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  1. Title says it. Any rundowns on last weekends vassal tournaments? Who won? With what?
  2. I've lived at very high altitude for many years. My lungs are pretty strong. I can hold my breath for a very long time. 🙂 Also, the wording makes it seem like more than reprints. "The story is not yet done" doesn't really imply "because we are going to continue the same story with reprints of the same story"... but I could be wrong... Hopefully, we'll get something new (and reprints if needed). On another note, being stuck in the USA due to Wuhan Coronavirus means I have more time to paint (albeit badly) my HotE figures... Trying to be creative with the very limited selection of children's acrylic colors... But it passes the time.
  3. haha. I don't mind using a D12... just make sure to put 2 dodges on there! Sounds pretty cool, but unlikely, I think. Now, if they set it during the Sequel Trilogy... I hear fans really love The Last Jedi and also The Rise of Skywalker! (actually, I do like both... just playing). This seems more likely and also cool. Once again, just give us something!
  4. I like this idea. Haha. I like some EotE too! I don't think adding a bit more "rpg" type things to IA would harm it. I forget who had the great idea of an in between level (sort of like the classic RPG in the town or tavern or whatever, where you can restock everything, buy some basic stuff etc. I guess it has that already in a way). Oh, me neither! I mean it has "ruined" some plans of the Empire (less commonly the Rebels) but I would vote no way to getting rid of the dodge. It is so fun! So many good stories about being saved by the dodge! Tons of laughs. You have to prepare for it. And if you care that much about the hard strategy, then maybe you could revamp it for more serious Skirmish games, but even for Skirmish I think it's a lot of fun. You can always play chess if you don't want any luck. I think IA has a good luck-strategy balance, personally. Just saw that comment! Totally agree. Dodges happen, and when they do (even if it hurts me as the IP) I'm usually always laughing and enjoying some fun with friends. That's what it's all about. Some other tweaks that I forgot: 6. more traits? Lots could be done with this!! 7. two new colors for dice (one for attacks and one for defense). I guess a 2e could add some of that.
  5. The thing is, there is just SO much that could still be done. And not just new figures either, (plenty of those and I'm sure we could all list which ones we want most). Also a lot that could be done with: 1. Game Mechanics? Always thought some kind of vehicle or beast that small figures could "ride" would be cool tactically. 2. Tile environments: Lava? Quicksand? etc. 3. Mixing of expansions... 4. More app campaigns... 5. Printing of new fixes for skirmish cards (hopefully using IACP fixes) 6. etc. But who knows, we'll probably just get some minor stuff... I'm just happy there is something else coming...
  6. That all sounds great. Just really anything new would be fun. Anything. If it had ewoks (my kids would go nuts!) that would be bonus, but just anything new... Heck, even some dumb Gungans with a horde of porgs! I'd still be happy. A big, weird milkable sea cow? Fine, whatever.
  7. Yes! Are you listening, FFG? Especially the latter (IACP Cards Pack). It would be so easy to print up stuff others created and sell it! We'd buy it and Skirmish would be fresh again.
  8. "The story is not yet done" seems to be little bit better than more maps! Sounds a bit promising. A HotE campaign would be great but best would be at least a few more fig packs or even a small expansion. Anyway, just the phrase "the story is not yet done" makes this game not "complete" like Andrew said, so maybe they are rethinking things after another year of good sales. Maybe not, but it still made me happy to think their is more stuff coming at some point. I don't really care when, but at least I know there is more. (I still have all three small expansions to get anyway...)
  9. Just the promise of something new at some point is more than we've had for a while and that's all we ever wanted, for a long time... Not knowing (until that last interview made it clear) was bad for business and bad for the game.
  10. Oh yeah, and "a very strong year of sales"? Nice! That's making 'em rethink letting it go by the wayside!
  11. Nice! This made my day. Maybe my week. Stoked. I have hope. I got really excited when he said "years worth of content" but then I realized he meant what was already out there... still, there is still hope for some new stuff! ENDOR?! ROGUE ONE?! CHRISTMAS SPECIAL?! (kidding on the last one). I wish they would just say "Also, for the skirmish players, we will officially sanction IACP and the changes that are being tested and voted on by the community and we will release a new pack cards printed up from the IACP stuff..." Not gonna happen, I know, but just making it "cannon" would really help revitalize skirmish! Anyhoooo. happy times (in spite of coronavirus everywhere)
  12. This. I can't believe there are no Undulating Ground Troopers! Huge oversight at the old Imperial Trooper Design Commission. No wonder they lost the war. One can't expect regular Storm Troopers to operate at full capacity in an undulating ground environment.
