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  1. This is my favorite episode so far. I watched it about 10 times in a row. Love the music.
  2. Man it sure was fun. I'll keep playing but I will miss these forums and what makes them... the people on them! Thanks for all the great discussions. IA is such a great game (still is, but I feel there was so much more potential for new stuff). I guess I'll see you on BGG then. Thanks all.
  3. Well guys, it's been great fun on these here FFG boards. The first couple years I was just on the Imperial Assault boards but for the last year or so I've been joining in the SW RPG ones too (and less and less in the IA one... so sad). Thanks for all the fun discussions. Pretty disappointed in FFG. I guess I'll see you on BGG?
  4. I must have missed the page dealing with this argument. What are we talking about here? Also, that's not true. You'd be hard pressed to find a modern Bible translation that has translated from Latin to English. I doubt that has been done for a hundred years at least. All modern translations go from Hebrew to English or from Greek to English and certainly not from Hebrew to Greek to Latin to English! Nonsense. You could just be getting confused because those translations also exist but it doesn't mean they are used or even consulted in any academic translation work today. Hahaha. But I have no idea where this came from! I have to go back and read some of the pages I missed during the two weeks when I avoided any and most Mandalorian spoilers for Chapter 15 and 16 so I could do a double header. (It failed though... I spied a picture of Luke in my newsfeed... bummer. Stupid spoiler article thumbnails)
  5. YES!! I agree. I want more low level adventures too. Like maybe he could go back to work and do some jobs for the new head honcho out and Ranchero de la Jabba or whatever. That would be a cool way to tie in some Boba and some Din. Yeah, I fine with some tie ins so long as they are kind of in the background. I would like that. But make them incidental. Oh yeah, and how cool was that sonic bomb or whatever?! ****! That was great. It redeemed a bit of the Prequels for me. The more things tie in to each other the more they seem to feel ok after a while and get sort of redeemed in my mind. (I used to really hate PT, now I just partially hate them). We need some more tie ins to both PT and ST but make them minor things. AND MORE flashbacks! More Din Djarin story. Who is he? We now about the droid army attacking and being adopted into Children of the Watch but so many questions... And where was the Armorer?! Season 3, I bet she'll be back... along with the thick Viszla guy.
  6. Oooh. I never thought of the possibility of it being Leia! That would have been cool. I agree, but who says he had to leave with Grogu? I was hoping for something like Mace or Ezra joining the little burgeoning Mando Fam and doing some training on the side. I wasn't actually thinking Grogu would be gone. Dunno. Or maybe I was. Anyway, it's fine. But I still think should have been a different actor. Like Stan. Then we could have had a whole Luke show. I would not want to watch this fake face for more than a few minutes in a cameo. A new actor would have been more, what's the word... sustainable! This is just sort of a novelty one off thing. Doesn't get me excited for the possibilities, because that's it. Right there. Back to 15, I loved it when Din was fighting in his crappy Mud Trooper outfit. Added some real tension without his "God Mode" beskar suit. My wife was really tense watching that. Made me laugh. LOVED the scene where Migs or whatever his name is was arguing with the officer. I knew it was about to go down and the tension was great there. I like how he has sort of been redeemed a little and I liked the interaction with Dune. The TIE fighter scrapyard was cool. I kept thinking... UGLIES! They could weld bits together and make an awesome UGLY! (we have a weird cross between parts from three twin pod cloud cars, TIE a fighters wing shield things and a Y wing engine or something (I forget) in one of our campaigns. Yeah, the airlock thing was dumb. Why would it be there? I wanted someone to die! Up the ante! Give us something to mourn a little. At least the annoying Mando chick (Reeves? Sasha someone?). Or the man? Where was he? He could have been in it just to die. Show us how strong these Dark Troopers are by killing off someone! Heck, season one we lost Kuill AND IG-11! Both were moving sacrifices. So it was kind of a lost chance with the ending. I need to rewatch it 'cause I really thought Bo-Katan died. Then my girls told me she didn't. Hmm. I blame it on the Japanese Lager. Quite intrigued about where they go from here. Wish we had some other show to watch while we're waiting...
  7. So I waited to watch the last two together. Just finished both "The Believer" and "The Rescue". Fun double header but it was hard to avoid spoilers on my various news feeds. I really liked both. Book of Boba Fett looks good. I wonder if it is based off of ideas they had for the movie they were going to do. Luke just didn't look quite right. I really wish they'd gone with Sebastian Stan. Or at least given him a beard or something. Eyes didn't look right. But man, One Bad Mutha_#&^! He straight up took all those droids out. He rocks up in just his X wing. Very fun. Still would have preferred Ezra or Windu though. But very cool.
  8. Well, I guess we won't be seeing Zero or hearing Ayoade's voice. No more Jawa disintegrating fork rifle. So sad about the Razor Crest. I really hope they don't kill off Fett and give Mando Slave I.
