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  1. More then likely, I think it's more a matter of when.
  2. I don't think we will get a vehicle commander, ffg has said that they want to make sure that the rebellion and the empire feel different gameplay wise, I think the empire will be the main vehicle army, and the rebellion will remain the rag tag group.
  3. What paint colors did you use to make these? Edit: never mind
  4. the BaldBarian

    Arsenal 2

    I could see it on a unit that has two blaster pistols(coughrexcough)
  5. at some point, I would like to see ffg add more factions, not just clones and droids, but wookiee armies, and yes even gungans, and making up some units as well expanding the star wars universe! It's a little silly to think that in a galaxy! There are only two factions willing to fight at any one time.
  6. "as your opponents charge, you raise your rifle and fire! you hit one straight in the chest! as he jerks back from the impact he discharges his weapon, shooting he's own ally!" "your enemy hides behind a boulder, firing pot shots behind cover, you notice a loose branch hanging above them, you take aim and fire! the bullet rips through the branch causing it to fall! it lands on your enemys and crushes them!" another thing to take notice of is strain gets turned into wounds with minions. "as your opponents head explodes, his friend, seeing the gore, decides this fight isn't worth it and flees!" there's a couple of ideas.
  7. I look up how far a musket can shoot this is what I found. What is the range of a musket? The accuracy of the Brown Bess was fair, as with most other muskets. The effective range is often quoted as 175 yards (160 m), but the Brown Bess was often fired en masse at 50 yards (46 m) to inflict the greatest damage upon the enemy. wouldn't 175 yards count as long range?
  8. I'm making a fantasy/steampunk game centered around air pirates and I made my gun powder weapons like this, musket, dam-8, crit-3, range-long, special-inaccurate 1, reload, blunderbuss, dam-6, crit-4, range-short, special- blast-4, reload. flintlock pistol, dam-6, crit-3, range-medium, special- inaccurate 1, reload. special rule, reload- you must spend a manoeuvre to reload this weapon. I felt this to be the simplest way to make the guns feel like blackpowder weapons without being complicated.
  9. so I'm making a skies of Arcadia rpg, basically air pirates for those who don't know what Arcadia is, and I'm trying to come up with stats for gunpowder weapons, specificly flintlocks, what I have come up with is this. musket, damage 8 crit 4 range-longe special- reload, inaccurate 1 flintlock pistol, damage 6 crit 4 range-medium special- reload, inaccurate 1 reload rule, your weapon requires a action to be reloaded. so I'm interested in everyone's thoughts, to simple? to complex? thank you for your time and input.
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