would it have been to just say "Coming soon, a new Hoth campaign for the app" like a month ago. That would have saved a lot of hand wringing and debate about is the game dead. And even now, they don't have anything up on the news page about it? Weird. I don't follow their facebook or twitter page. I totally agree with those who said that FFG's marketing people are doing a pretty sub standard job.
  13. Mandelore of the Rings

    SPECTRE MIRROR | Jodo Cast Skirmish Videos and Extras

    Wow! I stand corrected! Those back corners always get me. Generally when I think there probably isn't line of sight there actually is so I should be more careful.
  14. Mandelore of the Rings

    SPECTRE MIRROR | Jodo Cast Skirmish Videos and Extras

    Great video. Really fun. How did Hera have LOS to the Riot Trooper around the 6:20 mark? Maybe I missed something. Doesn't that red square block it, and Sabine blocks her too.
  15. Mandelore of the Rings

    It's FRIDAY!!!!! Who will we see spoiled today??

    Absolutely. Legion would have made way more sense with a smaller scale. They could have fit in multiple AT-ATs and other stuff that way.
  16. Mandelore of the Rings

    3-player Skirmish Map

    You make some really good points! To be clear I was thinking of a second mission for your map, not replacing your crate mission (whether or not you make the crates stationary). I really like your original mission (Trap Doors)! I wasn't trying to overhaul that one because I think that's good how it is, I was just thinking of another one, like how all the skirmish maps have two missions. So yeah, for Arms and Armour (or whatever name it would be called) I wasn't thinking of even having the crates, just the points from other deployment zones... along with the losing player getting extra dice to keep things even... so, Mission 1 (Trap Doors) would have crates for VPs and doors to help the losing player. Mission 2 (A and A) would have putting something (somehow, not sure) in deployment zones for VPs and extra dice to help the losing player. It's just an idea but I'm gonna try your map in about a month when I am back home with all my IA stuff! I'm excited because we often have 3 players. Oh, I kind of got the deployment zone idea from the Obi Wan map I think, a while back... but it had a fun increasing points thing where if you interacted with 1 patron it wasn't many points but if you interacted with all 4 it got up to 20 or so. Anyway, really cool map and really cool mission! Hope you didn't mind that I was piggy backing off your cool map and just throwing around ideas for another mission...
  17. Mandelore of the Rings

    3-player Skirmish Map

    Alright, I had a less "hamfisted" idea to encourage attacking of each other player (not just ganging up on one)... "During setup each player claims two mission tokens matching the other players' deployment zone colors. A player may spend an action to drop a mission token whose color matches the deployment zone color. Players gain 5 points for each dropped mission token. At the end of each round, a player that has less VPs than 2 other players may claim 2 neutral mission tokens from the supply. While a player is attacking or defending, they may discard a claimed neutral mission token to add 1 die of their choice and of the appropriate type to the dice pool." The idea is that "blue" player for example will have incentive to drop his or her red token in the red player's zone and his green token in the green players zone. This will cause some action in both zones, plus defending his own blue zone from having the green players blue token dropped or the red players blue token dropped. No need for any control, it can just be dropped like the camera's in the ISB mission from a year ago. I thought 5 points is good motivation to get in there and drop them. Then the other part with the free dice is purely to help the losing player rather than give any VPs. What do you think? Also, I like your idea of just carrying the objectives. One final thing: in the four player game the winner is the first to 60 pts... would this 3 player mission still be first to 40?
  18. Mandelore of the Rings

    3-player Skirmish Map

    Maybe something like: ARMS AND ARMOR At the end of each round each player scores 2VPs for each crate they control. Then a player with the least VPs may add an attack dice of any color to one figure and a defense dice of any color to a different figure. These dice can be used for one round only.
  19. Mandelore of the Rings

    3-player Skirmish Map

    you could have something like at least 10 VPs must come from each other player? that might work... so you could just get ALL your points from one player. I thought 10 (from each) because there are also objective points etc... But I think the doors idea would help the losing player anyway... An alternate mission (for the same map) could be similar to the Tarkin Labs, with a twist. In this mission the player that has less points than both other players gets some attacking or defending bonus, maybe power tokens or even an experimental weapon (like an extra red dice or something). Or, one extra attack dice for one figure and one extra defense dice for one figure (just for the round). In this mission you would also get rid of the doors altogether since it is a different mission on the same map. What do you think TVboy?
  20. Mandelore of the Rings

    IA in Thailand

    I learned to play while living in Chiang Mai. I still have friends that play there. Where are you?
  21. Mandelore of the Rings

    3-player Skirmish Map

    This is great! It's kind of like the idea I was saying the other day about randomly opening and closing doors at the end of each round but I like that this version let's the player with the least VPs actually choose where to put the doors. Better idea. What do you do if there is a draw? both or all three players can place a door? Also there probably needs to be a way to open doors. if they are locked can you not open them for the rest of the game? Maybe something like "spend 1 (or two) movement points and an action to open a door", otherwise you might get figures who are locked in a hallway and not able to get out until that player is losing again-- I can imagine Vader getting trapped, might be kind of funny actually... Or maybe the doors just stay for one round and then automatically open... Just some ideas.
  22. Mandelore of the Rings

    anybody ever make their own maps?

    Anybody ever make their own maps? Your own skirmish missions? 3 player maps? (I've tried this, hard to make it fair) Combining tiles from more than one expansion? (like Hoth and HotE) I was trying to come up with a map with lots of halls and doors that keep randomly opening and shutting each round or even mid round. Just when you think your are about to get hammered, start of the next round a blast door closes and blocks you off from Vader or Whoever.
  23. Mandelore of the Rings

    anybody ever make their own maps?

    that's a fun looking map buckero0! there isn't an app where you can combine any tiles available is there? It would be fun to make some weird maps with multiple tiles even if you don't have multiple copies... like a map with multiple sarlac pits, or even just one huge pit in the middle, or a bunch of balconies or bridges... then you could print up the weird maps you've created. Yeah, there are a lot of times when we have just three players and not the full four. Often we'll have one player doing musical chairs and playing two armies at once against the other two, but a three player map with three player rules maybe would really be appealing.
  24. Mandelore of the Rings

    anybody ever make their own maps?

    Thanks for the tip. That one looks fun. I like how it combines tiles from Hoth, Bespin, TS and the core set.
  25. Mandelore of the Rings

    Congratulations FFG!

    I don't really understand. Would the lists that beat SC also trounce the "off meta lists"? If SC hasn't won a ton of regionals then is it still considered OP? What lists are winning regionals? Are they OP? I also like playing "off meta" lists, but my lists sometimes also get thrashed by say, Han+Sabine+Rangers or IG+hunters so it says more about my list than whether or not SC is OP. Great point. Totally agree and I think that's what it was intended for. We keep talking about ways to help new players get into Skirmish (that won't break the bank), saying how it's annoying and intimidating to have to by huge boxes just to get a card (negation) or some good deployment cards and then when FFG does pretty much that, and comes up with a pretty cheap way for new players to jump in and be competitive lots of people seem to hate it. Anyway, like the OP said "congratulations FFG". Also, please keep it coming! Sidenote, SC is a great list for me to let my kids use, simple to use (less moving parts) and gives me a challenge without resorting to my old strategy of "you can have 50 points to spend" or "you get free Gideon and C3PO"