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    If you want to use the adventure found in the Beta rules, it appears to happen chronologically before the others, but is aimed at higher rank characters, just to be confusing.
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    Knotted Tails and The Scroll or the Blade fit 'inside' their respective parent adventures, so I'm not sure exactly how you'd denote that.
    Winter's Embrace....is a matter of taste. Since it's written to be chronologically  the Winter Court before Topaz Championship, but contestants at the Topaz Championship would logically be pre-gempukku children at that point; if you want to use the same characters then you need to move it after Topaz Championship, and ideally after Palace of the Emerald Champion (at which point they're Emerald Magistrates, and one of them is potentially the Topaz Champion, and hence their invitation to the Imperial Winter Court isn't especially weird).
    Wedding at Kyotei Castle has no default 'timing' requirement other than it be after Doji Satsume has handed over the championate to his daughter (because Doji Kunuzobu is there on his wife's behalf), so you can play it anywhen, but again, if not using the bundled characters but using you own in a campaign, it needs to be after Topaz Championship.
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    Asking about the module released until now, can I ask what is the right timeline? (not the right order to play them).
    Is this the right order?
    Winter embrace The scroll or the blade Topaz championship Palace of the Emerald Champion Slow Tide Harbor Wedding at Kyotei Castle Mask of the Oni Knotted Tails  
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    There are also minor clan, if you want to check them out. Mantis are free to download too
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    Victarion13 got a reaction from MonCalamariAgainstDrunkDriving in Cultural exchange - swapping control tokens   
    I am pretty sure the Option 1  is the correct one.
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    The Mantis are a minor clan of totally-not-pirates whose territories are on islands off the coast. They're the single biggest minor clan and have a bit of a chip on their shoulder that they're not allowed to claim the respect, status and perks of a major clan, despite probably being in the same league. The clan champion is Yoritomo (they have single names because they use the names of their ships where others would use clan family names)
    They're especially worth adding to your description, since a Mantis character, Hitoshi  - and the problems of him being a minor clan, such as not featuring in the gift-giving ceremony - is a key element of the Topaz Championship story.
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    Victarion13 got a reaction from Magnus Grendel in Beginner Game question   
    There are also minor clan, if you want to check them out. Mantis are free to download too
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    From https://medium.com/@Bazleebub/legend-of-the-five-rings-an-introduction-to-the-background-for-new-players-1ca663b53c0b
    The Crab Clan are the defenders of The Wall. They protect the empire from the monsters in the Shadowlands who would seek to destroy Rokugan. Some see them as brutish, but they do not have time for bickering and intrigue in the courts. Their main colour is dark blue. The Crab Daimyo is Hida Kisada. The Crane Clan are the masters of court. If the Crab Clan protect the Empire, then the Crane Clan make the Empire worth protecting. They are the poets and the artists but also the master duelists who have perfected the art of the duel. Their main colour is light blue. The Crane Daimyo is Doji Hotaru. The Dragon Clan are the seekers of individual enlightenment. They are best known for their warrior monks who join with their samurai in battle. Dragon samurai are known for wielding two swords and duelling in battles, less artful than the Crane but no less deadly. Their main colour is green. The Dragon Daimyo is Togashi Yokuni. The Lion Clan are the military might of the Emperor. They are sometimes known as the Emperor’s Right Hand and have the largest army in Rokugan. They are an example of courage, honour, and duty for the rest of the Empire. Their main colour is yellow. The Lion Daimyo is Akodo Toturi. The Phoenix Clan are the masters of magic. Their Shugenja are the most powerful in the empire, and their mastery of the elements is unmatched. They are known for their belief in pacifism but also for their destructive power when roused. Their main colour is orange. The Phoenix Daimyo is Shiba Ujimitsu. The Scorpion Clan are the Clan of secrets. They are the Emperor’s most loyal villains who do what the Empire needs without having to be asked and without thought to their own personal honour. Their main colour is red. The Scorpion Daimyo is Bayushi Shoju The Unicorn Clan are masters of the horse. They spent 800 years exploring beyond the borders of Rokugan returning 300 years ago. They are still distrusted for their foreign ways but have gained much wisdom from outside the Empire. The Unicorn Damiyo is Shinjo Altansarnai.  
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    Victarion13 reacted to MonCalamariAgainstDrunkDriving in Now Available: Paper Blossoms, a Character Generator   
    Thank you so much for making this. I use it all the time. Seriously. Any time I want to play around with a character idea (which is multiple times a week), I use Paper Blossoms. When I'm prepping for a session and want to make some NPC stats quickly, this makes it so quick and easy. It's just a really fun program. So yeah. Thanks.
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    Magic has actually changes text on their paper product as recently as there last set.....soley for the purpose of making a card easier to play in Arena.
    Since FFG does not like to ban then they will sometimes have to errata because putting everything on the RL is effectively banning, which goes against their protocol.
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    Victarion13 reacted to Ishi Tonu in Player Compensation for Card Changes   
    The harsh reality is that FFG is not obligated to do anything.  They don't have to have a RL.  They don't have to have competitive events.  They don't have to have spectacular art, or lore, or an rpg component, or even decent cards.  It's their IP, they can do with it what they want.   
    However, they try their best to deliver a product that appeals to a majority of their target audience and if mistakes are made, they try to rectify it in a manner that is generally acceptable by the masses.
    I see arguments being made that perfection is not expected, but, I see what is IMO, an excessive amount of whining considering the circumstances.  Calling this some sort of bait and switch on the part of FFG is ridiculous.  So if perfection isn't your expectation, what is?  To those that have a problem with this, I suspect those expectations might be unreasonable, but, I'm game for someone to explain why they think FFG is required to do more. 
    Maybe you haven't been playing card games for the last 25 years.  If you had you might have noticed that things slip through.  When that happens there is banning or errata or some other form of correcting the issue in the competitive play environment, if one exists.  I've seen situations like this come up a lot with many different games and many different companies and FFG is nowhere near the worst offender. 
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    If a Young Warrior cannot be declared as an attacker or defender (due to Takamori, Pacifism, Stolen Breath, or other) then its text has no effect—“cannot” overrides “must,” and once the first conflict has been declared the Young Warrior’s text is no longer relevant. So if a Young Warrior has Pacifism attached, and the first conflict of the phase is military, it can be declared in a future political conflict. The Unicorn player is never forced to pass a conflict declaration because Young Warrior cannot be declared as an attacker due to a card effect.

