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    The Road to Hell (mini painting progress)

    I just wanted to know what fellow Doom fans think about my result and maybe share some tips or hints on techniques I can use in the future.
  2. Dead_Meat.Be

    The Road to Hell (mini painting progress)

    First and for all: nice paintwork on the miniatures I saw in this thread. The detail on them just looks amazing. Last summer I bought this board game and I wanted to do something creative with the miniatures. I have to admit I never tried anything like this before. My intention was to make them look as organic as possible. By this I mean I tried to pay extra attention to the flesh, blood and organ material in combination with the metal add-ons. So, this is the result. As for the material I used; I worked with basic Revell model paint and had to mix paint together to get the desired colours. Doom miniatures compact.pdf