  9. I would love some Sebastian Stan Skywalker cameos (or longer parts even, own show even!) Doubt it's going to happy though... Would also love some more Mace Windu, but older and grittier and with a wallet that says Bad Mutha F*&#er. Cal Kestis (not sure if I spelled that right) would also be very cool. Or Yaddle. But I reckon we'll get more Fett before too long. Will he be with Djarin or against him?
  10. Yeah I get that. I understand costs of CG and all that. So it's fine. Best they could do, and it wasn't terrible, especially for people who have no idea who Ahsoka is (and she'd probably be the most important character that hadn't up till now been in live action) but I still wasn't excited about how they looked. It's fine. Maybe nit picking, but didn't look right. Probably my favorite episode this season though.
  11. Alright, watched it again. The name Grogu has grown on me. Also, the live action Tano is pretty cool. Hmm. This is kind of the place to come to discuss what you do and don't like. I don't really see a problem with that. Tell us what you liked about your experience with "The Jedi". Tell us if you thought something could have been done better, or *gasp* you didn't really like something. What's the problem with that. I listed a bunch of things I liked. I listed some things I didn't love. Whatever. It's fun to discuss things with other fans. Have you seen Rebels? Her lekku or whatever go almost down to her waist. Did she get a haircut? It's a dumb design mistake that they could have easily fixed. I still love watching Star Wars and The Mandalorian specifically. I'm so excited for the next 3 chapters. But it's also fine for me (and others) to say they should have made the lekku longer. OK, loved the soundtrack of this chapter as well. I think they had some Ahsoka themes worked into it. The down design was great. The cinematography, like when Ahsoka is standing in front of the gate with those huge walls... wow. The fight in the sort of zen garden and calm pond with the clanging of the weapons. Nice. I liked how some of it was left to the imagination while Din Michael Biehn's character listened patiently and had their own little showdown. On second viewing I'm also ready for more Mando story. So many side stories. Gets a bit tiring. I hope the last 3 episodes are solidly about just Din, Grogu and Moff Gideon, with maybe a bit of Pershing, Greef Carga and Cara Dune as well. I'm wondering if Mando will lose ALL of his armour (not just his helmet). Gets captured and loses it all and has to survive without his indestructible casing. That's what I'd do. Might also be fun if they test some of that Grogu goo on Mando first just to see if it works... I wish they could bring back IG-11...
  12. Yeah, I reckon that's right. I kept thinking at the end that right as he was about to take off or something, Ol' Gids and his merry troopers would show up... or even worse... he'd get back to the Razor Crest only to find baby yoda gone. I guess the last three episodes will deal with a lot more Gids and co, with some Cara Dune and Greef, and possibly Katan? Vanth? Other buddies to help. I didn't see the convor. Will have to rewatch. They were HK 87s? Not 97s, right? Didn't look like the ones I painted in my Return to Hoth box. Fun seeing the Loth Cats again. Very western, very samurai. The architecture was great. East Asian. The forest was different. The pollution was China level. The great beasts in the background looked cool. Yeah, I loved the episode but the whole time I was thinking the Ahsoka wasn't quite right. The short lekku really bothered me but that's fine. The voice, meh, it was fine. The face and movement, so so. I don't know what it was. Maybe after another viewing. Kinda like how nobody expected Luke to turn out that way in The Last Jedi. This just didn't feel like how Ahsoka was in other representations. Maybe I'll change my mind on further viewings. The pacing was quite different from other episodes. Lots of exposition and slow scenes. Refreshing I guess. My wife, who isn't really a SW fan was kind of bored but I liked it. I want more of the actual Mandalorian. In season one that was a lot of the mystery. Flashbacks, who is this guy. Is he even good? What's he going to do with that cute child thingy? In season two I feel like the Mandalorian was taken a back seat to others stuff. That's partly why I think they'll take his mask off. They need to develop him further. Can't lightsabers work underwater? I thought they did all the time in the Clone Wars. Could be wrong. I'm tired. Great music again. I didn't realize beskar was lightsaber proof. That's not new is it? Grogu? I guess anything would sound sort of disappointing after this long of a wait. But was that the coolest name they could come up with? Maybe that's what was wrong with Ahsoka. Too long a wait and too much expectations so nothing would be good enough. I guess Grogu is fine.
  13. Oh, I do too. I'm just saying it's bound to come off soon. I just can't seem them keeping it up for so long. I guess only 4 episodes left this season so we'll find out soon enough. I'd be surprised if we didn't get a different Din though. It would probably help with toy sales too. "This one comes with a removable helmet, just like in chapter 15" or something.
  14. Pretty sure we'll have some extended Din Djarin face time this season. They showed the child looking up under his mask while they drank water together... last season had the IG-11 scene when his mask was off. This season will likely have a longer scene if not a giving up of the old ways. That's my guess at least. It could even be against the Mando's will, like if he get's captured or something. Anyway, just a prediction.
  15. Also, did you see they erected a statue to IG-11?! Love it. You can see it a couple times after 8:20 Zuvio is just after 8:05 in the bottom left. Fun details.
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