    I should clarify that, as you must fulfill as many “must” conditions as possible, if the player with the Pacifism’ed Young Warrior is the first player and they declare an attack, it must be political with the Young Warrior attacking (as Young Warrior must be declared in the first conflict, and in this instance the Warrior can only be declared as a political attacker).
    [Tyler Parrott, Apr 26 2019]
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    Victarion13 got a reaction from HirumaShigure in Unicorn Deck Help   
    I am thinking to do a Moto Horde deck, with all Moto, but not for now.
    Now I have no 5 or more cost character, and I am having fun (that does not mean be competitive).
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    Victarion13 reacted to Ishi Tonu in future of the game?   
    The original L5R ccg ran for 20 years and added lots of new clans/factions during it's lifespan.
    The is not telling any FFG has planned.  I would expect that since the Shadowlands and the Mantis are two sub-plots currently going on in the story they will emerge as playable clans/factions at some point.  FFG is already going a lot slower in terms of plot reveal.  
    At this point in old5R we were already well on the way to the 2nd day of Thunder. In the current story we haven't even seen Fu Leng.  
    I suspect we would see a big product drop at next year's gen con, after all the original clans have gotten their clan packs and FFG can decide how they want to proceed with the inclusion of more clans/factions, and how they want to address any rebalancing.
    I think the future of the game is fine since its one of the few IP's that FFG owns
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    Victarion13 reacted to Doji Hyōkin in By the Stroke of a Brush - New L5R Fiction Story Discussion   
    My question is: Would Kakita Yoshi have become Imperial Chancellor if he hadn’t been the Kakita Daimyo?
    We see him set to take credit for Asami freeing herself, so this can certainly imply a situation where due to his noble birth, he’s been able to climb upwards on the skills of subordinates and has basically promoted himself to a position he’s not actually defy enough to handle. 
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    Victarion13 reacted to Ishi Tonu in By the Stroke of a Brush - New L5R Fiction Story Discussion   
    I would have liked to see Kuwanan struggle with learning he was right about his father's death, but, learns his father might possibly be involved in some shady stuff. While learning his sister's resentment of their father it seems more justified..... But he's too going to challenge for leadership anyways.
    I don't like their to be an excuse for Kuwanan to make when this thing goes sideway.
    I don't want some b.s. ending to this Crane Civil War"Oh I didn't know our dad was involved with the kolat.......forgive me sis, friends now k?"
    I want me some desperate Cranes....the kind that will turn to the Shadowlands for aid.
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    Victarion13 reacted to Eisenmerc in By the Stroke of a Brush - New L5R Fiction Story Discussion   
    Love how this all comes back to the big story choice where Matsu Tsuko lets Kuwanan go instead of killing him off out of hand. Well played Tsuko!
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    Victarion13 reacted to DarkHorse in By the Stroke of a Brush - New L5R Fiction Story Discussion   
    Who does a Great Clan champion offer her seppuku too though? Her superior I assume would be the Emperor. Would Kachiko allow Sotorii to accept Hotaru's sepukku? I doubt it.
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    Victarion13 reacted to Suzume Chikahisa in By the Stroke of a Brush - New L5R Fiction Story Discussion   
    Kuwanan think a Matsu would be loyal, doubly loyal, to Toturi.
    That's cute.
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    Victarion13 reacted to neilcell in The most Korean place in Rokugan   
    Ah, my mistake.  I remembered three exams being significant, but I guess I conflated his performance with Fangbo's.  Sorry about that.  Thank you for correcting me.

