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  1. It says: "when Jorem Tolk has a fatigue, his miniature is under the control of the Overlord. When he is under the Overlord' s control, Jorem Tolk block the movement and line of sight but he cannot move, attack or be the target of attacks neither be subjected of their effects". It does not specify abilities. My doubt start in the next paragraph entitled "Free Jorem Tolk". It says :"When the fatigue is discarded, Jorem Tolk becomes a miniature under the heroes' control. Jorem Tolk is then considered as a hero miniature that can be the target and suffer the effects of attacks of monsters, of abilities and of Overlord's cards". If Jorem Tolk is affected by them after he is set free, that does not involves that before Jorem cannot be affected by them ?
  2. Hello, my question is: in "at the forge" quest of dragon's lair campaign, can jorem tolk be affected by monster' s abilities while he has the fatigue and so he is under the overlord control ? I demand cause our overlord, while jorem have the fatigue, used the ability "burrow" of plague worms to place him on the lava square and defeat him. Can He do that ?
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