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  1. This is great! Great looking cards. Well designed stats... excited to try them out. I'm excited to hear what happens at the IACP comp at Adepticon or whatever it's called. Hope this picks up more momentum and keeps IA skirmish in a great place. What are you going to use for the Yoda figure? Or the 4-LOM and Zuckuss? I think the latter two are in Legion, right? Can't remember...
  2. yeah, me too. Totally missed this. Looks cool though.
  3. Yeah, and with so many possible expansions! Mandalorian, Obi Wan, Cassian Andor, not to mention Rogue One, Endor, 4-LOM and Zuckuss, Solo, AND the Sequel Trilogy, AND Prequel Trilogy... and Clone Wars and maybe even something small from Resistance. And that's just movies and TV shows... they were just scraping the surface... alas. Really not interested in measuring terrain or whatever Legion does. Grid based is great.
  4. Just got HotE in the mail today. Really excited to do the campaign but I would love an app campaign too... Wasn't someone working on an app that allows people to make their own campaigns? That would be a lot of fun.
  5. Hmm. I would say "this clan" or "this sect" of Mandalorians doesn't remove their helmets in front of most. You already stated about Fett and Sabine, not to mention tons of Mandalorians from Clone Wars AND Rebels... so I would guess, either this is a new (or newly reinstated) custom or a custom of a certain, select group of hard core Mandalorians. I do think they are all Deathwatch, from their symbol, and maybe it's a Deathwatch thing, or a post-Purge thing. Certainly not universal. Like how various denominations or sects in religions allow different levels of whatever, I expect. Ah, of course, being on Blerrg would add speed and add the special action. Maybe up his speed and lower his attack (ranged) and cost. Also, is he large? Like Nexu size, right? Perhaps you could design a Mandalorian trooper card with a group of two. That would represent the coven or whatever, that helped him out, and also be non-unique. Dunno. I like the Armorer's card though!
  6. Fun stuff. Kuill seems a bit stronger than I would have imagined (I was thinking more on the lines of Gideon on 3PO-- cheap but really useful) but not sure what I'd change. I like your reprogram idea! You could test this list out against Spectre Cell and see how it goes. I guess if you made a couple of them cheaper and weaker you could squeeze in another mandalorian (like the big triple barrel guy, or the armorer).
  7. After IA, I got more into FFG's SW stuff... darn. I was going to get JiME next but maybe that will be doomed as well.
  8. Oh yeah. Totally. I just rewatched it and liked it (and caught a lot more, not just details but themes and whatnot) the second time. Not a bad addition to the SW movies at all (and I have liked all 5 of the new ones). I did quite like TLJ though, so a few minor quibbles with deconstructing the movie that was deconstructing another movie/s but overall, great film. I'd just echo, watching it a couple times helps... pacing is a bit frenetic and you can relax a bit more the 2nd (third) time around. I'd definitely be interested in a directors cut, because, more Star Wars! Why not? I really think people have forgotten how bad the prequels were(well, RotS excluded, but even that is probably the 3rd worst SW movie). The acting in the prequels is really atrocious. Acting in the ST is SO much better (even if you have problems with the plot-- but come on, this is SW. You don't really go to it to see great plot). Anyway, let's remember how lucky we are that we didn't get 3 more on the level of the PT. I'll still watch them from time to time, but they are really bad movies. Both JJ and RJ did a much better job on almost every level.
  9. I don't know much about JFO but that Dowutin inquisitor would be a fun (intimidating) figure. I expect you could have great attachment card with that tiny droid on Cal's shoulder.
  10. That's fun. I hadn't thought of using the 3 Mercs with TA. Good team. Here was my brawler/spy list: Deployment: ◄8▪ Gaarkhan ◄8▪ Verena Talos ◄6▪ Davith Elso ◄5▪ Jarrod Kelvin ◄5▪ Tress Hacnua ◄3▪ Gideon Argus ◄3▪ Mak Eshkarey ◄1Extra Armor ◄1▪ On A Diplomatic Mission ◄0▪ J4X-7 ◄0▪ Heroic Effort Plus appropriate brawler/spy cards etc. Not the best list but might be fun to play.
  11. Title says it all. Or if that fails, you could add 1 or 2 generic deployments. Mainly, try to use as many campaign heroes as possible.
  12. Maybe a ST box could include a bunch of new weird tiles. So much more that could be done with tiles... creative, weird shapes, lava, quicksand, red and white Crait area (which would just look interesting and probably not add much, but it could have cave systems...). It would be great to have tile combinations that we've never seen (combining multiple locations) but probably hard to sell, because obviously not everyone has everything (including me). A Babu Frik deployment figure could "reprogram" droids somehow, like being able to change certain stats on droid cards... He could outfit R2D2 more like BT-1!
  13. That's fun. I never thought I'd like Clone Wars (after seeing the awful movie) but Rebels proved to be a gateway drug... Now, maybe I should get into some comics while I wait for the next three years until another Star Wars movie... I did read a bunch of the "legends" books when I was a kid but haven't read any new canon stuff yet. I guess I get enough Star Wars from movies and TV and there are so many better books to read than pulpy SW ones... but maybe I'm wrong.
  14. Not too boring at all, although I disagree. But that is fine. I thought the ST had good characters and very strong growth and arc for Rey and Kylo... admittedly not as much for the others. But, to each his own. Not that this thread is really about why we liked or didn't like it, but in brief, what made me love the last movie (with reservations) was looking over and seeing both my kids REALLY loving it and raving about it afterwards and even crying (my oldest daughter) in the final scenes... to me, that makes the movie a success, when kids really love and enjoy it, 'cause after all it's sort of for them too right? But mostly for us oldies! hahaha. I could go into specifics but that's my main reason for like it. Gonna go see it again this week, this time in 2D (where I live they ONLY showed it in 3D, and they turned on the lights before it was even over so I missed the last 5 minutes!!)
  15. Nice! Are they going to release the whole season or just one at a time again like Mandalorian? We still have a number of CW we haven't watched... being going thru them according to some online lists of which were the best episodes (since many of them are (not sure why?) not chronological anyway. There are some great CWs to watch. More of the feel of SW:R in my opinion.
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