    A piece that I have speculated but never confirmed; did General Tso serve under Dowager Empress Cixi?  Her court was quite the drama show.  My understanding is that she trusted nobody with power and kept most of them at each other's throats so as to keep them from even considering uniting against her.  Coupled that with the dates both of them lived(Cixi 1835-1908, Regency 1861-1908; Tso 1812-1885, Tenure 1861 as provincial governor to 1884 as Viceroy) and a story that the General asked to be removed from  a powerful political office because he felt he was either unqualified or he felt he was unable to execute the duties expected of him and I get the impression he was about the ONLY person Cixi trusted because he has zero ambition and hence she did not view him as a threat.

    It just seems to me that the two of them should be taken into context together as I have never seen a book or online article with both of them.
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    Victarion13 reacted to Masakiyo in The most Korean place in Rokugan   
    As it so happens, my current book project is a study of Zuo Zongtang.  I traveled all over China this summer visiting sites related to him, including his grave, which is outside the city of Changsha in Hunan province.  And he actually passed the first two levels of the civil service exams, earning the title of juren, but never passed the final (jinshi) exam.  He was on his way to take it again when called to service to help quell the Taiping Rebellion, the largest civil war in human history.  He rose steadily through the bureaucracy thereafter, including crushing a couple massive Muslim revolts in Nprthwest China and Central Asia, becoming the most powerful military man in the empire by his death in 1885.  And incidentally, you could take the civil service exams as many times as you wanted, though they were not offered every year.  The working title of the book is Struggle for Empire in Nineteenth-century China: The True Story of Zuo Zongtang. 
    To tenuously link this back to the original thread, certainly the Korean monk soldiers, not unlike the Japanese sohei, could have Rokugani analogues in the Dragon clan or elsewhere.  And the diplomacy leading up to the Imjin War is full of great stories of how the Koreans belittled the Japanese for their poor manners and lack of understanding of etiquette and protocol.  If one wanted to roleplay that stuff as the backdrop to a war with one of the neighboring lands of Rokugan you could certainly find ample material in the diplomatic record.  In one famous scene the Japanese envoys to Korea literally belittle the size of Korean spears.  In another they remark on how Japanese samurai get white hair because of constant battle but they can't fathom how Koreans, who do nothing but drink and hang out with beautiful women, also show their age.  Plenty of fodder for your Crane courtiers there.
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    I was flattered several times when some Korean Americans asked me to tutor their children on Korean history.  While most of what I learned about Korean history was during my two years there, I could spend a lifetime in that country and still not see everything.  Munsusa Temple for example had probably not seen an American since the Korean War.  Little hidden gems like that are all over the country that are often overlooked, even by both Americans and Koreans living there.

