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  1. Mandelore of the Rings

    Star Wars Resistance

    I know, someone was saying they were still waiting for their Kylo Ren figure a while back... I'm still waiting for Kybo Ren. AND Yota. And a whole slew of Ewogs and Scout Droopers. I guess we'll have to wait for the Entor/Tagobah box.
  2. Mandelore of the Rings

    Star Wars Resistance

    I just finished the first season with my kids today. Not as good as Rebels but it has it's moments. Some pretty cool stories and a fun end to the season which makes me want to see where they take it in the future. I agree that it's aimed at a younger audience. Not much I really dislike about it except Neeku. We haven't seen the Clone Wars yet but now I kinda want to watch that in the hopes that it will be more like Rebels. If I hadn't been watching Resistance with my kids I probably wouldn't have gotten through the slow episodes. With the kids though, good fun. Also, Pyre looks pretty cool and so does the red pilot, whatever his name is.
  3. Mandelore of the Rings

    Rules clarification: Declare Attack vs. Declare Target

    Sort of related. Can Mak use "No escape" on a non-figure (like an object). Can he use it on a terminal? We had this come up on the weekend. I said I didn't think so because a terminal is not a figure but maybe I was wrong.
  4. Mandelore of the Rings

    Input for a re-cost tournament

    yup, excited to hear how it went.
  5. Mandelore of the Rings

    Flippin' the maps

    Kinda silly, but does anyone else like flipping the campaign maps in the core set to get fun upside down maps? Like if it was the Star Destroyer, in say "Drawn In", you flip it and it is a cool grungy looking merc type area map. I've noticed it doesn't work with Hoth. You flip it and the pieces don't really match. Anyway. Slow day.
  6. Mandelore of the Rings

    Input for a re-cost tournament

    I reckon if you're not sure about a re-cost, go with the lower price! (Like make eWampa's five if you are not sure about 5 or 6... the new stuff is just SO good). Another possible idea is keep the costs the same for everything except for the top 10 or 15 figs (Vader, Han, Gideon, whatever...) and then just RAISE their cost. Or outlaw them altogether if you want to see only rarely used figs... Just an idea. Or maybe limit their number... only allow ONE in every army, so if you want Han, you can't have Gideon or Sabine or whatever... Only one "Super" per team.
  7. Mandelore of the Rings

    Input for a re-cost tournament

    This is great! Not much to say but I do wish FFG would do something like this and make it official. Maybe Mak should even be 2. Saska like 4? Dengar 4? Diala 4 or 5? Gaarkhan 5? Fenn 4 or 5? Big price drops but compare them to Hera for 4. I'd love to see a major shake up like that with ALL the core set stuff (except for Gideon) get a price drop.
  8. Mandelore of the Rings

    Best figure for cost for every cost

    If they did a Cassian Andor figure he could "reprogram" droids from any faction to be Rebel, sorta like he did with K2SO. I guess he'd have some great sniper ability too and obviously be a "spy".
  9. Mandelore of the Rings

    Best figure for cost for every cost

    I do like Vinto though but he often gets knocked off before doing much when I use him...
  10. Mandelore of the Rings

    Best figure for cost for every cost

    Yeah, but another problem (and a big one) is that Han couldn't use his fix. So I guess only breaks two rules... Thrawn and Han's Rogue Smuggler...
  11. Mandelore of the Rings

    Best figure for cost for every cost

    So I wonder how a hypothetical (breaks all the rules) team of Han w/ fix (10) Thrawn (6) Greedo (4) Hondo (6) Gideon (3) 3po (2) eJawa (3) Onar (6) would fare against SC? Hunter, smuggler and leader cards. Focus and power tokens! I know it breaks all the rules... just a silly idea.
  12. Mandelore of the Rings

    Maul Map Rotates In

    It's a big map but it does have a lot of nooks and crannies to hide it. I wonder what the biggest map with the least cover would be? That would be the worst for SC. Especially with lots of objectives on it. I wonder how SC would have fared a couple years ago on Nal Hutta.
  13. Mandelore of the Rings

    Best figure for cost for every cost

    Oh yeah. For some reason I thought he was 0. One huge hole in IA skirmish is the lack of 1pt figures... kidding. Maybe a squad of 3 or 4 Porgs for 1pt. They cannot attack but they can be eaten by allies to help the figure eating them to recover 2 health. So cute, but SO delicious. I agree. I actually don't play Imperials that much and thought I'd throw the rOfficer in. They are both great, especially for 2 measly points! rSmuggs can be good too. I wish there was some tricky way of making C3PO attack with a command card or something... Or an attachment that puts his head on a droid troopers body! Yeah, nothing really seems to jump out at 5pt cost. Also, totally forgot about Sabine and the Rangers! Good value for cost there.
  14. Mandelore of the Rings

    Best figure for cost for every cost

    Oh yeah! I like eJawas too. Maybe they'd be the best for Mercs... Rebs just have so much. Totally forgot about Hera too. She is good for 4 but not Greedo good.
  15. Mandelore of the Rings

    Best figure for cost for every cost

    So I was thinking about how good Onar is for 6, but also Hondo is really good (maybe better?) and Thrawn is great for 6 too. I actually made a list with all three and even three in BT-1 for a thematic "good six point figs" list... But I thought I'd throw the idea out there: What are the best figures per cost for every cost. We could limit it to factions later, and I know some are better in certain contexts but here is the general idea: 0: JAX? I know he's not a figure but more to add to the list. I like his CC. 1: 2: Maybe rImp Officer? C3PO is pretty good but since he can't attack... 3: Gideon for sure. R2 and Chopper get honorable mention. 4: Greedo is a no brainer. Nothing (IMO) beats Greedo for 4 points! 5: Jyn? 6: Saska Teft for sure! (Just kidding, this is one of the hardest but I guess I'd pick Onar, with Hondo and Thrawn close behind). 7: Tough to beat the eWeequays here, but Ezra is a beast. Not as good without SC though. Also the eJets are pretty great. 8: Emperor probably. Ahsoka? Bossk? I also really like the eGammoreans though. 9: Drokkatta or AT-DP? 10: Han with RS. Rancor is fun too. 11: Chewie with WA. 12: IG-88 with FotK. Jedi Luke just gets nudged out here, but I still really like him. 13: Vader with DbH After this I've never used much as the cost is too high. Anyway, just a list to chat about for fun. What think you?