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  1. I wanted to second this. I think it wouldn't be too hard to include IA deployment cards with Legion boxes so they could act as new IA blister packs also. This would increase sales (lots of IA players would by Legion stuff they wouldn't normally get) and maybe even get players of BOTH games to buy into the other game. It wouldn't even require designing new plastic, since Legion plastic is pretty indistinguishable from IA scale (which by the way, I think was a mistake... the scale should have been much smaller so as to allow AT-ATs etc, and to distinguish it from IA, AND so you could actually field a "legion", but whatever.) So, has anyone considered throwing the IA skrimish community a bone and selling more Legion plastic in one move? Also, has anyone considered making an IA skirmish app which would update costs and maybe abilities of existing deployment cards from time to time to keep the meta fresh? It could even be community driven, but officially sanctioned like the IACP fixes. All it would take is FFG saying, "OK, whatever fixes you as a community vote for on our official app are now legal in tournaments" or something. We'd do all the "work" of voting! Thanks for the work on IA and other FFG games I like!
  2. But they aren't Stormtroopers... they are First Order troopers... totally different. And the First Order is totally different to the Empire... And Jakku is nothing like Tatooine, so it should probably have more desert tiles, 'cause we don't have enough of those... Seriously though, I'd totally be up for ImpAss 2.0 with some ST stuff. I guess we'd have 4 factions for skirmish then? Hmm. Would you rather have the stormtroopers come pre-painted? I would. Only 'cause I suck at painting... Does anyone ever modify the X-wing paint jobs? Or the ships themselves? I've seen some cool mods of IA figures.
  3. Sure, I agree with that. TPM is probably the worst of all the SW movies (IMO) but has one of the coolest villains. Even the OT has a LOT of really dumb stuff that I just laugh at and enjoy the rest of the movie. me too! and the Mandalorian. and to a lesser degree, the Cassian Andor show. Oh, and the official Ewan Macgregor coming back as Obi Wan is pretty cool too. Alas, all of those could have provided a wealth of new IA content... Anyway, I'm going to play me some skirmish on the weekend.
  4. I don't get how much some of you hate the sequel movies. I mean, that's fine. You can like what you want. But they are SO much better than any of the prequels and I quite enjoy them. That's cool. Whatever. I like 'em all but I'm more embarrassed to like the prequels... They're pretty awful movies. This is interesting. What do force and calculate mechanics do?
  5. Fair enough. I've swung back to the side of fix the old stuff first... It was a momentary lapse... the lure of Legion Plastic almost pulled me over to the dark side.
  6. Did you ever finish this project? What you had looks pretty good! Also, is anyone going to put the newish Raid Mode map up?
  7. Yeah, I think I was one of those voting for no new Deployments... yet... At some point it would be good though and could be an interesting way to fix certain things. Just had a hankering for new plastic is all. Some of that Legion stuff could be converted nicely.
  8. The title says it all. If people wanted to still use the 3 in current rotation that's fine, but maybe IACP could include a new map for the season. I don't mean a new made up map (although that would be fun too) but an actual FFG map that never got used before. There are some pretty fun maps out there and it gets a bit boring to just play the same 3 all the time.
  9. This content looks good. Excited to test some of it out. You guys are doing a great job. At this point (now that a lot of the core set stuff has been worked on) I'd be really excited if season three had one (or possibly two) new figures. We could appropriate some of the stuff from Legion. Lots to choose from. Even a totally new character using one of the Legion figures. Something creative that could also help older figures. Maybe a new guardian, if guardians are on the agenda to be fixed. Anyway. Good work.
  10. Sure, I just meant there are app campaign missions for each of the Core, JR and Hoth so far. Having other boxes and blister packs can add random villains to fight and items to buy etc. Good point.
  11. I still think (hope?) we'll get more eventually. In the meantime I'm enjoying IACP community fixes for skirmish, app campaigns with my kids, and box campaigns with some friends... Now I just need to make some time to continue (badly) painting my figures...
  12. Core, then Jabba's Realm. I have yet to play Heart of the Empire though... That's next on my list. Hoth was quite fun too and has a really good app campaign too. For the app you can use Core, JR and Hoth so far... I hope there will be a HotE app expansion soon too...
  13. Very cool. Enjoyed reading the run down. The meta actually seems to be in a really fun place now and all it took was a SC nerf! Very good win! Creative list.
  14. Are you an Ozzy? I am, but haven't lived there for yonks.
  15. Looks good. Excited to test some of it. Feels maybe like too many changes too quickly... First season only had one changed deployment card (Diala) (apart from changing costs) and this season has quite a few. I'm not against that, I just hope it's not too much too fast. Anyway, very fun.
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