    No, I have not seen that one about the lady bounty hunters.  I will have to look that one up.  I only named three big historic dramas, but there are so many more.  There is a very good reason why they are among the most popular shows on TV in Korea.  A&E's most successful shows are often historic re-enactments such as "The Crossing" with Jeff Daniels as Washington.  Since truth is often stranger than fiction, perhaps Hollywood should consider focusing on making historic dramas rather than this "Get Woke" crap that causes them to go broke.

    I am glad to hear that our Cadets at Annapolis are going to learn about East Asian Warfare.  Hopefully you can help them to appreciate why technology, tactics, terrain, and training played a major factor in Admiral Yi using just 12-15 Panokseon ships against 300 Japanese ships and was victorious in the Battle of Myeongnyang.  The Korean Movie "The Admiral: Roaring Currents" is a reasonable re-enactment of that event.  Bringing this back to the original post, I can totally see a small Phoenix fleet manned by Shiba Bushi, Kaito Shrine Keepers, and Asako Monks as well as their martially inclined vassals defending the straight between Kyuden/Shiro Shiba and the Castle of the Cat(Shiro Neko) against a Mantis Fleet in what essentially is a replay of Yi-sun-Shin's naval campaign against Todo Takatora.  I am comfortable with Kaito Shrine keepers and Asako monks participating as "The Admiral: Roaring Currents" had Buddhist monks welding what looks like Naginatas alongside the sailors.  Quite amusing to think how many Westerners would react on seeing the Swastika displayed prominently on their backs in place of a clan mon.

    If you have not already, I think a quick review of two exemplars of Hwarang are worth reviewing:  Kim Yushin of Gaya (grandson of Kim Soro the Iron King, the last of the Kayan Confederacy War Chiefs) and Kim Alcheon, the commander of Queen Seondeok's personal guard.  Between the two of them, they conquered first Baekje, then Ko-Goreyo to unite the Peninsula.  The boundary between united Baekje-Shilla and Kogoreyo was almost exactly where the current DMZ is located.  Perhaps somewhere in the personal diaries of one of those two men is the answer on how to break the military stalemate in Korea today.  The anecdotal stories told about both men are quite amusing.  And I see elements of Kim Yushin in Akodo Toturi, both AEG before he became Emperor as well as FFG's version of him.

    As for Chinese history, I am quite taken by two men. General Zuo Zongtang, Marquis of Kejing (of General Tso's chicken fame in the West), and Luo Fangbo,founder of the Lanfeng Republic on Borneo in 1774.  Both men are significant in that they each failed the Imperial exams three times.  Considering that nobody gets a second chance to retake the test tells you something.  Tso went home to be a tea farmer while Fangbo went to Borneo to be a miner.  Both rose to prominence when civil strife and upheaval put them in positions of responsibility.  In Tso I see echoes of America's farmer Generals who started out as mere privates, became Mustang Officers, and eventually came to lead America's military.  I would hope our cadets at Annapolis learn that even their enlisted can have brilliance and that they should learn to trust their Chief Petty Officers and Sergeants.

