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  1. Well, if you live in the US, Amazon has the Imperial Light Carrier for about $23. Similar pricing on eBay it looked like. But FFG should be trying to get these in stock at stores instead of letting random people control their market. I thought that was the point of them trying to control who could list them on their webstores in the first place.
  2. Remember when they promised better communication this year? Yeah... Keeping hope up that this will be in before the end of the year though.
  3. Hey, for a first go at scratch building something like this, who cares if it's not perfectly symmetrical? Looks pretty decent to me and would be fun to see on the table.
  4. @ThatRobHuman I think a Patreon would be great, when you are ready for it. I am usually really quiet on here, but I have been a huge fan of your work and following along as much as I can. My wife also loves reading up on what you are doing as she is self taught at coding as well and thinking about following it as another career path. All that being said, thank you so much for all the work you have put into this project and continue to do. My wife and look forward to reading your posts and hope that things continue to level out for you.
  5. I would probably leave the extra bridge off myself, but it also depends on the paint job you have in mind. Looks alright either way honestly and will be great to see what you decide on when done.
  6. Well, if the Spain site is to be believed, they HAVE squad one packs in stock for at least a week. But still listed as "waiting reprint" in the states of course. Kind of has me wondering what the shipping is from Spain on a case. I feel like the tweets really only make matters worse because they don't actually say anything. It worries me when people are interested in the game but can't get releases that most people consider essential. Or when they see FFG trying to dodge answering the players questions on social media and the forums turning into trench warfare as people chew over the same topics. At least when it was color teams for how a card works it showed the game was alive and people felt passionately about its future.
  7. I totally agree with the idea it would be neat to have a conversion kit that encourages existing players to try a new faction with what they already own. And there are a number of ships already in game that would allow you to do that while others could be added in on either the Imperial or Rebel factions. Personally though I would also love to see them add in the much argued over Scum faction with a simple modification that would allow an easier introduction. Essentially treat them as mercenary units that either faction can bring in their fleet or as a standalone force of their own. It would allow the introduction of the units (with possible conversions for minor units already in game) without needing to catch up a whole faction and risk alienating the core players who already invested in fleets and are looking forward to something new they can use. And yes, there are canon sources that talk about some of the crime syndicates actually being more of a power than just street thugs who reasonably would have a small space force of their own as well. Aaand Mandalorians.
  8. I had been thinking about the option for a third faction to be handled as a sort of mercenary faction for ages now. My fiance and I use Scum in this capacity as we only play X-Wing casually at home and have really had a lot of fun with the idea. For something like Armada it would help with immersion for some people as they can accept the Empire or Rebels hiring extra muscle for a critical mission. For people who embrace that there are criminal empires in Star Wars that operate outside of the main factions but command powerful forces of their own (such as the Republic having to ASK the Hutts to travel through there space) they can buy into specific ships to build their ideal scum fleet. My biggest reason for the idea though is it allows production of ships for the game that can be used independently or with one of the current factions. As such players might be okay with a wave or two being these "minor faction" or "unaligned" only as they can still buy something to use in their current lists and factions. Remove the Scum and Villainy problem of X-Wing by making it a non-faction that simply supplements BOTH existing factions. So here I love the idea of minor factions being used and some of the examples given. It would also allow FFG to focus on creating interesting content based around a variety of visual style and game mechanics. Have a squadron pack or two with a variety of squads from these different nations. On occasion throw a ship into a wave, or even a whole wave, based around one of these minor powers to help keep the game fresh and alive. Also buys us some time in between movies or shows for new Imperial or Rebels ships to be shown. Seeing as how all the shows I have heard about seem to be focusing on Prequel or Sequel times it might be a long wait till we see anything added in here. Especially seeing as how Rebels didn't add as much to the Empire as they could have and the Solo movie...didn't add anything. I think the Chiss have been gaining a lot more attention in the current cannon between their mentions in Rebels, books, and comics. Still not a common name to the casual fan who only cares to watch the movies though. From what I have seen though a lot of people who get into this game either never were super casual fans or they don't stay that way for long. An example would even be my brother who loved the movies but hardly noticed anything else until recently. Now he is reading up on all the side stories because he saw an interesting figure of mine and was curious where the heck it came from in the story. So there is room for the game to also raise awareness for the franchise as a whole and get people interested in all the other content available.
  9. Being set five years after the Empires formation it was even earlier than that by a couple years. And I honestly don't remember enough to see the major conflict with Solo, much less Rogue One. Like you pointed out @Drasnighta, Tarkin was established as being in charge of the supply lines and over all progress of the station. And being that he out ranks Krennic so easily it would also make sense how he could brush him aside to take credit for its power and assume direct command. No one in the Empire aside from the Emperor and Vader are even close to the guy. Shame he wasn't used more in the movies.
