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  1. We know what he buys through observation. We didn't know he had bought a second Web Trap until he played it, but at that point we have the information for the rest of the campaign so removing them secretly isn't necessarily exclusive with purchasing in secret as well. The entry you're talking about reads "When he purchases a new card, that new card is added to his deck and the overlord records the experience points he spent on the Campaign sheet." which he claims means he record the number of XP spent but not the card. I guess I'll have to wait for an official ruling. I appreciate your help but it seems like it relies on default behaviors rather than being explicitly stated, which unfortunately means that even though I think you're right I can't really prove it.
  2. That was the impression I'd gotten. Unfortunately, he's rather entrenched in this belief and tends towards the "prove I'm wrong" method of rules resolution, rather than showing where the rules support his interpretation. Is there a place in the rules that explicitly state this I could point him towards? Even just a section that says something like "Everything is public knowledge unless noted otherwise" would be enough to work with. I tried pointing out a similar passage from the Quest Guide but he argued that it only applies to the material in that particular book.
  3. My Overlord is adamant that he purchases Overlord Cards in secret. I can't find anything in the rules that would lead him to this conclusion, but frustratingly there are only oblique hints to the contrary. I know he modifies his deck before each Quest in secret. I'm strictly talking about the Spending Experience step of the campaign. I tried asking FFG but it's been a week and I didn't even get a confirmation that they received the question much less an answer.
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