  13. Indeed, although surprisingly, no Dust Troopers (for those especially dusty encounters--- totally not the same as Sand Troopers) and no Grass Troopers (for when there is a lot of grass in the conflict). Also no Breeze Troopers (some planets have a predominantly breezy environment and the Empire needs troopers for that specific area too) and no Hail Troopers (it's smart to have extra protection for troopers that have to work somewhere where there may be hail). They do have Swamp Troopers though, on page 63! Also they have Sand Troopers and Shore Troopers (but not the Mud Troopers from the planet Mimban, in Solo-- which I suppose would be a mix of Sand and Shore, and closely related to Swamp. Why would you ever want regular old boring Storm Troopers and why aren't they even equipped to deal with Stormy environments?!
  14. Yeah, I get that now. I assumed wrong and we all know what that does. Anyway, I am happy with it and it's a useful book... I just was looking for more a long the lines of what is in there for Jawa, Tusken Raider, Lasat etc. Yup. That's exactly what it is! Good comparison. Anyhoo. Good book, great game.
  15. Yeah, I've printed out that, and it's cool, thanks. I was just hoping A&A would have had a little picture and description by each one (sort of like compiling how they are done in the splatbooks. Maybe 1 or 2 pages on each. I know my older kid would have poured over it and learned all the obscure knowledge about each species and then tried to impress me with it later... Anyway, I still like the A&A, just not what I thought it was going to be...
  16. Yeah, it's one of my kids favorite things about SW roleplaying... They like LotR too but you don't have near as many choices with character species/race/culture whatever. They aren't interested in starships in the least, or space battles (neither am I, tbh) but they love them some cool aliens!
  17. Got A&A in the mail a couple days ago. I like it, but I thought it was going to include every playable species! Really wished it had contained all the official species players can use to create their characters. Cool that it had four new ones but bit disappointing. Also, lots of fun allies and adversaries as the title would suggest, but I personally would have skipped a number of those (like Stormtroopers?? Do we need another write up about them? Or Transit Authorities or whatever... kinda dull.) The other two seem like big lists of all the Stuff you can get (Gear and Gadgets?) and all the Stuff you can fly (the ships one)... so too bad this didn't have a list of all the playable species... with a little picture of each one next to it.
  18. Actually, that sounds like a good and easy idea. Would you use the full core campaign or something else? I guess you could do whichever and just give the rewards and threat levels like the campaign you plugged them into. Sounds easy. I've also always wished the characters could progress even more than one campaign. I guess they'd all be too strong after a couple campaigns. I suppose if they maxed out you could still use them but give other rewards (more money or even spending 4xp on increasing a stat like health, or 6xp to increase a stat like speed or change the dice for the three types of interact rolls).
  19. I doubt it will step back in, but one can hope. For now I still have a lot of campaign stuff to do and the IACP keeps skirmish fresh. A HotE app campaign would have been nice... Also it would be cool to have a set way to calculate threat and rewards so you could just put a jumble of side missions into one haphazard campaign (including some of the missions from campaigns you never got too...). Maybe someone already worked out something like that. Anyway, the game is not dead. It's in some kind of carbonite freeze and it may never wake up... but who knows.
  20. This sounds like so much fun! Wow. What a great idea. I like the idea of using Campaign figures in a skirmish like setting.
  21. Didn't someone create an app that can be used to make quality looking campaigns? I know there is a card making app already, which is awesome by the way, but what do we have for campaigns? What would be really cool is if we had an easy way to make our own app campaigns and share them with the community! I'd love to put some of my ideas into a digital format that people could use and play against. I guess you need a way to enter text blurbs, a way to slowly reveal tiles and interact with certain squares and a way to randomize (or not) certain villains. I'm not techy at all but maybe someone has already done this or is planning on it. With IACP covering the skirmish side of things, this would also cover the campaign side... and we could even add in new IACP deployment cards to the random villains that you encounter in the new community designed app missions! Still loving IA... Great game. So many possibilities.
  22. This is a really fun idea! Looking fwd to trying it when we get home.
  23. This is great! Great looking cards. Well designed stats... excited to try them out. I'm excited to hear what happens at the IACP comp at Adepticon or whatever it's called. Hope this picks up more momentum and keeps IA skirmish in a great place. What are you going to use for the Yoda figure? Or the 4-LOM and Zuckuss? I think the latter two are in Legion, right? Can't remember...
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