    Anyhow, I have prattled off long enough.
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    Great stuff neilcell!  I don't think the average person fully appreciates all the deep historical and cultural ties between the East Asian countries, not to mention the often contentious back stories.  Cool that you hit so many historical sites in Korea when you were stationed there. 
    My main specialty is Chinese military history, but I also teach the other East Asian countries and have traveled around South Korea and Japan.  In fact, in my office at home I have a bust of Kwon Yul and an antique Japanese woodblock of Kobayakawa Takakage, who served in the Imjin War.  At work I have a silk image of Yi Sunsin on the wall, alongside posters of K-Pop, C-Pop and other music stars.  I'll be teaching a whole class on the Imjin (Great East Asian War) of 1592-98 next spring at the US Naval Academy.
    I agree that the K-dramas and movies, just like samurai and wuxia films, are great inspirations for adventures.  Have you seen the one about the female bounty hunters from the Choson (Joseon) Dynasty?  It could be easily adapted for an L5R campaign.  One of the stars is the K-Pop singer Son Ga-in from Brown-eyed Girls.
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    Victarion13 reacted to neilcell in The most Korean place in Rokugan   
    I was stationed in South Korea at Osan Air Basse from 2009-2011.  I got to visit several of their historic sites like Hwaseong Fortress in Suwon; Haengju Fortress (Imjin War, Kwon Yule's liberation of Seoul); three of the five Royal Palaces (Kyeoungbukgung, Chandukgung, Deoksugung); a number of their temples such as Naksan, Yongju,  Waawoojong, Sudok, Songwagsa, Younggung, Gapsa, Beopjusa, Silleuksa, and Munsusa; and then festivals such as the Mud Festival in Broyeong and the Cherry Blossom in Busan(Pusan) .  Using that experience, I see a lot of Korean elements within the Kaito family of the Phoenix.  I suspect the Isawa themselves take many elements from the Ainu people of Japan.

    As posted earlier in this thread, the Koreans from a genetic standpoint are closer to the Mongolians than they are to the Japanese, intermarriage among the nobility not withstanding.  They trace this connection though the Manchu People in China.  Ironically, the Han Chinese are closer to the Japanese than they are to the Manchu.  Look up how Hakka tombs and burial practices have many commonalities with early Yamato tombs.  As for the connection between Japanese and Koreans, every noble family of Japan had at least one Korean ancestor, typically a Korean noblewoman whom the Japanese nobleman brought home as his bride.  Akahito himself admitted to being a descendant of King Muryeong of Baekje through one of his daughters, with the revelation being something of a scandal among Japanese "purists".

    Here is some of the connections as they relate to each other.
    Han Chinese-Hakka Chinese-Yamato Japanese-Ainu Japanese

    One interesting aspect of Shilla Dynasty were the young men known as "Hwarang".  Depending on context, that translates variously as "Flower Boy", "Flower Student", "Flower Cadet", "Flower Soldier".  I prefer to translate it as "Flower Knight" due to the context of how they were sword to serve the noblewomen of the Kingdom, particularly the daughters of the King as their guardsmen, retainers, and military forces.  Unlike the Samurai of Japan, the Hwarang WERE more than willing to engage in subterfuge and sabotage activities behind enemy lines using tactics similar to the Shinobi and Ninja.  And of course, the Hwarang were Korea's premier cavalry.

    If you have not done so, I recommend watching Korean historic Dramas such as "Seondeok Yeowang"(The Great Queen Sendeok), "Dae Jang Gum"(The Great Jang-geum), or "Kim Soro-The Iron King".  They will give you a relatively accurate depiction of historic Korean culture, even if the writers take certain liberties with the actual events.  Those might give you some ideas for adventures of your own that incorporate Korean elements into your game.

    So to answer your question, I would say some of the Phoenix take after the Koreans.  Though as others have pointed out, the Unicorn could also incorporate elements of Korea as well.
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