  10. While I am an Imperial loyalist, I would love for the rebels to get a Lucrehulk as a huge ship. It would certainly be a fun model to collect and display while providing some interesting options for game design. And what Imperial wouldn't love to turn one into space scrap?
  11. But what IS considered a reasonable price on a damage deck? Or the terrain tokens and other bits for that matter. Asking for a friend... Though seriously, they don't seem common at all on e-bay and all the standard re-sellers are cleared out on most of the core stuff.
  12. I have looked through KDY a number of times when thinking over ideas. The amount of "god ships" was staggering and can make you wonder if there are any good designs to be found. Just takes some digging and patience. A Venator I think should still be a solid enough large ship (given that it's squarely between an Interdictor and MC80) but with limitations and unique design. I think something closer to an Imperial version of the MC75 could work or outright make it along the lines of a large size Arquitens. It does not need to have crazy squadron values or upgrades to make it stand apart while feeling fun and balanced in an Imperial list. And while I may not agree with the approach of starting over costed and under powered with designs to bait other players into letting you use something I would certainly say to keep it reasonable with some kind of Achille's heel. The introduction of the SSD is a good example of that in how high a cost it carries without being so powerful nothing can stand up to it. Most versions I have seen talked about aren't much stronger than an ISD in guns or shields but can boast high health and enough upgrades to make things interesting. So as Norsehound pointed out consider: Cost, Firepower, Fighters, and Support. A ship that is perfect in all fields will not be fun to actually play with or against. Anyone who ever used a "god mode" cheat code growing up should know how boring that becomes fast. Either balanced so the ship is a jack of all trades but excels at none or something specialized that can be countered makes for interesting choices both in designing your list and for your opponent to decide how best to try and pick apart your fleet.
  13. ISD Avenger actually brings up another part of custom design that has been hanging me up. How to set up ship cost is the most daunting thing for me right now. I have some ideas I will be play testing for a new ship but unfortunately have NO clue where to put its cost (other than somewhere between an ISD and SSD). However this will be especially hard since I am working on a new upgrade slot and mechanic for this as well. But if there IS a formula for the basics right now it would really help figure out even the custom aspect of rules I think.
  14. Thanks @Norsehoundfor this post. Been toying with some ideas and this gives me some ideas on how to get started. Besides, I simply love that it's a helpful post and not another something negative!
  15. @red_devil 1. How is the learning curve of the game? Can it be picked up by kids easily? The game is fairly easy to get a basic handle on but does offer a lot more depth in my experience than X-Wing ever did. However my 7yr old and 11yr old kids both play the game with the fiance and I without too much trouble. We started them with no upgrades beyond admirals and were able to have a fun game. Now they can handle a bit more but usually want help making a list. 2. How are the quality of the models? If you enjoyed X-Wing then you will enjoy Armada easily. Same quality figures with all the perks of being fully painted, except for squadrons, and those most people I have met don't even bother to paint unless they have spare time they want to fill with adding a little extra to those. Certainly tops having to paint entire armies! Especially if you have my bad paint skills and lack of free time. 3. Is the game well supported by FFG? That is a loaded question I think. The game has organized play that a lot of people enjoy and there are a lot of solid communities around. FFG has done a great job at balancing the game though so with the slower production cycle there isn't much for them to do and that can lead to grouchiness on the forums. Allowing guest articles could be helpful but that's essentially what the forums are here for. 4. Are there rumblings that it could go through a 2.0 reformat like X-Wing? Some people cried doom about this after 2.0 was announced for X-Wing but it really does seem unlikely at this point. The game is solid and has been balanced very well. If they made a major change it is likely it would be in digital support like what X-Wing is getting but without actual changes to the game itself. As of right now there is no official list builder app or website that I am aware of but some top notch fan made ones. 5. Do you need to buy all the expansions to get chase cards like X-Wing? I have to disagree with anyone who said yes to this question. At risk of sounding like a broken record, the game is well balanced and you can compete a wide variety of lists. I stopped playing X-Wing a while back but have heard how the game got really predictable as you needed certain upgrades and ships to have a chance. With Armada I feel you can put more focus on the idea you want of how to fly and build around that and have fun without the upgrades or ship dictating the game. Before diving into the game I would suggest looking over the Armada wiki page and learning about the ships, which upgrades come with what, and put together an idea of what sounds good. If there are upgrades you feel are missing but don't want to buy a ship for then there is always eBay and trade groups (forum and Facebook) to find whatever you need. So when it comes down to it, depending on the age of the kids you want to teach, you should be able to get them into a fun game pushing around some of the iconic Star Wars ships they see in the movies and shows. The models will be beautiful and fun on the table or even just look good on display. The game is supported as much as is actually needed to keep solid balance and provide enough freshness to continue without overloading anyone or needing major overhauls. And no, you don't need every expansion to fly something fun and competitive. Though to be honest you will likely end up collecting most/all of the expansions anyways because they are just a lot of fun and look so good.
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